Question 25 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

11th September 2009 by Simon G

That’s right folks, question 25 is here! We’re just over a third of the way through our Cryptic Quiz as part of MOO’s 3rd Birthday Celebrations. Today we’re giving away a MOO Mosaic Frame and a pack of MiniCards! For your chance to win this amazing prize, just answer the question below. Aaaand… GO!

Hardboiled, Part Nine

Building a Better Trap

We decided to turn our investigation on Mary. This meant one thing–stakeout! Fortunately we’re small enough we could spy on her in her very own office. Unfortunately because we’re all legally blind, we have to be very careful about how we position ourselves, lest we miss entire sections of a room. So we tapped our way into her office and set ourselves up so that each of us were an separate rows and separate columns. Plus, we made sure that none of us could see each other along a straight diagonal, as seeing each others blurry movement might cause us to call out in false alarm.

So we set ourselves up and waited. Little did we know, Mary had followed us in and set herself up in the office by the very same rules!

Trap Puzzle

Q: If Ray was standing in square A3, which squares were Mary and the other 2 mice standing in so that none of them were in the same row, column, or diagonal line?

Comments (183)

  1. nefia:

    ray A3
    MARY B1
    Nick C4
    Sam D2

  2. Ariel Cummins:

    B1, C4, and D2

  3. Alex:

    possible answer:
    There are mice in squares
    A3 (Given)

  4. Ann Tucker:

    b1, c4, and d2…I think…

  5. Diane Lockwood:

    Mary and the 2 mice would be in squares: B1, C4, and D2.

  6. Leticia Lewis:

    The Answer is 1B, 4C & 2D.

  7. Heidi Belinsky:

    B1, D2, A3, C4

  8. Vicki Szamborski:

    In addition to A3, the others are in positions B1, C4 and D2.

  9. Brian J. Hong:

    C2 and D4 :)

  10. amy:

    three other squares: B1, C4, D2

  11. Tommy Vallier:

    Easy! B1, C4 and D2!

    Happy Birthday!

  12. Elyse Fair:

    Okay, I usually suck at this stuff, but i really want to win! So at risk of looking dumb, my answer is B1, C4, & D2. :)

  13. Esther Whang:

    B1, D2, C4

  14. Cynthia Dahle:


  15. Jennifer:


  16. Natalia F.:


    My first try at the questions! Happy birthday Moo!

  17. Mélanie Wintersdorff:

    Well, I’m not sure that I really understood the question, but could it be the B1, C4 and D2.
    :-) Have a good day!

  18. Erin Schwartz:

    By my terrible math skills, I guess that mice were in B1, D2, and C4.

    Am I right? Am I right?

  19. jgardy:

    Mary and the mice were in B1, C4 and D3! :)

  20. Anne Potter:

    I’d love to win!!! Here is my answer:


  21. Kristin:

    B1, C4, D2

  22. Muguet:

    B1 C4 and D2

  23. Zoran Vogrincic:

    Mary was in square B1, person 3 was in square C4 and person 4 was in square D2

  24. Tatiana:

    they would be standing in B1, C4 and D2.

  25. Amanda:

    mouse 1:A3
    mouse 2:B1
    mouse 3:C4
    mouse 4:D2

  26. Dani Longley:

    Oops, mine was diagonal! Drat. I can read, honestly.

  27. Jacqueline Redwine:

    A3, B1, C4, D2

    did i get it right? did i? huh?

  28. rena chauhan:

    my answer is : B1, D2, C4

  29. Justin A. Weaver:

    Ray = A3
    Mary = B1
    Mouse 1 = C4
    Mouse 2 = D2

    Thanks for all the good buys and I want to wish a very happy birthday!!

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