Question 43 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

21st September 2009 by Emilie

What is the best way to start the week? Well, for me it is a strong black coffee but I heard that some couldn’t wait any longer for MOO thrilling cryptic questions, so here is the first one…

Hardboiled, Part Fourteen

Nick Puts it Together

As Ray and I went over what we knew about the case–including the new detail that our client, Mary, wore a wig to cover up her blonde hair–Nick was busy writing on a piece of paper. We were used to this, so we ignored him and kept talking it out. We figured the whole thing revolved around Moo and Richard Moross. Suddenly, “Brothers,” Nick said, “look at this!”

Nick held out a scrap of paper with a bunch of names, including all three of ours, scrawled criss-cross on its surface. “What do you notice about these names?”
Ray said, “Well I notice that you don’t quite have all of our ursine friends’ names right. But she does cook apple pie, so she probably won’t mind the abbreviation.”
“Never mind that, ” Nick said, “what names are missing? What names didn’t fit?”
We scanned the 13 names on the paper and suddenly Ray sat down abruptly, “Oh my goodness.”
Then I saw it too. Every name we we’d become familiar with over the last few weeks–from friends to clients to enemies, from recent graduates to established professionals–were on the list. All of them, that is, except two.
“I’d better alert Junior and his folks,” I said as I picked up the phone and called.

Nick’s puzzle

QUESTION: What two names are missing from Nick’s puzzle?


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If you want to see the Mix Tape in action, take a look.

As the saying goes though, “you’ve got to be in it, to win it” so make sure you post your answers in the comments. We’ll reveal the lucky winners tomorrow.

Comments (9)

  1. Clare Selley:

    Mary and Goldilocks

  2. Clare Selley:

    1: Blaise
    2: Poppa
    3: Guin
    4: Baby OR Mary
    5A: Sus
    5D: Sam
    6: Erin
    7: Grant
    8: Ray
    9: Mom
    10: Twingor
    11: Nick
    12: Rod

  3. Sarah:

    pick me! pick me! i am product of the 80′s and used to record myself on the tape deck singing to kajagoogoo and thompson twins. i have since “upgraded”. i love USB. i even know what it stands for without wiki-ing it!!! pick me!

  4. Katie:

    Mary and Goldilocks are missing.

  5. Chi:

    Goldilocks is missing. 4 Down ends in a Y, which can either be Baby or Mary… but since it seems Mary may in fact be Goldilocks, I’ll go with Baby as the second missing name.

  6. Hannah Getty:

    Richard and Goldilocks

  7. Michael:

    it´s Baby bear and Goldilocks missing

  8. istoo:

    Mary and Goldilocks (they are one and the same).

    1 Blaise, 2 Poppa, 3 Guin, 4 Baby, 5A Sus, 5D Sam, 6 Erin, 7 Grant, 8 Ray, 9 Mom, 10 Twingor, 11 Nick 12 Rod

  9. Gabi:

    Goldilocks and Baby bear are missing.

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