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28th September 2009 by Denise

This week brings the last three days of questions as MOO’s birthday month draws to a close. Nine more chances to win a prize, nine more things to think about when really you should be writing that proposal for the meeting tomorrow, or at least planning what you’re going to have for dinner. It’s been a very busy month for us at MOO Towers, but we’ve had a lot of fun aswell – we hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

BUT, it’s not over yet – on with today’s questions! Answer this correctly and you could win smart new photography book, Collins Complete Photography Manual. A beautifully designed hardback book, with a myriad of photographic tips and tricks (not to mention a rather effective spot varnish on the cover).

Twingor’s Tale

Chapter One: Erin’s House

I could try and convince you that you’re wrong about me – that I’m an innocent victim of my genetics, or my upbringing. But frankly, I don’t care to. I had been unfairly awoken by the so-called “forces of light” and I was intent on making them pay for their transgressions. I was disturbed by the changes they’d wrought on the Third Zone while I slept. Art everywhere, people expressing themselves. It was sickening.

My quarry left the Third Zone by a route I couldn’t follow, so I took another, older route. More dangerous. And the further I got from my home, the more I changed. I was also contacted by my agent, Goldilocks, and told about the sequence of events she’d set in action when she realized I was being awoken once again.

By the time I got to my first destination, I was less a troll and more of a… well, of a wolf. I also seemed to be trapped in the sort of loop that the “good guys” liked to trap my kind in. I knew from long experience that it was pointless to try and escape before the story was ready to let me go so I played along.

My canine nose was leading me to a house that smelled of hedgehog and bear. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to it because it was on a square patch of land and surrounded by a square moat that was three meters across. I stole two ladders from a jungle gym on a nearby playground, but they turned out to be shy of three meters long. In other words, too short to reach from the side of the moat to the side of the island.

I paced up and down, thinking. Suddenly I grinned a decidedly toothy grin, placed the two ladders down just so and padded across them up to the house.

QUESTION: How did Twingor use the two ladders to reach the the center of the moat?

Answers in the comments please! We’ll approve them all tomorrow, when we announce the winners.

Comments (22)

  1. Rene:

    lie one ladder at a 45 degree angle, so that it touches two adjacent sides. Then, place the second ladder perpendicular to it, making a “T” shape, which should reach the island.

  2. Vincent:

    Answer: Because it is a square moat you can place one of the ladders diagonal resting on two of the sides of the moat. Then the second ladder is placed from the middle of the first ladder to the square patch in the middle.

  3. Shereen:

    Lay them across at a corner of the moat in an upside down T-shape.

  4. Philip Sheppard:

    He put the first ladder at 45 degrees across the corner of the moat, second one at a right angle from the middle of first ladder to step easily and wolfishly to the corner of the house.

  5. Aaron Kalair:

    Put the ladders in one of the corners and cross there?

  6. Chi:

    Twingor layed the first ladder diagonally across a corner of the moat to form an isosceles triangle. He then laid the second ladder from the mid-point of the first ladder to the corner of the island.

  7. Steven:

    Place one ladder from outer edge of moat to outer edge of moat across the corner, forming the hypotenuse of a right triangle. The second ladder was used from the first ladder to the inner corner of the moat.

  8. Ian Connerton:

    Strap one ladder to each leg and use them as stilts to get across the moat!

  9. Ian Connerton:

    or you could if you had two legs not four! DOH! Must…learn…to…read…question

  10. Kevin:

    Placed the first ladder diagonally across one of the corners (forming a triangle), then the second ladder overlapping and perpendicular to the first to barely reach across the moat.

  11. Jean Labelle:

    Standing at one corner, I would place one ladder so that it is supported by land on each side. Then walk out and place the other ladder on that ladder and on the island, to form a “T” shape.

    | // |
    |//\\__ |
    | | | |
    | |__| |

  12. Ricky Moorhouse:

    Rest one of the ladders down into the moat, and then the other from the first up to the other side in a triangle?

  13. Dian:

    Go to one of the corners of the square. Put a ladder diagonally near the corner (supported by the 2 outside land to the left and right of corner). Then put a ladder perpendicular to the first ladder and land the other side to the inside land, right at the inside corner.

  14. bee:

    Hi there, as I don’t know how to describe it I just painted it:

  15. Michael:

    I would say he used one ladder to climb down into the moat on one side and the other one to climb up on the other side.

  16. spyra:

    He placed one ladder across the corner of the moat (straddling the two sides), and the other between that ladder and the inner corner of the island.

  17. Laurel Fan:

    Lay one ladder across a corner of the moat, then lay the other ladder from the first ladder to the corner of the island.

    *** *
    *** *
    **\ *

  18. istoo:

    He placed one ladder over the corner of the moat, with each end on a different edge of the moat (forming a right angled triangle
    with two edges of the moat and the ladder as the hypotenuse).
    The second ladder was placed on top of the first, at (say) 90 degrees to it, with one end on the first ladder and the other end on the island. The ladders form perhaps a Y shape.

  19. Midknyt:

    Take one of the ladders and place it across one of the corners – i.e. if I’m standing at a corner, I place it across in front of me and make a nice right triangle with it. Then get on that ladder and in the middle place the second ladder..

    In other words, the ladders make a T with the bottom part of the T touching the corner of the land across the moat and the top cross of the T going diagonal across the corner of the moat.

    Hopefully that made sense. :)

  20. Stephanie:

    He placed the ladders like this: /\

  21. Anna:

    Put one ladder across a corner of the square moat, and then rest the second ladder from the middle of the first ladder to the corner of the square island.

  22. Nina:

    Lay one ladder diagonally across one corner of the moat, lay the other one perpendicularly from the first ladder to the corner of the island.

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