Question 27 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

11th September 2009 by Simon G

For anybody that isn’t already taking advantage of our 25% off Business Cards discount, you could always spare a few minutes to answer a few questions in our Cryptic Quiz – part of MOO’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations!

We’re giving away some great prizes all month long, including a MiniCard Mosaic Frame and a pack of MOO MiniCards to three lucky winners today! Without further ado… Question 27!

The Third Zone: The Fish

The truth of the matter is that this story isn’t heading in a good direction. Rod, Grant, and Blaise are doomed. They’re going to die. They’ve been swimming upstream and that’s a dangerous thing to do… in the Third Zone.

But we have a moment–and just a moment–to turn the story around. To reverse the flow of fate. To send the fish swimming downstream and back to the safety of welcoming waters. But we must work cautiously. We want to affect Rod, Grant, and Blaise only. If we dislodge more than these three, we may unless great danger upon the world. Danger that could only come… from the Third Zone.

Q: Can you reverse the course of the Fish of Fate by moving only three segments? Segments are defined by their end-points on the grid, so provide a set of three coordinates for the segments that get removed and a set of three coordinates for their new positions.

Fateful Fish

I can practically hear you all thinking about this one. It’s a head-scratcher, indeed! Post your answers in the comments and we’ll notify the winners by Monday. Keep tuned to the MOO blog for more questions next week!

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Comments (100)

  1. Cherry:

    1) (3c, 4c) moves to (3e, 4e)
    2) (4c, 5c) moves to (4e, 5e)

    Does less than three moves count?

  2. Pieter:

    Remove 3d,3e 4d,4e and 3c,3d
    And move place at: 5c,5d 5b,5c and 4b,4c
    and the fish is swiming in the reverse direction

  3. Florin van Slingerland:

    move (3c,3d)(3d,3e)(4d,4e) to (5c,5d)(3b,3c)(5b,5c)

  4. Yvonne Zemke:

    (3c, 4c) to (3e, 4e)
    (4d, 5d) to (2e, 3e)
    (4c, 5c) to (2d, 3d)

    Fertig ;-)

  5. an0305:

    move (3c,3d) to (5c,5d)
    move ((3d,3e) to (4b,4c)
    move (4d, 4e) to (5b, 5c) and it’s swimming in the other direction!

  6. Sally:

    (4c, 5c) > (3e, 4e)
    (4d, 5d) > (2d, 3d)
    (3c, 4c) > (2e, 3e)

  7. Gabi Nüchter:

    (3c, 4c) to (3e, 4e)
    (4c, 5c) to (2e, 3e)
    (4d, 5d) to (2d, 3d)

  8. Irit:

    (4d, 5d) moves to (3e, 4e)
    (4c, 5c) moves to (2d, 3d)
    (3c, 4c) moves to (2e, 3e)

  9. Lou Barr:

    You can’t just out-right turn the fish of fate around as that would take four moves, and misalign the universe.
    But it turns out those tricky fish can be switched not one, but TWO ways!
    (3c, 4c) moves to (3e, 4e),
    (4d, 5d) moves to (2d, 3d) and
    (4c, 5c) moves to (2e, 3e)
    But you could also do it by moving
    (3c, 3d) to (5c, 5d)
    (4d, 4e) to (4b, 4c) and
    (3d, 3e) to (5b, 5c)
    Ta dah, Rod, Grant, and Blaise are back on their way downstream and all is well with the world. :)

  10. Tom Haczewski:

    I think this is the solution…

    3d, 3e
    4d, 4e
    3c, 3d

    5c, 5d
    5b, 5c
    4b, 4c

  11. Laurie Y:

    4d, 5d
    4c, 5c
    3c, 4c

    e3, e4
    d2, d3
    e2, e3

  12. Victoria Parkinson:

    (3d,3e), (3c,3d) and (4d,4e) move to (5c,5d), (5b,5c) and (4b,4c).

  13. sohbet odaları:

    hımmm It’s a head-scratcher, indeed yes

  14. Daniel Burge:

    3c,4c & 4d,5d & 4c,5c to 3e,4e & 2e,3e & 2d,3d :)

  15. Hayko:

    4d,4e to 5c,5d
    3d,3e to 5b,5c
    3c,3d to 4b,4c

  16. Jared Johnson:

    3d, 3e moves to 5c, 5d
    4d, 4e moves to 5b, 5c
    3c, 3d moves to 4b, 4c

  17. Carmen Wu:

    (3c,4c)(4c,5c) and (4d,5d) gets moved to
    (2e,3e)(3e,4e) and (2d,3d)

  18. Caro:

    Remove (3c,4c), (4c,5c) and (4d,5d).
    Replace them at (2d,3d), (2e,3e) and (3e,4e).

  19. Tim L. Walker:

    4d, 4e
    3c, 3d
    3d, 3e

    5b, 5c
    5c, 5d
    4b, 4c

  20. david holmes:


  21. MonkeyRPN:

    Answer to Question 27 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

    Remove: (3d, 3e), (3c, 3d) and (4d, 4e)
    Move to: (5c, 5d), (5b, 5c) and (4b, 4c)

  22. Paul Nguyen:

    There’s 12 different solutions but here’s the two main ones.

    Solution group A – moving sticks up
    (3c,4c) -> (2d,3d)
    (4c,5c) -> (2e,3e)
    (4d,5d) -> (3e,4e)
    And then any combination of left column positions to right column positions for total of first 6 solutions.

