‘My mini-mini portfolio’

28th October 2009 by Anne-Marie

After giving you the story behind Perch’s MiniCards, we thought we should catch up with photographer, Simon Warren. Also featured on our MiniCards page, he’s been taking advantage of the latest features and comparing them with the larger Business Cards he’s been using (and loving) for a while. Here’s what he had to say:

Simon Warren is one of the UK’s top location photographers. He’s been using MOO’s Business Cards to showcase his outstanding graphic images: bold exteriors, sleek interiors, arresting construction shots and more.

Though happy with the size and scope of the Business Cards, he’s recently been experimenting with MiniCards, with positive results.

A hardcore Business Card fan, Simon was initially worried by the slimmed-down dimensions of the MiniCards (about half the size of a full-size business card.)

“At first, I was concerned that the cards would be simply too small to showcase my photos effectively”, he explains. “But actually, this can work very well. The cards show snippets of images – almost abstract – giving a hint of information, but (quite literally) not the full picture.”

Rather than being a hindrance, this fits well with other design aspects of his brand. “My website works in exactly the same way – visitors are shown an interesting or intriguing section of an image, which they click to see in full. It’s a simple but effective way to get people involved and interacting with my work.” 

He also likes the impact the MiniCards can have when shown together. “Once you have a whole bunch of cards spread out on the table, the viewer is able to get a better impression of your work than a single image can provide, so that’s how I like to show them. Then I let the viewer choose whichever one they want. The fact that they’ve been involved in the choice often helps them remember your work better than if you simply thrust a card into their hand.

“I often refer to my MOO Business Cards as my ‘mini-portfolio’. My MiniCards are now my mini-mini portfolio!” he laughs. “Sometimes when you’re carrying a full set of business cards around in a holder, it can be a little clunky. At a very basic level, they’re physically easier to carry around with you. As a photographer, you carry so much equipment with you – that’s a big plus.”

Simon’s also pleased with his MiniCard holder. “It swings open sideways and then you push the cards out with your thumb. It’s unusual and I think people like that.

“At networking events so many people are handing out conventional business cards in conventional holders. Sometimes that’s what you want, but other times it’s good to stand out a little. MiniCards can help you do just that.”

Thanks for chatting with us Simon!
Find out more about Simon’s work, or check out his portfolio.

Comments (17)

  1. RedorGrayArt:

    really stunning…i prefer the minis for just the reasons you give

  2. Louisa Coulthurst:

    That is very good idea for photographers. I think it would work very well for wedding photographers as well.

  3. Jeanette:

    I’ve also been using them as a mini portfolio – I get through so many because often people want more than one. Latest idea is getting a few done with my clients image on, and letting them give them out for me.

  4. Diane Berkenfeld:

    I’ve been using the full size cards in one of the ways Simon mentioned. I will show a bunch of cards to someone and let them choose the image. I know a couple other photographers who use Moo cards doing the same thing. Its a fun way to show people different images and only hand them one card.

  5. Annette Sharpe:

    I hear you, Simon. I do likewise and yes, it’s my mini-portfolio that hangs from my keychain. As a jewellery designer, the mini format suits my products perfectly. They offer just a tease, which is intriguing enough to get a potential client to view my website and see the piece in all its glory. I love them!

  6. Stephanie Hamilton-Oravetz:

    Simon, your images are wonderful. I haven’t used the minis yet, but love the idea of just presenting a segment of an image to engage the viewer’s curiosity. I use the business cards in the way that you and others do, and find that people really take time to focus on the images when they are invited to pick one and often want more than one (and that’s fine with me!)Thanks Moo for such great products!

  7. si warren:

    Hi Guys..Thank you for all your wonderful comments..Cheers Si:)

  8. Dhooks:

    Great job!!! 4 thumbs up!

  9. Fotografo:

    Moo mincards are really useful, I use them a lot for marketing.

  10. Tinah:

    FABulous Fotos Simon! as a photog also, i use them when shooting on site @ music festivals such as Bonnaroo & Phish concerts (where i document festival culture) I always offer a print to whoever I photograph & when I pull out some of mt mini cards from my card case (hung around my neck with my press pass) I almost always get the reaction of “HOW COOL”…tiz like a mini gift when they select one of my mini cards as a contact…and I usually hear from them! mini MOO cards ROCK! tru

  11. Zoe:

    Amazing photos and quite the stunning presentation! I love it! I am also intrigued by the architecture that is pictured…

  12. Roxann Souci:

    I love the impact of this visual presentation. Your work is stunning.

  13. Kells @ Wedding Photographer Surrey:

    Great cards, what a great way for a photographer to showcase their work and get some good looking business cards at the same time!

  14. Koyie:

    Way to use the itrennet to help people solve problems!

  15. jenny cabin:

    Love these cards!! My friend got some for his business and they are SO much better than the tacky cards he had before, now a few of his friends want moo cards too, so they are going to moo’ve on over ;)
    Keep up the good work!!

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