The final question, number 66!

30th September 2009 by Denise

So here we are – the final question of the 66 brain teasers that make up our cryptic quiz. We’ve seen many a twist on an old tale, The Three Blind Mice, The Three Bears… all in celebration of our third birthday. It’s been a busy month in the office, lots of discount planning (10 discounts overall!), a party to organise – not to mention a secret project we’ve been working on and hope to announce soon.

Thanks again to everyone who’s taken part – hope you’ve managed to take advantage of the discounts, even of the quiz has proved a little tricky! And congrats to all our winners, we hope you love your prizes when you get them.

For those who’ve missed the more traditional bloggy content – tips and MOO-card tricks, normal service will be resumed asap.

But for now, just one last question!

Twingor’s Tale

Chapter Nine: It’s Not Me!

When the lights finally stopped, so did I. I had never seen the world quite this way before. So much colour, so much beauty. I gazed around, a bit in awe. This was not the constant irritation I’d suffered from before, was it? What had changed? Looking down, I saw that I was no longer wearing a wolf form, but had returned to my own troll shape. And then I caught a glimpse of my reflection in one of the now-dormant crystals.

I was beautiful. Sure, I was still a troll, but I was no longer the colour of drab mud. My hair no longer hung like dank seaweed on my brow. No, I now had colour – oh so many colours! What was once mundane, prosaic, even bland and boring, was now remarkable and brilliant.

I knew gratitude was in order. I knew I needed to thank someone for making this possible. Sure, the 3 Little Pigs, the 3 Bears, the 3 Blind Mice, and the 3 beams of light all needed thanking, but someone was behind their actions, someone well versed in turning the drab and serious into something beautiful. But who? Who should I thank?

I knew I wouldn’t rest until I found them.

Who’s behind this coup?
I know you think the answer is MOO.
But for all the good that they do,
They just channel the beauty of… who?

Could it be… _ _ _?

Answers in the comments please – and then, a hearty pat on the back to all of you for making it to the end! We’ll approve all the comments and announce the winners of the $100 Canvaspop prize tomorrow. Good luck!

Comments (45)

  1. jemmaell:

    YOU ! As in me not you, Moo. Or as in US not them that don’t Moo ;-)

  2. Tom Haczewski:

    It’s… YOU! Or, you mean us! You know what I mean!

  3. Chi:

    Could it be you (us)?

  4. Nina:

    I’m so sad this is the last question! :(

  5. istoo:


    Thank you Corvus!

  6. Casey Palmer:

    You… er, I mean “me”… I mean… you know who I mean.

  7. Caro:

    Me… I mean, YOU!

    (Aww, shucks, you guys!)

  8. Quoc:

    YOU! (er… me!)

  9. David Hill:


  10. Dan Mastrian:


  11. Leslie:

    The answer is – you.

  12. Maria Soledad Giudice:

    The final answer is YOU!!!

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