Question 44 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

21st September 2009 by Emilie

Moving onto the next question. It’s time to check on our bears, apparently Goldilocks is causing trouble, again. If you want to win a Mix Tape USB from Suck UK, you know what to do – answers in comments please!

Unbearable Lightness of Being

Nick was waiting for the three bears when they finally arrived at Moo HQ. He got straight to the point, “Goldilocks is not who she seems and you’re in grave danger.”

“Oh,” said Momma bear, “I’m sure you must be imagining things.”

“Danger,” scoffed Poppa bear, “she can’t be stronger than me!”

“Why,” asked Baby bear in a soft voice, “who is she really?”

Nick told them who Goldilocks really was and all three bears went silent.

“Oh dear,” Momma bear finally said.

“I… I see,” Poppa bear added, “that is frightening.”

“What can we do to help,” Baby bear asked?

Nick said, ” I have a distant cousin who has a friend you can stay with. She evidently has a bit of an obsession with penny buns, so I’m sure you’ll get along. Go there and wait. Once everyone is safe, we’ll figure out a plan.”

QUESTION: Who is Nick sending the three bears to stay with?

See you in a few hours for the last question of the day…

Comments (37)

  1. Manon:

    Nick is sending the three bears to Alice (in Wonderland).

  2. chris:

    i distant cousin

  3. Kathleen Pearlman:

    Henny Penny , or the Little red hen (the one who baked bread that everyone wanted, but no one would help with)?

  4. chris:

    a distant cousin

  5. kevin:

    Why, the old woman who lives in the shoe…

  6. Tigz Rice:

    I reckon it is Alice from Alice in Wonderland?

  7. Denise Bradshaw:

    A friend of a distant cousin.

  8. Neil Jacobson:

    Queen Elizabeth I

  9. Lisa:

    The Virgin Mary, but since she isn’t around these days in corporeal form… it would have to be Sinead O’Connor who played her in the ‘Butcher Boy’!

  10. Petie:

    Mother Goose?

  11. Lisa:

    The Virgin Mary, but since she isn’t around these days in corporeal form… it would have to be Sinead O’Connor who played her in the ‘Butcher Boy’!

  12. george dunkley:

    Nick is sending the bears to stay with his distant cousin’s friend.

  13. nif:

    Was it Miss Sara Crewe?

  14. Denise:

    That would be Mother Goose.

  15. Tommy Cuellar:

    Nick’s distant cousin’s friend.

  16. Jacque Chinnery:

    A friend of Nick’s distant cousin

  17. Brittany:

    Nick is sending the three bears to stay with a distant cousin’s friend.

  18. Liz Burridge:

    Nick’s distant cousin has a friend the bears can stay with…but can they trust him?

  19. Maureen:

    Little Red Riding Hood

  20. Alex Paxton:

    Nick is sending the bears to stay at his cousin’s friend’s house.

  21. Katie:

    They’re staying with Erin, the hedgehog.

  22. Diana Tse:

    hmmmm…it might be too obvious so it leaves to believe it’s gotta be a trick question…I can only answer for the former- Mother Goose.

  23. MonkeyRPN:

    Mother Goose

  24. Frazer Orr:

    The big bad wolf

  25. Joe Tortuga:

    Well, just a guess, but “penny buns” are also “little pigs” And the one with the obsession with little pigs is The Big Bad Wolf. So that’s my guess.

  26. Hannah Getty:

    a widow baker in England

  27. Dan Abel:

    Oh i don’t know. A spider?

  28. D:

    The friend of Nick’s distant cousin.

  29. Mattia:

    To Queen Victoria.

  30. istoo:

    Erin the hedgehog.

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