Question 21 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

9th September 2009 by Lisa

To win the last set of three Tees from Spreadshirt you’ll need to answer this clue correctly.

The Third Zone: Grant’s Path

Rod has reached his destination by way of an elegant mathematical arc, so we now turn our gaze to Grant and his love of green spaces. Of course, he’s accustomed to green spaces as seen from his old perspective and not from… the Third Zone.

Grant sits on a park bench, watching the people around him, when he’s suddenly under the impression that it is moving beneath him. The hazy trees around him soften and swirl. The green grass turns blue and laps at the edges of the bench, which dreamily shifts under him–taking on the form of one boat, then another. The faint smell of oil paint, the soft melody of a viola, the distant flutter of sails all mingle into a sensory blanket that muted the midday sun. Slowly, despite his best efforts, Grant fell into a light doze.

3 Boats Afloat

When he awoke, reality had settled into a single scene. He was standing on a short dock on the other side of the newly formed lake and a deep voice rumbled up from beneath his feet, shaking the very sky. It said, “Who’s that trip-trip-tropping across my bridge?”

Q: What three paintings carried Grant to his final destination and who painted them?

Do you recognize these paintings? Submit your answer here in the comments and we’ll choose a winner tomorrow from all of the correct answers. We’ll announce the winners right here on the blog and bring you more clues and new prizes tomorrow.

Good Evening and Good Night!

Comments (14)

  1. Parul Arora:

    The answer is Edouard Manet.

  2. E-J:

    Pierre-Auguste Renoir – The Seine at Asnieres
    Edouard Manet – The Grand Canal
    Claude Monet – The Studio-Boat

  3. Marissa:

    The Siene at Asnieres (Renoir)
    Le grand Canal (Manet)
    Le Bateau-Atelier (Monet)

  4. Fran:

    Claude Monet painting in his Garden at Argenteuil by Pierre Auguste Renoir
    Grand Canal in Venice by Edouard Manet
    Boating on the Seine by Pierre Auguste Renoir

  5. Liz Randell:

    The Seine at Asnieres AKA The Skiff by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    The Studio Boat by Claude Monet
    The Grand Canal, Venice by Edouard Manet

  6. Fran:

    nope my first attempt is wrong, I think it’s these two but still working out the third :(
    Grand Canal by Edouard Manet
    Boating on the Seine by Pierre Auguste Renoir

  7. Kris Stone:

    Renior- “Landscapes”
    Manet- “Monet painting in his floating studio”
    Manet- “The Grand Canal in Venice”

  8. Janet:

    Edouard Manet – The Grand Canal, Venice (Blue Venice)
    Claude Monet – The Studio Boat
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir – The Skiff (La Yole)

  9. Dian K.:

    Le grand Canal – Manet
    The Seine at Asnieres – Renoir
    The Boat Studio (Le bateau atelier) – Monet

  10. flutterby:

    The Studio Boat by Claude Monet
    The Skiff by Pierre Renoir
    The Grand Canal, Venice by Édouard Manet

  11. nydia:

    Boating on the Seine

    Blue Venice
    Edouard Manet

    The Studio Boat
    Claude Monet

    geez…that was hard.

  12. Olga:

    The Grand Canal by Édouard Manet
    The Seine at Asnieres by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    The Studio Boat by Claude Monet

  13. Hal:

    The Studio Boat by Monet, Le Grand Canal by Manet, and The Skiff (La Yole) by Renoir.

  14. Sean Hegarty:

    The Studio Boat (Monet)
    The Skiff / La yole (Renoir)
    Grand Canal, Venice (Manet)

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