Question 19 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

9th September 2009 by Lisa

Oh dear. Perhaps, three of our UK MOO Crew may be a little upset by this question, but I’m sure they’ll get over it knowing it is all in the name of birthday fun and a chance for you to win prizes.

“What’s today prize?”, you ask. Today’s prize is donated from our friends at Spreadshirt. Each winner today will receive a gift voucher good for not one but three Tee-shirts. You can can design one of your own Tees or choose from 1000s available in their shops. But, first you have to answer the question …

Hardboiled, Part Seven

Nick Gathers More Data

I quickly realized that we weren’t going to find anything that answered our client’s accusations within the walls of Moo. So I decided to poke around our client’s office and see what that brought to light. I sneaked in late at night and crawled up onto her desk where I saw…

I should explain something about the “Blind Mice” moniker. None of us are 100% blind. We are, however, legally blind and find it useful to allow people to assume they can get away with making faces and stealing things in our presence..

Anyway, on Mary’s desk I found a manila folder. On it was written, “For the 3 B,” which I thought must have been Sam, Ray and I. Why she didn’t include the ‘M’ was… Oh, sure. Perhaps she was scatologically averse. Inside the folder was an odd portrait.

I could almost make out some of the features–they looked remarkably like people I’d met at MOO–but thought I should ask my brothers for help.

Q: Who are the three MOO employees in the portrait?

You know the routine. If you think you know the answer, submit it in the comments. We’ll select a winner from all the correct answers and announce it here Thursday morning. Stop back here later today where we will have another clue and another chance to win some Tees from Spreadshirt.

Comments (19)

  1. Janet:

    top: Paul
    middle: Kate
    bottom: Leillah

  2. Cody Caudill:

    Check out our spreadshirt shop at

    You an do a lot of good with your three free shirts by also helping poverty around the world.

  3. Doug Bewley:

    Paul, Kate, and Leillah

  4. Liz Randell:

    Paul Thorogood, Kate Leto, Leillah Sekalala

  5. Lisa:

    It seems like people are finding this more difficult than usual. As before the Flickr, MOO HQ group might help you find the answers to this question.

  6. Sarah Ammerman:

    Dan Moross, Kate Leto, Leillah Sekalala

  7. Emily:


  8. Emily:


  9. Andy:

    Top to bottom: Alicia, Kate, and Fauzia.

  10. Olga:

    Paul Thorogood, Kate Leto & Leillah Sekalala

  11. Dani K.:

    Iain, Kate, and Leillah???

  12. Victoria Parkinson:

    1. Richard Moross
    2. Kate Leto
    3. Leillah Sekalala

  13. Jack:


  14. Christina:

    Iain, Lisa and Leillah

  15. istoo:

    Paul Thorogood, Kate Leto, Leillah Sekalala.

    I couldn’t find them in the Moo HQ group, but found them in Richard Moross’ photostream instead.

  16. gnomeangel:

    1. Alicia
    2. Kate
    3. Leillah

  17. Cody Caudill:



  18. flutterby:

    Richard Moross, Kate Leto, and Leillah Sekalala

  19. ClareBears:

    I think it’s Leillah, Kate and Stef?

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