Double sided Business Cards: Reinvented!

1st April 2010 by Denise

There’s been much excitement in the MOO office of late. It’s been hard not to tweet about it, but for once we’ve managed to keep our excitement under wraps. The Business Card world is a cut throat market – as soon as word of a new product gets out, other companies go for imitation not innovation. This time we wanted our latest innovation to arrive on the market as fresh as the proverbial daisy.

The recent past: MOO’s exciting range of products

For a long time now, MOO has championed the cost effective, double sided Business Card. You can upload up to 50 different images on the front – your photography, your designs, your clever marketing slogans or your product line. The back of your cards is reserved for your contact details. Here’s an example of a graphic designer and a photographer’s Business Cards:

Everyone's Different

Of course the option of a different photo or design on every card doesn’t just apply to MOO Business Cards – we launched the whole company with the innovative MiniCard, and have since moved on to Postcards, Greeting Cards and even Stickers!

A deep investigative-dive

Last year, we had chat with our Twitter followers asking which is the ‘front’ and which is the ‘back’ of your Business Cards? It sparked off an interesting debate, which we followed up with a deeper investigative-dive, using expensive, modern market research techniques. This got our product team thinking – what new innovation could they bring to the table? Well, we think we’ve got it!

The future is now: MOO’s Back to Front Business Cards!

In the past, people have been wowed by the colour, the designs, the beautiful images on cards printed by MOO. Now with our exciting new updates, your contacts can marvel at the length of your phone number, or your twitter username before they even look at your images!

Perhaps your email address is a bit funny? Share this with potential new business partners from the word go, with MOO’s Limited Edition Back to Front Business Cards. (Or as some of the crazier MOO Crew are calling them, Front to Back Business Cards!)

Limited Edition Version

In honour of this impending and exciting launch, we’ve got 10% off ALL MOO Business Cards (old and new, Classic AND Green!)

Simply place your order before Midnight (PDT) 5th April, and enter this code at the checkout:

As Simon said in the video – ‘Pretty exciting, huh?!’

Comments (26)

  1. Sheri:

    Moo, I love you. This is classic.

  2. Joni Kabana:

    Funnnnnnny! Happy AFD.

  3. JT:

    Great start of this month! Nicely done…

  4. Fabiana:

    Honestly, you got me. I was SOOO confused. Happy April 1st to you, too!

  5. Duncan:

    Heh. Fantastic.

  6. Kev:

    I must get some of those Limited Edition business cards! :D

    Happy April Fools Day.

  7. Nick James:

    perfect! absolutely perfect!

  8. James:

    This is a great idea! People always miss my contact details as they are looking at the *front* of the card, now they can see them as soon as I give them my card, I’m ordering mine now.

  9. Lynn Perry:

    Had me for a minute…I was, like ‘eh?’ Ha ha well done!

  10. nat:


  11. Frau Haselmayer:

    Grrr, you totally got me and for a while I thought you guys at Moo have gotten crazy! But yes, this is preeeeetty exciting ;-)

  12. Ben:

    Good job moo! The product we’ve all been waiting for! Ha ha ha ;-)

  13. qbubbles:

    That’s pretty good. At first I’m all, what? And then, yeah. Good job.

  14. Cheryl King:

    This has made my day. What an innovative idea. Outside the box thinking.

  15. Lottie:

    Y’know, I think I got a sneak preview of these a couple of weeks ago, mine already seem to be back to front! Genius!

  16. Jo:

    OMG, brilliant idea. Give those guys a raise!

  17. Andrea:

    well… i have sat here for a few moments blinking in confusion thinking to myself ‘but no one would know the difference’. pondered the meaning of it all and whether i had completely missed the point, and then I REMEMBERED the DATE TODAY! dagnamit! so easily fooled! :-)

  18. Myra Klarman:

    In the event that MOO doesn’t work out (as if! perish the thought!! don’t flame me!!! it’s only to make a point!!!!), I see a bright future for y’all in show business.

  19. Damon Webster:

    Wow! Brilliant! This should really change the industry as we know it.
    Another great idea from MOO!

  20. Stephen:

    Somebody in marketing has been eating too many diamond Shreddies!

  21. Asfora:

    I would like to take advantage of this special offer. Do you charge extra for printing both sides upside down?

  22. Natalie:

    hahaha thats a classic!! love it!!!

  23. natalie:

    FAB I love it lol xx Happy AFD xx

  24. Scarlet:

    Ingenious. I can’t believe no-one has thought of this before.

  25. Malou:

    It’s really good! I was totally like ‘huh?’, Am I not getting it?

    And then, when I saw the comments I felt really stupid… April fools! Haha. Great job!

  26. JK:

    A well done spin!

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