Question 48 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

22nd September 2009 by Emilie

We are having fun at MOO party but thinking of people who couldn’t make it! Please keep smiling as here is another chance to win a Mosaic Frame and a pack of MiniCards:

Domicile03, Sus’s Search

As an astronomer, Sus spends a lot of time searching the skies for new objects and events. In fact, she lives in her own observatory, with a gigantic telescope jutting through a hole in her roof.
Today, as she checks the usual night-sky objects off her list, she notices a new pattern. There’s something new amongst the asteroid belts and planets. Something new that’s comprised of three elements. Excitedly, she focuses the lens and watches as it speeds towards the earth.

 Sus's Search

QUESTION: Find and name the five common objects that Sus checked off her list and then rearrange the bold letters in those objects to name the three elements of the new things she saw.

We will post the answers tomorrow morning. See you!

Comments (11)

  1. Clare selley:

    1: Meteoroid
    2: Ring
    3: Nebula
    4: Comet
    5: Star


  2. istoo:

    Rod, Grant and Blaise.

  3. Pauline:

    1 meteoroid
    2 ring
    3 nebula
    4 comet
    5 star
    a- Rod, B-Grant C- Blaise

  4. char:

    ring, comet, star, nebula, meteoroid
    She saw Rod, Grant, and Blaise.

  5. Chi:

    1. meteoroid
    2. ring
    3. nebula
    4. comet
    5. star


  6. Rajaram S:

    Meteor, Ring, Mist, Comet, Star

  7. Nina:

    1. Meteoroid
    2. Ring
    3. Nebula
    4. Comet
    5. Star
    A. Ore
    B. Grind
    C. Basalt

  8. Sally:

    1. Meteoroid
    2. Ring
    3. Nebula
    4. Comet
    5. Star

    A. ROD
    B. GRANT

  9. Michael:

    1. meteoroid
    2. ring
    3. nebula
    4. comet
    5. star
    A. bar
    B. solid
    C. argent
    Sounds strange, but I´m from Germany so these word games are always much harder for me.

  10. Anna0305:


  11. Anna0305:

    or maybe
    red solar tinbag

    so many posiibilities!

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