Question four in our cryptic quiz: “Three Is The Magic Number”!

2nd September 2009 by Denise

Here we are at day two of our Birthday Quiz. We have three winners, quick off the mark in answering yesterday’s questions, and three new questions for today.

Not only that, but we have three new prizes!

The prize for the first person who answers a question correctly today will be a pack of 25 Greeting Cards. (We’ve updated the functionality of Greeting Cards too – so you might like to take a quick look. Resellers will love the fact that for a limited time, you can remove the MOO logo for free – and of course, add your own!)

But anyway – on with today’s first question, Hardboiled, Part Two. We continue yesterday’s tale of The Three Blind Mice…

Hardboiled, Part Two

Nick’s Brass Tacks Facts

I’m not a talker like Ray, or a play-on-words-guy like Sam. Me—I’m about data. Information. Brass Tacks. No, strike that. Brass tacks is too poetic. Facts. That’s it—I’m about plain simple facts.

And the “facts” Mary presented to us were these:
1) An online print-on-demand outfit with offices in the UK and US was threatening her.
2) One of their employees had even gone so far as to steal her pet frog.
3) She didn’t know the kidnapper’s first name, but knew three people with the exact same name worked at the company.
4) She didn’t know the kidnapper’s last name, but thought it might also be a first name.

I thought she should go to the police, and said as much. She said the police thought she was crazy. I thought she was crazy too, but we needed the cheese, so we took the case. Our first task was to find the suspect.

QUESTION: Where does the suspect work and what is his name?

Answers in the comments please – and we’ll approve them all on Thursday morning, when we put the next clues online and announce today’s winners!

The “Three Is The Magic Number” quiz is part of our third birthday celebrations!

Comments (61)

  1. Tammy:

    Dan Harrison works at Moo and is your suspect.

  2. Melina:

    Where does the suspect work and what is his name?

    He works at Moo! And his name is Dan Ashton.

  3. Melina:

    Where does the suspect work and what is his name?

    He works at Moo! And his name is Dan Wilton.

    (my 2nd choice :P )

  4. Dixie:

    Dan St. Jacques?

  5. Natalie:

    Dan St. Jacques

  6. Natalie:

    ack I forgot where he works! At Moo – Dan St. Jacques, the US Operations Manager

  7. jade:

    Steve Edwards? Works at Moo, of course :)

  8. flutterby:

    Dan St. Jacques works at MOO!

  9. Bart Braem:

    Oh man, being second feels so bad…

  10. baliq:

    I think he is Dan St. Jacques who is Moo’s Operations Manager.

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