Question 60 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

28th September 2009 by Denise

Yes – we’ve made it to 60! That’s a lot of questions. I think we’ve almost broken our ace clue-writer, Corvus, but he’s hanging on in there for these last few days, so keep up! On with the show, and Twingor’s Tale…

Twingor’s Tale

Chapter Three: The Winds of Change

The pause went on much longer than I expected. Not knowing what else to do, I went back to the script, “Let me in, let me in, or I’ll blow your house in!”

Still nothing. In fact, there was no noise at all. No trembling, no breathing, no nothing. Even the smell of fear was beginning to dissipate. I kicked down the door and stormed inside. The house showed signs of a hasty retreat, but my nose still caught a whiff of the way it had been moments before. I followed the hedgehog and bears’ trail out the back door and loped after them.

As I ran, I had difficulty keeping my tongue from lolling out the side of my mouth. Stupid dog body.

Erin's Cottage

QUESTION: Twingor could smell several changes in the cottage. Can you spot them all in the above picture?

Answers in the comments please! A winner will be chosen at random tomorrow, to receive this smart new photography book, Collins Complete Photography Manual.

Comments (9)

  1. Michael Lamerique:

    -Clock moved
    -teapot on mantel is missing
    -(2) two brown plates are missing from the stick thing across the top of the mantel.
    -the doll looking thing in the far corner missing
    -different colored rug on the loom
    -sweater is showing collar
    -centerpiece on table has stick withdrawn.

  2. Kimberly:

    the thing (brass) on top of the mantle all the way on the right is missing in the second
    the clock moved.
    When the clock moved, the top of the butter churn went missing.
    The hat went missing.
    The bottom of the clock flat out disappeared.
    The cloth on the loom changed colors.
    There are 5 round things on the stick poking out of the left top in one picture and three in the other.
    There is something made of straw on the hearth that randomly appeared in the second picture.

  3. Allan:

    1) colour of weave in the loom
    2) pic A has 3 ‘discs on top left’, pic B has 5 (don’t know what they are – but you know what I mean!)
    3)ram-type ornamenture is missing from pic A (ram/goat/grainy stuffed toy-type of thing) – really low pixel rate on that camera!
    4) copper pot missing from top of fire-place in pic B (row of 2 pots as opposed to 3 in pic A)
    5) The feet of the clock are obscurred in pic B
    6)there is a vertical spindle type thing (technical term there) missing from the object on the table. (I hope you are following this!?!)
    7) dark mass behind desk on right hand side does not protrude above the table in pic B.
    8) ah! cleverly, the clock has shifted over to the right in pic B.

    Now I think that is it, yep, I declare 8! (although, I have a sneaking suspicion I have missed on… 9 would be more in keeping with the Magic 3 theme.

  4. Midknyt:

    1. The clock on the right wall moved to the right a couple of inches

    2. There are two more disks on the wooden thing on the top left ceiling

    3. There is one less copper pot on the top middle mantle of the fireplace

    4. The black hat is missing on the table on the right

    5. There is no wooden stick/handle sticking out of what looks like a butter churn on the table on the right

    6. There’s no longer a silver rectangular thing with a wooden thing above it (can’t tell what it is – looks like it could be the bottom of the clock) on the floor behind the left of the table

    7. There is a cream color thing that looks like a big-horn sheep added on the left bottom of the mantle

    8. The rug being woven in the loom went from pinks to blues

    9. There is an addition of a silverish ball thing next to the thing like looks like butter churner in the middle of the table on the right

    And, of course, the letter in the lower right corner changed from an A to a B. ;)

  5. Stephanie:

    In Picture B the hat is missing, the clock is moved, the third pot on the mantle is missing, there is a white cylinder to the left of the fireplace, there are two additional disc things on the rod to the left of the mantle, and the cloth on the loom has turned to blue tones.

  6. Chi:

    I count 7 changes:
    - fabric is pink in A and purple in B
    - clock shifted left in A
    - hat is missing in B
    - stick thing is missing in cylinder on desk in B
    - urn in mantle is missing in A
    - only 3 discs on a stick in A compared to 5 in B
    - porceline figurine (of ram?) is missing in A

  7. Michael:

    a missing pot on the right side of the chimney
    two more plates at the stick left of the chimney
    the pink whool changed into blue whool
    there is a missing hat on the right behind the table
    on the left behind the table is something white and grey on the floor missing
    on the table there is the stick of the butter maker missing
    on the left side of the chimney on the bench there is a new can

  8. Nina:

    1) 2 more disc things in the top left of B
    2) pot thing missing in B
    3) clock is moved
    4) bottom of clock is missing
    5) hat is missing
    6) color of fabric changed
    7) stick missing from thing on desk in B
    8) something was added in center of B under the shovel thing

  9. Katherine:

    1) The clock’s moved
    2) There’s a pot on the wall disappeared
    3) The colour of the paper has changed
    4) The black jumper on the right has moved and is now beneath the table
    5) The pot on the table no longer has a stick coming out of it
    6) There’s an ornament behind the wrapping paper that’s disappeared
    7) There’s two plates near the ceiling that have disappeared

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