Question 64 – the final day of the Cryptic Quiz!

30th September 2009 by Denise

Here we are… The final day of our birthday quiz, on the final day of our birthday month. We’ve been consistently amazed by your powers of deduction these last few weeks. There were times when people in the MOO office couldn’t work out the answers even when the solutions were in front of them.

The three winners of today’s questions will receive a $100 gift certificate for Print your digital photographs on canvas, and create personal works of art for your home.

Ready? Lets get back to Twingor, in the first of today’s three questions…

Twingor’s Tale

Chapter Seven: The Road Less Travelled

As I travelled towards the final house my wolfish senses became confused. The trail split, came back together, split again, reversed course, and doubled back on itself. I’m sure someone with more wolf experience wouldn’t have lost track of it all, but my troll brain wasn’t used to this.

But I knew I was close. The road forked, one road going to a village in a vale and the other leading to a town on a tor. I stopped and asked a squirrel that was gathering some nearby grasses if it knew in which place a pig lived.

“Oh sure,” it chattered, “I love to visit Sus in her observatory!”

I hated squirrels. So perky. “All right, squirrel,” I growled, “is the observatory in the town or the village?”

“Both! But I hate visiting the other observatory,” the little rodent chattered, “I also hate parties. Oh, but I love balloons!”

“Listen,” I said, trying to be civil, “I’ll help you collect more of those flowers if you’ll just tell me where she lives.”

“Oh no,” the squirrel chirruped, “I hate flowers! These are weeds for my library. I love weeds! I also love swimming! But not the water. Oh no, nasty, cold, wet stuff-water. But I do love…”

“Okay, okay,” I interrupted before it got out of hand, “Weeds then. For your library. I’ve never met a squirrel that likes to read.”

“I hate reading,” squeaked the squirrel, “I just love books!” And with that, he suddenly realized he was talking to a wolf and scampered away.

I sat there growling to myself and thinking about how irritating the squirrel with all his likes and dislikes was while I tried to figure out which road to take. Suddenly it dawned on me. I knew exactly which observatory was the pig’s. I gave a low satisfied howl and set out. Soon this would all be over.

QUESTION: Is Sus’s observatory in the town or the village?

Answers in the comments please, and we’ll approve them all tomorrow when we announce the winners!

Comments (25)

  1. Robyn Rooke:

    It’s the one in the Village. The Sqirrel likes double letters!

  2. Robyn Rooke:

    Oh geez. Look at me! I spelled Squirrel incorrectly!

  3. jgardy:

    The village! The squirrel only likes words with double letter combinations.

  4. Victoria Parkinson:

    It’s in the village. The squirrel loves all the things that have double letters in them: swimming, books, weeds, balloons, and the village.

  5. Janet:

    the village.

    the squirrel only likes things that have double letters in them

  6. Laurel Fan:

    she lives in the village — the squirrel loves words with double letters.

    (too bad he is talking to the wolf and not the troll)

  7. Doug Bewley:

    It is in a village.

  8. Casey Palmer:

    It’s in the village. That crazy squirrel loves double letters.

  9. Caro:

    Sus’s observatory is in the village.

    The squirrel only likes things with a double-letter in.

  10. Michael:

    must be the village because of double l

  11. frankie:

    the town.

  12. Maura:

    It is in the village. (Village has double L’s… just like swimming, books, and weeds have double letters. Town, flowers, water, and reading do not have double letters.)

  13. Dan Mastrian:


  14. an0305:

    I think the squirrel doesn’t like the letter R. as he likes to visit Sus’s, I think Sus’s observatory is in the village (in a vale) and not in the town (on a toR).

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