Postcards. Are they the new Mega Business Cards?

21st February 2010 by Lisa

If you received last week’s MOOsletter and the special discount for postcards, you may be asking yourself “Why? Why would I want to make postcards? Aren’t they just to be sent to your Nan from the seaside?”

Well, we think sending a card to Nan is always nice and you know Nan isn’t the only one who likes to receive post (hint. hint.) Here’s two examples of the traditional travel postcard with a unique twist.

Boston Postcards
We loved this set of black and white photographs by Lucie Wicker of Snowy Boston.

air mail!

Sgoralnick‘s aerial views makes me want to jump on a transatlantic flight right now!

The Mega Business Card
MiniCards have the unique ability to stop people mid-conversation, but why couldn’t a postcard disguised as a MEGA business card have the same affect? Jonny Wan’s cards are definitely show stoppers.

Promo Postcards

Eleanor Jane’s stand-out promotional postcards are perfect to attract new potential clients. She combined both images and texts to best communicate her full offering.


Postcards as Thank Yous
Postcards paired with a colourful MOO ColourSplash envelope make a memorable thank you for a client after finishing a job or of course to thank Nan for that birthday scarf. You can choose a set from MOO Ready Made packs or use your own designs to make it even more personalized.
wedding- thank-you postcard
Danielle Stewart used a photo collage of her wedding guests for her Thank You notes. Another way to personalize wedding thank yous is to include a photo of the couple with the guest printed individually on a postcard (thanks to MOO’s Printfinity, it’s easily possible)

Postcards as Art
Making your artwork available on postcards means more can purchase your work. Postcards also work nicely to announce an upcoming exhibition.

Here are two examples of artists (Jim Moore and Natasha Newton who is a designer on MOO) printing their work on postcards.

Postcard samples

Postcard & Sticker Pack: Birds & Landscapes / Night & Day

Postcards as Games
I’ve even used postcards to create flashcards. I created this set of postcards personalized with family photos especially for my niece and nephew. This way they learned early on that L is for Lisa.

Flash Card Books from MOO Postcards

Finally, we had to share this promotional postcard from Matt Woolner because it made us smile.


“Don’t panic” if you haven’t received the MOOsletter and the discount for postcards. You may want to sign up for the MOOsletter (on the right) to be sure you don’t miss out on upcoming discounts.

PS If all this talk of postcards has made you want to drop us a postcard, our address is in the footer.

Comments (33)

  1. Bim:

    Yes why not, they look great and you have enough space on the postcards to include lots of information about your business. Why not a postcard size, that folds into business card size… then people could still put them into their wallet? :)

  2. Fiona Bagwan:

    I haven’t received the Moosletter in three months. (I don’t know why, either.) New postcards sound like a great idea for Spring marketing!

  3. susan:

    whoops – thought I was signed up for the MOOsletter…am now! I’ll keep an eye out for the 10% code in my email.

  4. Lisa:

    @Fiona and @susan
    Please double check your spam box. Sometimes the MOOsletter ends up there. Meanwhile, I’ll email both of you a code. Happy Posting!

  5. Lucie Wicker:

    Thanks for featuring my Boston postcards, they really came out nicely I thought! Great quality product and so fun.

  6. Schrödinger:

    D’oh, thought I was already signed up for the newsletter. I am now. :)

    Believe it or not my 10% discount will be used to make a special request from the lady herself: postcards for my grandmother to send! ;)

  7. alesstar:

    :( I don’t have the moosletter :( and it isn’t in spam box :(

  8. Lisa:

    @alesstar and @Schrödinger I’ve emailed you the discount. I’m particulary excited that @Schrödinger’s grandmother is getting some postcards.

  9. Kimberly Jarman:

    I would love the discount for postcards!!!

  10. Lisa:

    @Kimberly Your wish is my command. There should be one waiting for you in your inbox. Please be sure to sign up for the MOOsletter so you don’t miss out next time.

  11. red or gray art:

    please send me a 10 % off discount..

  12. Eleanor Jane:

    Oooh, Moo! You’ve featured my postcards, how exciting!
    I’d really like to order some more but unfortunately I haven’t received the latest newsletter. My spam folder hasn’t eaten it… would it be possible for you to email me another? Thank you!

  13. lizzy:

    can’t wait to do this for our latest venture! great idea!

  14. Fiona Webster:

    Great feature on postcards! Send me the newsletter w/ the discount!

  15. mrYen:

    I am wanting to order some postcards today and came across this blog, those Jonny Wan postcards are great…I’ve never thought of using them as huge business cards! signing up to the moo newsletter now ^_^

  16. Julie:

    Really useful feature with some great ideas. Didn’t know about the moosletter but qill get signed up for it.

  17. rich:

    no news is good news? what a rubbish saying, please send us a newsletter and postcard discount

  18. Floribunda:

    Just what I’m looking for my for new doula business. Something bigger than business cards but still sturdy. Please send me the 10% discount and I can investigate further! Thanks.

  19. Karin:

    I remember receiving your newsletter, but have not for a very long time. I want the discount alright!

  20. Large Format:

    Wow, this is such a great idea. I mean business cards are rather small, with postcards you can actually include a wide variety of information and images without having to cram everything in a tiny space!

  21. gemma blacker:

    could I get a newsletter with 10%off postcards please? Many Thanks

  22. Sara Hazeldine:

    I think postcards are a great idea as mega business cards, you can fit so much more info on them. I wish you could print images on both sides though. And is it possible to change the font etc for the text on the reverse?

    Oh and I’m signed up for the newsletter but I don’t recall seeing the 10% discount!

  23. Paula Willcox:

    Sign me up…would love to get the newsletter with 10% off.

  24. esther:

    discounts are awesome!! that postcard is really cool

  25. Mike:

    re: The postcard samples from Jim Moore

    Did Mr. Moore design the black border and bottom line title, then upload it as one image? Or does MOO set up the black border and title?

  26. Mike:

    I love postcards!

  27. jon:

    nice idea, think I’ll need some, esp. if discount available !!

  28. Kimberly:

    Have been thinking about getting ‘thank you’ postcards printed for awhile now…sounds like a good time to follow through! Would luv the discount!

  29. Lesli:

    Sign me up for the news letter and discount too please.

  30. Lisa:

    Jon, Kimberly & Mike

    I’m sorry but unfortunately you’re too late for the discount. However, we usually announce specials, new products and other ideas in our bi-weekly MOOsletter. Sign up by the box on the side of this page.


  31. Denise:

    Hi @Mike – the postcards with the borders were all predesigned and uploaded as a whole image – the same goes for the ones with the large white borders too.

  32. Jen Kiaba:

    This is a great idea!! And while I receive the MOOsletter, I didn’t see a coupon code for Postcards in there! A shame because I’m ready to update mine!!

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