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21st April 2010 by Lisa

We’re rather lucky here at MOO because we get to meet a load of interesting people. One day we’re meeting MOOsters (like illustrator and designer, Ookhah) who generously provided feedback on an upcoming product. Other days, we’re meeting professional photographers like Ian who shared his insights on setting up an exhibition. Other times, our offices become a meeting point for start-ups looking to exchange ideas or even challenge us in a snowball fight.

A month ago, I met Michelle from another Providence-based business, BatchBlue, who help make running a small business a little less stressful. She told us about what she and the BatchBlue crew had been up to. Rather than explaining it myself, we thought it was best to ask Michelle to guest blog so she could tell you all about The Small Business Web – a resource of resources.

We think it’s pretty cool and hope you will too. Over to you Michelle …

Small business owners have always been super heroes to us here at BatchBlue. What else do you call folks who manage invoices, advertising, marketing, sales, sometimes even before the first cup of morning coffee fully kicks in?

As makers of BatchBook, an online contact relationship manager (CRM) and a small business ourselves, we at BatchBlue Software a special place in our heart for the very small business owners: the solopreneurs, the mom and pop shops, ordinary folks taking a chance by doing what they love. Despite our collective big tech background, the BatchBlue staff have deep entrepreneurial roots that have driven us from day one to help small business owners find, understand and choose technologies that will help them manage and grow their businesses.

We know that navigating the tech terrain can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a dedicated IT staff or person to help figure out what tech tools will best help you manage your various tasks. Small business owners are busy running their businesses and don’t necessarily have the time to do hours of research to find the best invoicing software or monitor all the news on the latest email marketing solution.

Last month, BatchBlue launched a new directory of web applications created specifically for small business owners called The Small Business Web. The Directory helps small business owners find tech tools and services that have been created specifically for them by assembling them in one place, sorting them by category and displaying related information like product descriptions, screenshots and pricing plans. And the products each have an open API, which means they can connect with each other to allow for easy sharing of data.

Many of the products in the Directory also have low-cost or free versions available, and all of them have committed to supporting the SBWeb Manifesto, which states:

“We think small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and that it’s from small business that true innovation will arise. We believe small businesses should have access to the same tools and technology that big companies have without paying a huge amount. We know simplifying access and increasing integration to our products and services will benefit all of our customers. We want small businesses to succeed and we want to help.”

Whether you’re looking for a system that will allow you to manage your contacts, tasks and communications (like BatchBook!), a great accounting solution, or a card and printing company that will you to make business cards that best reflect your unique business and style like MOO does, the Directory can help you make tech choices to help your business bloom and grow.

And speaking of MOO, we just received our latest set of business cards, which feature quotes from happy BatchBook customers. Using MOO to show off how much our customers love us every time we introduce ourselves is something we think is just super.

our cute new MOO cards

Thanks Michelle! Michelle also tells us that BatchBlue is running a Small Business Super Hero contest! Follow @batchblue on Twitter for details.

PS If you use any of the sites or tools listed on The Small Business Web (other than MOO of course) or know of other useful tools, please share your experiences in comments. We’d love to hear what you think.

Comments (4)

  1. Tim Hind:

    very interesting article and some usefull info, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Heather:

    You mentioned “another Providence-based business”… Living from Providence, I was thrilled to read about this local business. Who else is from Providence?

  3. Heather Zukowski:

    Ok…I just realized that your amazing company is here in RI! I saw London, but didn’t realize your US location is in my backyard! I just subscribed to your blog last month and look forward to all the ideas and inspiration you provide. Keep up the great work!

  4. Lisa:

    Hi Heather.
    Yes, that’s right MOO opened our US office last year in Providence. We love it there especially with the strong creative community.


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