Question 9 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three Is The Magic Number’

3rd September 2009 by Denise

Here we are with the last question of our third day! Appropriately, we’re back in The Third Zone, with our young design heroes, Rod, Grant and Blaise. Everything is not as it seems…

The Third Zone

The Third Block

Each youth makes their way into the city, amazed at the sites they see. Each block they pass offers something new, something beautiful, or something odd. It is to their credit that they actually take the time to notice these little details about life… in the Third Zone.

On the first block, they each notice a bird—sitting in silhouette. Rod, naturally, sees a bright red cardinal perched on a bench of deco design . Grant spies a green tit, and Blaise notices an unusual bird, a fluke of nature. It’s shaped and feathered like a cardinal, but its color is pale blue.

The second block brings more delightful sights. Blaise spies a hot-air balloon, shaped like a golden egg, floating across the blue sky. Grant notices a woman at a café, drinking coffee and looking wistfully at a photograph of a beautiful young woman. Origami cranes are scattered across her table. Rod notices through a store window a striking woman in red, holding up a vial of perfume. Whether she is admiring it, or prepared to dash it to the ground, he cannot tell.

On they walk, deeper into the city and the third block presents even stranger sights. Grant finds a park and as he sits in its cool green recesses, he notices a line of people walking past with trees growing out of their heads. Blaise sees a man who looks so much like pictures of her father in his youth that she ducks, kneels, and peeks her head around a corner to watch him walk away. Rod sees a man in a purple suit with a samurai topknot terrorizing people with a short Japanese blade and quickly moves on before he comes under attack.

Little did they know these events were not the random circumstance of the mundane world, but events created specifically for them to witness. Events that could only take place… in the Third Zone.

QUESTION: What three MOO designers created the three blocks of wondrous events for our young graphic designers to witness?

Answers in the comments please – and we’ll approve them all tomorrow morning, when we put the next clues live and announce today’s winners!

Today’s winners will each receive a $200 gift voucher, to create a unique portrait at DNA11.

The “Three Is The Magic Number” quiz is part of our third birthday celebrations!

P.S. Tomorrow’s quiz will see winners awarded based on lucky draw. So if you who are like me and take a while to work these out, there’s a chance you’ll win. Good luck and see you in the morning.

Comments (19)

  1. Janet:

    Chelsea Groves
    Jenny Lloyd
    Masakazu Yamazaki

  2. Caro:

    Chelsea Groves
    Jenny Lloyd
    Masakazu Yamazaki

  3. Bart Braem:

    Paul Thorogood
    Alex Jarvis
    Denise Wilton

  4. Isabelle:

    First: Chelsea Groves
    Second: Jenny Lloyd
    Third: Masakazu Yamazaki

  5. Panda:

    1. Chelsea Groves
    2. Jenny Lloyd
    3. Masakazu Yamazaki

  6. spyra:

    Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd, Silviastella

  7. Lisa Kretchman:

    Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd, Masakazu Yamazaki

  8. Michelle:

    The designers are Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd and Masakazu Yamazaki

  9. ariane c:

    Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd and Masakazu Yamazaki

  10. Pauline:

    Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd,
    Masakazu Yamazaki

  11. Justine:

    Chelsea Grove, Jenny LLoyd, and Masakazu Yamazaki

  12. kristarella:

    Chelsea Groves
    Jenny Lloyd
    Masakazu Yamazaki

  13. Heather:

    Rod, Grant and Blaise!!!!

  14. gnomeangel:

    1. Chelsea Groves
    2. Jenny Lloyd
    3. Masakazu Yamazaki

  15. Whitney Hill:

    The 3 designers are: Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd, and Masakazu Yamazaki. Am I right?? :D

  16. Kat:

    Chelsea Groves, Jenny Lloyd, Masakazu Yamazaki

  17. Lillian Edwards:

    Jenny Lloyd, Dom Hamer, Chelsea Groves

  18. melissa manson:

    chelsea groves, jenny llyod, masakazu yamazaki

  19. Brian Golbere:

    Chelsea Groves
    Jenny Lloyd
    Masakazu Yamazaki

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