Question 36 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

16th September 2009 by Denise

And so we come to our last question for today – and the last of our three introductions. Winners of today’s cryptic questions will each receive 100 of our finest MiniCards and a nice new Flickr Pro account to call their own. Tell us, will you be winning today?


Sus’s Introduction

I feel I should write this down, just in case things go poorly. There are… portents. I do try not to give into superstition, but after all my chosen profession is only two letters away from the culture’s broad acceptance of a rather questionable practice of prognostication. Still, there are patterns and if you can read the patterns successfully, and in a timely fashion, I suppose there’s no harm in calling it magic.

But I digress.

I’m sure you’re curious about the houses. Yes, we do live in three different houses–Erin, Guin, and myself. No, we did not build them ourselves out of straw, sticks, and bricks. We’re all professional women who did not happen to choose construction, or even architecture, as our professions. We did, however, opt for very different career paths. You might say that our professional focuses are quite stratified.

Erin is a mycologist. Mycology is a branch of botany concerned with the study of fungi if you didn’t know that already. I find it amusing that so many people assume I’d be the truffle hunter that they cannot wrap their heads around Erin’s passion for grubbing about in the loam, hunting for elusive new families of mushroom.

Guin is a paleoclimatologist. This is no mere weather forecasting, it’s an attempt to reconstruct the climate conditions of the past by studying its impact upon the earth–tree rings, ice cores, rock strata, etc. I tease her that it’s a little like describing someone’s face by describing all the places the face isn’t. She’s very gracious and allows me to think I’m funny.

As for me, well… my profession focuses on a higher plane. My particular branch is also very theoretical in nature. But then, you’ve discovered the pattern for yourselves by now, yes?

QUESTION: Professionally speaking, what is Sus?

Answers in the comments please – we’ll approve all the comments tomorrow when we announce the answers. New to the quiz? It’s part of MOO’s third birthday celebrations!

Comments (72)

  1. Laurel Fan:


  2. Michael:

    Sus is an astronomer.
    Today´s questions were really nice :-)

  3. istoo:


  4. vanda:


  5. Ellen:

    She as an astronomist.

  6. Allan:

    Sus – she is an astronomer.

  7. Emily:

    (AS TR ON OM ER)

  8. ups:

    Theoretical? A teacher!

  9. lolabobs:

    I believe she’s an astronomer?

  10. Fee:

    Sus is an astronomer :)

  11. Christine:

    Sus is an astronomer.

  12. Rivetkitten:

    Sus is an astronomer!

  13. Olga:

    an astronomer!

  14. Cherry:

    Sus is an astronomer.

  15. Agatha Wong:



  16. tien nguyen:


  17. Stephanie:

    Sus is an astronomer!

  18. Paul Nguyen:

    Sus is an astronomer.

  19. Bree Lundberg:

    Sus is an “astronomer”!

  20. Sarah Monteith:

    Sus is an astronomer!
    Nice… :-) x

  21. Andrew Sosnkowski:

    Sus is what my 80 year old dad wants to be when he grows up: an astronomer

  22. Robert Law:


  23. Kok Yan (Lesley) Wong:

    Sus is an astronomer.

  24. Pauline:


  25. Joscelyn Beaudin:


  26. David Boni:

    Sus is an astronomer—a very strange profession, indeed. I’m probably way too late to this game, but it was nice to stumble upon it. (;

  27. Hal:

    An astronomer.

  28. Jody Coffey:


  29. Devon Kearns:

    She’s an Astronomer

  30. Ariel Cummins:

    An astronomer!

  31. Katie:

    Sus is an astronomer.

  32. Lisa:

    an archaeologist? fun to guess, and I am always psyched to have free MOO. Love my cards!

  33. Alice Burns:

    number crunching as in data
    Secondary Uses Service (SUS)
    The single source of comprehensive data to enable a range of reporting and analysis.
    Or not :-)

  34. Evan Sass:

    Sus is an astronomer.

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