Question 12 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

4th September 2009 by Lisa

Here we go. It’s the last question of the week. Remember, we’re choosing our winner based on lucky draw. Take your time, submit the right answer and you may win. Here goes …

The Third Zone: Three Paths

A crossroads, decisions to be made. A direction to choose. Each of us reach many such crossroads in our lives, but Rod, Grant, and Blaise had come to a crossroads… in the Third Zone.

By now all three have realized that the city streets they walk are not the same streets they are used to. Grant wishes he’d taken Atlas’s map. Blaise wishes she’d taken a peak at Index’s books. Rod wishes he’d been able to keep up with TAG. But it is too late for that now. They are on their own for the moment and must make their choice. The street signs here do not contain names, but partial images. Hauntingly familiar glimpses into well known cultural icons. All three navigate now by instinct and make their turns based upon subconscious drives and so they aren’t even aware that they’ve just crossed an important point on their journey… in the Third Zone.

Rod turns down a street bearing this sign :

Grant veers onto a street with this sign:

Grant's Street Sign

Blaise opts to traverse a street with this sign:

Blaise's Street Sign

Q: What streets are Rod, Grant, and Blaise walking on? Each street is named after the corporate or product logo on the sign.

That’s it for this week. Put the right answer in the comments before Sunday night and you could win a set of MOO MiniCards and a year of Flickr pro. We’ll announce all winners on Monday. Good Luck.

PS.Have a relaxing Labour Day Weekend (for those of you in N. America) and don’t forget postcards are 20% off this weekend.

Comments (41)

  1. Scarlet:

    1. Disney
    2. Starbucks
    3. HBO

  2. Sarah G:

    Rod turns down Adobe Acrobat street.
    Grant veers onto Starbucks street.
    Blaise opts to traverse HBO street.


  3. Janet:

    Rod – Adobe (Reader)
    Grant – Starbucks
    Blaise – HBO

  4. Melissa Osburn:

    Adobe Acrobat, Starbucks, HBO

  5. Aaron McFann:

    Rod is on “Adobe” street
    Grant is on “Starbucks” street
    Blaise is on “HBO” or “Home Box Office” street

  6. Jessica:

    Adobe (or Acrobat), Starbucks, HBO (Home Box Office).

  7. Jessica:

    Adobe (or Acrobat), Starbucks, HBO (Home Box Office).

  8. Steph:

    Budweiser Street, Starbucks Lane and HBO Alley

  9. Rebekah Hickey:

    Rod is on Coca-Cola St, Grant is on Starbucks St, Blaise is on HBO St.

  10. Armin Talic:

    Rod: No Idea (Once again caught short after over an hour of searching.)

    Grant: Starbucks

    Blaise: HBO

  11. Melanie:

    1. Coca Cola (Coke)
    2. Starbucks
    3. HBO

  12. Sharon:

    Virgin Atlantic, Starbucks, and HBO

    Not sure about that first one though. *crosses fingers*

  13. Bethany Brake:

    Rod: The Mashery
    Grant: Starbucks
    Blaise: HBO

  14. Dannielle Speigner:

    Saturn, Starbucks, and HBO

  15. Catherine G.:

    Adobe Acrobat St., Starbucks St. and HBO St.

  16. David Steininger:

    Adobe Reader

  17. Erin:

    Rod is on Adobe, Grant is on Starbucks and Blaise is on HBO or Home Box Office.

  18. Karen:

    Virgin Megastore, Starbucks, HBO

  19. Caro:

    Rod is walking on Adobe Reader Street!
    Grant is walking on Starbucks Coffee Street!
    Blaise is walking on HBO (Home Box Office) Street!

  20. Bart Braem:

    Grant: Starbucks
    Blaise: HBO

    I can not find Rod, this is very hard for non-American MOO fans…

  21. Sally:

    Adobe Acrobat

  22. Zarrin:


    I am sure of the second one

  23. Irit:

    Rod is on Adobe Acrobat Reader Street
    Grant is on Starbucks Street
    Blaise is on HBO Street

  24. Michelle:

    Rod is on Adobe Reader street
    Grant is on Starbucks Coffee street
    Blaise is on HBO street

  25. Stephen Miller:

    Adobe, Starbucks, HBO.

  26. Zarrin:

    Rod – Adobe
    Grant – Starbucks Coffee
    Blaise – HBO

  27. Stacey:

    Adobe Reader, Starbucks and HBO logos

  28. istoo:

    Some answers may be more American centric.
    You may have noticed that from the spelling of ‘color’ in a previous question.

  29. aki:

    bud, starbucks, hbo?

  30. Evie Milo:

    I know the 2nd and 3rd but the 1st has me stumped!

  31. TIffany:

    Rod: Adobe Reader
    Grant: Starbucks
    Blaise: HBO

  32. missy:

    1. Adobe Reader
    2. Starbucks
    3. HBO

    Happy Birthday Moo!!!

  33. tracey.erin:

    rod is on a street related to adobe acrobat. grant found starbucks. blaise made it to something related to HBO. my difficulty now is what on earth atlas has to do with starbucks, why the only “index books” i could find relates to rod more than blaise, and which TAG you speak of.

    or maybe i’m overthinking things.

  34. Andrew Inman:

    The first one really looksl ike I should know it.
    (I thoght it was coca cola but it’s not)

    2nd one is starbucks and the third is HBO though.

  35. Jay:

    1. Adobe Reader Street
    2. Starbucks Street
    3. HBO Street

  36. Debbie Covart:

    1:Adobe Reader, in San Jose

    2: Starbucks, in Seattle

    3: HBO, in New York

  37. Diamond:

    Adobe Reader 9

  38. kristin:


  39. Laurie Y:

    Rod – Adobe Acrobat street.
    Grant – Starbucks street.
    Blaise – HBO street.

  40. ann:

    Adobe Acrobat | Starbucks | HOB

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