Question 34 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

16th September 2009 by Denise

Yesterday’s questions seemed to stump you a bit – actually they stumped us a bit too, so hang on in there for the answers, they’re coming soon!

Today’s three challenges give us a glimpse of the future and introduce some new characters. They also represent the beginning of the end of our twisty tail.

The three winners today will each receive a brand new pack of MiniCards and a Flickr Pro account to call their own – so, pens at the ready, lets get down to business!


Erin’s Introduction

The stories never get the details right. So if you want the truth, the straight answers, there’s really no other way to get an accurate comment other than going straight to the source. Of course, the clever reader may figure out other, more creatively strenuous means of reading between the lines.

First off, we’re all female. Secondly, we’re not related by blood. In fact, we’re not even the same species. We are as close as sisters, if not closer, so I guess that particular factual error can be forgiven. Here are a few facts, just for the record.

  • We met at university… little maids from school, you might say.
  • Being… well, not as grand as the other students shall we say, we naturally took a liking to each other.
  • Two of us, myself and Guin, are commonly called… okay, let’s just say that we’re unfairly labelled. Sus, on the other hand, deserves the label and is quite proud of it.

If we’re going to be spending much time together, you bears and I, it’s best to get things straight. Now, bring that photographic equipment inside and let’s get you settled.

Q: Who are Erin, Guin, and Sus?

An easy-ish one to start the day – answers in the comments please!

Comments (23)

  1. aaron:

    the Three Little Pigs

  2. Clare Selley:

    That was sneaky…

  3. Clare Selley:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs

  4. Calvin:

    Pianos: silent, transposing, prepared

  5. Gabi Nüchter:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs.

  6. Janet:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs

  7. Dominic:

    Three Little Pigs

  8. jgardy:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs!

  9. Chi:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs

  10. Gaia:

    argh. i’m prob out of it. but two petite girls and a dwarf hamster? @_@ ..eesh

  11. Gaia:

    ahahah. Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs

  12. Jodie:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs

  13. Dani K.:

    Yum-Yum, Peep-Bo, Pitti-Sing from the Mikado?

  14. istoo:

    Erin, Guin, and Sus are the Three Little Pigs.

  15. Ariel Cummins:

    The Three Little Pigs?

  16. shadoukat:

    College mascots

  17. Christina:

    Erin, Guin and Sus are the three little pigs

  18. Pauline:

    The three little pigs

  19. Irit:

    The Three Little Pigs

  20. Michael:

    Erin, Sus and Guin are the three little pigs :-)

  21. Laurel Fan:

    3 little pigs?

  22. Joscelyn Beaudin:

    The Three Little Pigs

  23. Indra Arifin:

    Erin is Business Cards.
    Guin is MiniCards.
    Sus is Stickers.

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