    Solution group B – moving sticks down
    (3c,3d) -> (4b,4c)
    (3d,3e) -> (5b,5c)
    (4d,4e) -> (5c,5d)
    And then any combination of left column positions to right column positions for total of 6 more solutions.

    Math is awesome.

  23. Christiana:

    1. Move the line at 4c,5c to 3e,4e
    2. Move the line at 4d,5d to 2e,3e
    3. Move the line at 3c,4c to 2d,3d

  24. Virginia Moffett:

    [4d-4e] to [5c-5d]
    [3c-3d] to [5b-5c]
    [3d-3e] to [4b-4c]

  25. Hal:

    (3c, 4c) to (3e, 4e)
    (4d, 5d) to (2e, 3e)
    (4c, 5c) to (2d, 3d)

  26. Antonietta:

    removed: (3d, 3e) (4d, 4e) (3c, 3d)
    new positions: (5c, 5d) (5b, 5c) (4b, 4c)

  27. Andy:

    Remove the following: (3d, 3e) (3c, 3d) (4d, 4e)

    Move them to: (4b, 4c) (5b, 5c) (5c, 5d)

  28. James Kamrowski:

    Move 4c, 5c to 2d,3d
    Move 4d, 4d to 3e, 4e
    move 3c, 4c to 2e, 3e

  29. Hector Casalprim:

    Coordinates for the segments that get removed: (3d,3e), (3c,3d) and (4d,4e).

    Coordinates for the new positions: (4b,4c), (5b,5c) and (5c,5d).

  30. Chi:

    Move (3c, 3d), (3d, 3e), (4d, 4e) to (5b, 5c), (5c, 5d), (4b, 4c)

  31. Timothy Hinson:

    The three segments that will be removed are:

    (3c, 3d), (3d, 3e), and (4d, 4e)

    They will be moved to:

    (4b, 4c), (5b, 5c), and (5c, 5d)

    Have a great day, MOO! And thank you for all you do! (Rhyming was not intended…)


  32. Cleopatra Browne:

    Move segments:
    (3d,3e) (3c,3d) (4d,4e)
    To these coordinates:
    (5c,5d) (4b,4c) (5b,5c)

  33. David Hill:

    before 3c, 4c;4c, 3c;4c, 5c;
    after 3e, 4e; 2d, 3d;2e, 3e

  34. Aaron McFann:

    Move the segment from (3c, 4c) to (e3, e4).
    Move the segment from (4d, 5d) to (d2, d3).
    Move the segment from (4c, 5c) to (e2, e3).

  35. Aaron McFann:

    This is the same answer I posted before. I just realized I had put number then letter for the original order and letter then number for the change. It made more sense to put them in the same order, so here they are.

    Move the segment from (3c, 4c) to (3e, 4e).
    Move the segment from (4d, 5d) to (2d, 3d).
    Move the segment from (4c, 5c) to (2e, 3e).

  36. istoo:

    Move segments (3c,4c), (4c,5c) and (4d,5d) to positions (2d,3d), (2e,3e) and (3e,4e).

  37. Catherine Bell:

    (4d,5d),(4c,5c)and (3c,4c)
    move to
    (2d,3d),(3e,4e) and (2e,3e)
    swimmy swimmy!!

  38. dani (pyglet):

    move (3c,3d), (3d, 3e) and (4d, 4e) to the new coordinates of (4b, 4c), (5b, 5c) and (5c, 5d)

  39. David Steininger:

    Remove (3d,3e), (4d,4e), and (3c,3d).
    Reposition them to (5c,5d), (5b,5c), and (4b,4c).

  40. Catherine G.:

    There are the moves:
    (4d, 4e) –> (5c, 5d)
    (3d, 3e) –> (5b, 5c)
    (3c, 3d) –> (4b, 4c)

  41. yenju:

    (4d,5d) move to (4e,3e)
    (4c,5c) move to (3e,2e)
    (3c,4c) move to (3d,2d)

  42. Melinda Seckington:

    Remove {4d, 5d}, {4c, 5c} and {3c, 4c}.
    New positions: {2d, 3d}, {2e, 3e} and {3e, 4e}

  43. Melissa Osburn:

    Move (3d,3e) to (5d,5e),

    Move (4d,4e) to (5b,5c)

    Move (3c,3d) to (4b,4c)

  44. Sophie:

    4d 4e –> 5c 5d
    3d 3e –> 5b 5c
    3c 3e –> 4b 4c

  45. Stephen Miller:

    Remove: (4c,5c),(4d,5d),(3c,4c)
    Add: (3e,4e),(2e,3e), (2d,3d)

  46. steph:

    3c, 4c to 2d, 3d
    4c, 5c to 2e, 3e
    4d, 5d to 3e, 4e

  47. Abigail Adams:

    Move 3 d-e to 5 c-d.
    Move 4 d-e to 5 b-c.
    Move 3 c-d to 4 b-c.

  48. Zeborah:

    Remove: (4c, 5c), (4d, 5d), (3c, 4c)

    Add: (3e, 4e), (2e, 3e), (2d, 3d)

  49. Bart Braem:

    move 3c,4c to 3e, 4e
    move 4c, 5c to 2e,3e
    move 4d, 5d to 2d, 3d

  50. rena chauhan:

    remove: (3c, 4e), ( 4c,5c) and (4d,5d)

    new position: (3d,2d), (3e,2e) and (4e,3e)

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