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Wednesday Winners Announced!

September 2009, by Lisa | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

It seems a lot of these questions were trickier than previous ones. In particular I loved some of the inventive answers to Question 20. In fact, we were looking for the street where MOO Studios are located here in London. The exact answer is City Road, but we also accepted Old Street as we’re on Old Street Roundabout.

Congratulations to all of you who managed to get the right answers to yesterday’s questions. Here are our randomly chosen winners …

Question 19:
Answer:Paul, Kate, Leillah
You’ll find photos of most of the MOO Crew interspersed in stories from our blog and in the Flickr MOO HQ pool.
Winner: Olga

Question 20:
Answer: City Road (but I also accepted Old Street), London
The …Continue reading this article…

Question 21 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 14 Comments – latest by Sean Hegarty

To win the last set of three Tees from Spreadshirt you’ll need to answer this clue correctly.

The Third Zone: Grant’s Path

Rod has reached his destination by way of an elegant mathematical arc, so we now turn our gaze to Grant and his love of green spaces. Of course, he’s accustomed to green spaces as seen from his old perspective and not from… the Third Zone.

Grant sits on a park bench, watching the people around him, when he’s suddenly under the impression that it is moving beneath him. The hazy trees around him soften and swirl. The green grass turns blue and laps at the edges of the bench, which dreamily shifts under him–taking on the form …Continue reading this article…

Question 20 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 12 Comments – latest by Cherry

Based on the response so far we’ve received on question 19, it appears it could be more difficult than the rest. Or, perhaps you are all just busy at work. For those of you still trying to figure it out, I put a clue in the comments that might make it easier. You still have until tomorrow morning to submit your answer.

And now for a new challenge, we’ve brought back our bears. Read the clue, submit your answer in the comments and the randomly chosen winner will receive a voucher for 3 new Tee-shirts from Spreadshirt

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Portraits were Momma Bear’s specialty, but Poppa bear argued that she might find Richard Moross outdoors and need his expertise …Continue reading this article…

Question 19 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 19 Comments – latest by ClareBears

Oh dear. Perhaps, three of our UK MOO Crew may be a little upset by this question, but I’m sure they’ll get over it knowing it is all in the name of birthday fun and a chance for you to win prizes.

“What’s today prize?”, you ask. Today’s prize is donated from our friends at Spreadshirt. Each winner today will receive a gift voucher good for not one but three Tee-shirts. You can can design one of your own Tees or choose from 1000s available in their shops. But, first you have to answer the question …

Hardboiled, Part Seven
Nick Gathers More Data

I quickly realized that we weren’t going to find anything that answered our client’s …Continue reading this article…

Tuesday’s Winners Announced!

September 2009, by Lisa | Add a comment

Thanks to all of you who have caught the birthday spirit and took part in yesterday’s “Three is the Magic Number!” Cryptic Quiz. The one question that I thought would be the easiest (perhaps because I work here and know a bit of MOO history) did not get as many answers as I thought. On the other hand you surprised me with how many not only knew but understood the Third Zone.

And, the winners are …

Question 16:
Answer: Andy McLoughlin, Rima Darwash, Becky Fairclough
These MOOsters and their quotes could be found here.
Winner: istoo

Question 17:
Answer: Richard Moross
“Pleasure Cards” was the original name for MOO MiniCards. (We can hear you giggling.)
Winner: Natalie …Continue reading this article…

Question 18 & The 20% Discount of the Day

September 2009, by Lisa | 30 Comments – latest by Luke Canvin

I know it might only be lunch time on the West Coast of North America, but it’s the end of the day for us here in London and that means it’s time for the last question of the day. Here it is straight up:

The Third Zone: Rod’s Path …Continue reading this article…

Question 17: of our Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 41 Comments – latest by linda miranda

If you haven’t entered our quiz yet, this question may be your ticket. I think this one is much easier than some of the others. The rules are simple: read through the clue, submit your answer in the comments and we’ll choose the winner from random tomorrow.

Buena Suerte!

Unbearable Lightness of Being:
Momma’s Tale

We had a client, Goldilocks her name
If we’d not dealt with her, would be no loss.
She threatened my family, much to my shame
And she made it clear, that she was our boss.
She gave us some tests, our worth to ensure.
And treated our photos like so much dross.
A particular man she wanted to capture

on film or she’d become so very cross.
Started …Continue reading this article…

Question 16 of our Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 23 Comments – latest by istoo

Welcome to the sixth day of our quiz. If you’ve just arrived at the blog straight from a feed, you may not know that as part of our birthday celebrations we have a gift for you: 20% off EVERYTHING sale. Yes, it is true, but it only lasts until midnight tonight (EST).

Enough chit-chat about sales, let’s get to today’s prizes and questions. Today, in the spirit of birthday wishes, we’re giving away a set of 20 Postcards and envelopes which some think are a quirky alternative to a standard birthday card. Frankly, we’re secretly hoping that we might be sent a birthday card or two (hint! hint!)

Now back to our story…

Hardboiled, Part Six …Continue reading this article…

Monday’s Winners Announced … (plus a 20% discount at MOO today!)

September 2009, by Lisa | 1 Comment – latest by David Anderson

We hope that the questions from yesterday added some fun and challenge to your day. It seemed many of you found question 15 rather easy. We figured question 13 would be easier (the answer could be found right here in the archives of the blog), but as it turns out it wasn’t so obvious.

Here’s the answers and our randomly chosen winners.

Question 13:
Answer: MiniCards, NoteCards, StickerBooks
We announced the products on this blog when they were launched. The archives reveal all.
Winner: Laurel

Question 14:
Answer: Arch de Triomph (Paris or France); Gateway Arch, (St. Louis or Missouri), Durdle Door (Dorset or England)
Winner:Cole Henley

Question 15:
Answer:Rod – Three Machines by Wayne Thiebaud, Grant – Marilyn (Monroe) by …Continue reading this article…

Question 15 of our Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Lisa | 21 Comments – latest by Liz Randell

Corvus, our amazing clue writer, writes “Here’s today’s Third Zone. It should be pretty easy for folks.” Should I disagree with him? You tell me.

Bonne Chance!

The Third Zone: A Third of a Picture Paints 333.3333333 Words

Now that our three designers are aware the world is changing around them, it’s as if blindfolds have been removed, exposing their eyes to the bright sunshine. But the light striking their retinas now isn’t coming from an unfamiliar sun… in the Third Zone. Each of them realizes that not everything around them is as they originally thought–other visions are coming through slowly, as their eyes acclimate to a new way of perceiving the world.

Rod pauses, blanks, and looks at …Continue reading this article…

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