Question 42 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

18th September 2009 by Emilie

Thanks for your efforts this week to find the solutions to our puzzles! You surely deserve your weekend. Before you go though, we have one last question for you…

The Third Zone: Before The Escape

It’s Friday in… The Third Zone.
You, along with Rod, Grant, and Blaise, have had an exhausting week. Unlike you however, our heroes are speeding rapidly towards the end of their journey. They may be moving at the speed of light now, and thanks to the power of story, they may continue to move for generations to come. But practically speaking, their existence will likely end abruptly after several more chapters.
But that doesn’t mean you won’t have to solve a challenge. Just because we’re all tired, we can’t skip out on giving you something to think about. I mean, the question is obligatory and we certainly can’t just pop up the


for you, could we?
We’ve asked you to believe that Blaise, Grant, and Rod have turned from solid people into beams of light. That likely stretches your credulity a bit, no? What if we told you that they are now tightly focused beams of pure light–one red, one blue, and one green? What if we told you they’d always been light, only now it was easier to tell because they aren’t walking around in

Cartesian space

pretending to have bodies?
Well. That’s what we’re telling you. The scientifically minded among you won’t find this any more believable, but at least we tried to pretend it’s not all smoke and mirrors. Nope. In fact–smoke would cause problems and we’d need some diverging lenses as well.

QUESTION: What were Rod, Grant, and Blaise before they turned into beams of pure light? Keep looking for that answer, it’s bound to appear somewhere!

You can get some rest now. See you on Monday to give you the answers and start another week of Cryptic Quiz!

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Comments (21)

  1. Nina:

    They were holograms.

  2. Fee:

    They were holograms. You know, 3D space.

    Nice one! :)

  3. Chi:

    They were holograms.

  4. spyra:

    They were holograms! :D

  5. Katie:

    they were holograms

  6. Caro:

    They were holograms.

  7. Sarah Monteith:

    They were holograms! :-)

  8. Janet:

    they were holograms

  9. Dan Mastrian:


  10. Michael:

    they were holograms

  11. Pauline:

    They were holograms

  12. jgardy:

    They were holograms!

  13. Rivetkitten:

    They were holograms

  14. istoo:

    They were holograms, in you know, 3D space.

  15. Sally:

    Cartesian space

  16. Paul Nguyen:

    They were holograms.

  17. Netanya:

    white light?

  18. Gabi:

    They were holograms.

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