Question 59 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

28th September 2009 by Denise

We continue on with Twingor’s rather scary story. Answer this correctly, and you could win one of these new photography books, Collins Complete Photography Manual. Beautifully designed hardback books, they contain a mix of photographic tips and tricks.

Good luck!

Twingor’s Tale

Chapter Two: Or I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

Once at the house, I knew I could break it to pieces easily. Inside I could smell the fear. The trembling of the bears practically shook the house off its foundation. I may have only been a wolf at the moment, but if I could drag them back to the Third Zone, I’d make sure they had plenty to be frightened of.

But first things first–there were rules after all. “Let me in, let me in, or I’ll blow your house in,” I roared!

The answer from inside was surprising. “Tell you what, if you can identify these three pictures, I’ll happily let you in!”

I blinked. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go. “All right,” I finally agreed, “Show me your pictures and prepare to be eaten.”

The first two pictures were easy. But the third… the third threw me. It was a painting and it looked old. I, of course, knew nothing about painting and for a moment I thought I was sunk. It showed several people in Polish garb doing something in a forest. I searched the painting for further clues and finally made a wild guess.

I could tell be the long pause that I must be right. I smiled expectantly.

QUESTION: What do the three pictures depict? Who painted the final image? (Hint: The final picture’s title is the activity it depicts).

Answers in the comments please! We’ll approve them all tomorrow, when we announce the winners.

Comments (12)

  1. Jennifer Hallsey:

    They’re hunting for truffles, or other mushrooms. Mushroom picking – Franciszek Kostrzewski

  2. Caro:

    1. This is a truffle.
    2. This is a mushroom (wasn’t sure if you wanted it to be any more specific).
    3. This is Picking Mushrooms, by Franciszek Kostrzewski.

  3. Pauline:

    Black truffle, oyster mushroom. The Mushroom Pickers by Franciszek Kostrzewski.

  4. spyra:

    1. Truffle mushrooms
    2. Oyster mushrooms
    3. Picking mushrooms by Franciszek Kostrzewski

  5. Shereen:

    1 – Truffles
    2- Mushroom – no idea what species!
    3- ‘Mushroom Picking’ by Franciszek Kostrzewski

  6. melinda:

    the pictures depict mushrooms or mushroom foraging. i’ll guess renoir as the artist.

  7. Laurel Fan:

    1. Black truffles
    2. Maitake/Hen of the woods
    3. Mushroom picking, Adam Mickiewicz

  8. Meaghan Walsh:

    The first 2 are pictures of truffles. The painting is clearly an illustration of a truffle hunt. Sadly, I cannot be sure who the painter is.

  9. Stephanie:

    #1 is a Black Truffle
    #2 is a Maitake Mushroom
    #3 is “Mushroom Picking” by Franciszek Kostrzewski

  10. Midknyt:

    1. Black truffles

    2. Hen of the Woods, aka Maitake

    3. Mushroom Picking by Franciszek Kostrzewski

  11. Chi:

    Berry, Mushroom, Picnic

  12. Nina:

    1. black truffles
    2. oyster mushroom
    3. Mushroom Picking by Franciszek Kostrzewski

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