Question 45 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

21st September 2009 by Emilie

That’s right folks, question 45 already! We hope you like our Cryptic Quiz, as part of MOO’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations. We are now entering the Third Zone. Will you take this challenge?

The Third Zone: Express Trip

Our heroes have left the Third Zone at the speed of–what else?–light. They find themselves in the vacuum of deep space. In space‘s cold grasp, they find themselves moving almost faster than they can easily perceive. Uncertain of their new perceptions and feeling quite alone, Rod, Grant, and Blaise band together–forming a beam of pure white light.

And it is in this form that they will reach their final, crucial, story-saving destination.

QUESTION: Where are Rod Grant and Blaise heading?

Answers tomorrow! Until then, have a good day… or a good night.

Comments (30)

  1. Emily:


  2. Michael:

    lens of uss telescope

  3. Mattia:

    A black hole, where the light is attracted to.

  4. Geri O'Reilly:

    The moon of course!

  5. Shaunna:

    My memory card?

  6. Doug Doyle:

    The eyepiece of a telescope

  7. kevin:

    to the hippest place in the planet, the Moo offices.

  8. istoo:

    The TE lens of Sus’s telescope.

  9. Richard:

    They’re going to the TE lens of su’s telescope? nifty.

  10. Jacqueline:

    The Moo-n

  11. Sophia:

    the te lens of sus’s telescope

  12. steph:

    Rod Grant and Blaise = RGB = Light = Into the lens of some telescope?

  13. Isabelle:

    Lens of sus’s telescope

  14. Shaun:

    Into a Prism.

  15. Matt Towler:

    The telen of USS Telescope

  16. Chi:

    They are headed to the lens of sus’s telescope.

  17. Thormeena:

    Big City

  18. Bart Braem:

    to the “lens of Sus’s telescope”

  19. Oditi:

    The Moo Birthday Party in London ;)

  20. Sloncica:

    The Telens of Susstelescop.

  21. Andrew:


  22. taige:

    depends if they’re startrek or doctor who fans

  23. Gabi:

    They are heading to the lens of USS telescope.

  24. Katie:

    The TE lens of Sus’s telescope.

  25. Gaia:

    the telens of sus’s telescope

  26. an:

    The TE lens of sus’s telescope

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