Question 26 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

11th September 2009 by Simon G

With answers to the first question of the day (no. 25) already flying in, how about we move on to question two? Up for grabs today we have the perfect ‘MOO Combo’ a MiniCard Mosaic Frame and a pack of MOO MiniCards! So, make yourself a cup of tea (or mug of coffee), grab a biscuit, and settle down with Question 26!

Unbearable Lightness of Being: An Angry Interlude

Every family has their squabbles, but when the three bears have a disagreement it’s not pretty. This is one of those angry moments for the three bears. While taking pictures of Richard Moross, Poppa bear wolfed down all the food, complained that is wasn’t enough for him and now all their blood sugars have dropped and they’re squabbling.

  • Poppa bear is angry at momma bear because she’s ducking her responsibility for taking any photos.
  • Momma bear is angry at baby bear because his photos turned out grainy.
  • Baby bear isn’t angry at anybody, because he took his photos and he’s generally pretty even tempered anyway.

To make matters worse, the bears are all tired, hungry, and running late for an appointment with their client, Goldilocks. The somehow agree that they should take a cab from MOO HQ to their office, which presents a unique challenge. There’s only one taxi in the city willing to give rides to bears and it is is only large enough to carry one of them at a time. Poppa bear refuses to be left alone (on either end of the trip) with momma bear and Momma bear refuses to be left alone (on either end of the trip) with baby bear.

Q: Can you tell the cab driver how to get all three bears back to the office without leaving poppa and momma bear alone or momma and baby bear alone?

Answers on a postcard in the comments please for your chance to win. Also, keep your eyes peeled for today’s third question (no. 27) for your chance to win more MOO prizes!

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Comments (104)

  1. frankie:

    Momma bear gets dropped off at the office.
    Taxi goes back to pick up baby bear.
    Baby bear gets dropped off at office.
    Taxi takes Momma bear back to the city.
    Taxi picks up Poppa bear and drops him at office.
    Taxi goes back to city and picks up Momma bear.
    Momma bear now join Poppa and Baby Bear at the office.

  2. Stephen Miller:

    Take Momma Bear to Office. Go Back. Take Poppa Bear to Office. Bring Momma Bear back to Moo HQ. Leave her there and bring Baby Bear to Office. Go back to HQ and get Momma bear to bring to the office!

  3. Abigail Adams:

    Pick up Momma and bring her to the office. Go back and pick up Poppa, bring him to the office, and while there, pick up Momma and bring her back to where baby is.While there, pick up Baby and bring him to the office where Poppa is. Then go back and pick up Momma and bring her to the office.

  4. Emma Pearce:


    First take Momma bear to the office. Leaving Poppa and Baby bear together.

    Then go back (empty) and bring Baby to Office. Leaving Poppa.

    Then take Momma back to HQ. Leave her there alone and take Poppa to office.

    Leaving Poppa at office with Baby, return to collect Momma from HQ and bring her to office.


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