Question two in our cryptic quiz: “Three Is The Magic Number”!

1st September 2009 by Denise

Hot on the heels of our hard-at-work friends introduced in question one, we meet three photographers, each with their own skills and specialisms.

Read their story carefully for clues, and the first to answer the question at the end correctly will win a Flickr Pro account, and a box of MiniCards.

Unbearable Lightness of Being: Junior’s Tale

You see, momma snaps photos of weddings
and tiny babies all dressed up in white.
Pappa snaps animals and landscapes so wild
and does most of his shooting in the night.
Myself, I like action, sports and the like,
surfing and skiing, and muscles so tight.

We are all pros, of a sort, and we’ve all
got our strengths, along with weaknesses too.
Momma’s lighting is most always too bright,
And Pappa’s light often looks a bit blue.
My lighting’s best, I’m told it’s just right,
but I retouch it, between me and you.

We had this one client—wanted us all
to photograph her in various frocks.
Some clients, I’m sure you’ll know, are just great.
While others seem a veritable pox.
This young blond client, I’m sad to say was
the latter and her name was IQNFKNQEMU.

QUESTION: What is the client’s name?

Answers in the comments please – and we’ll approve them all on Wednesday morning, when we put the next clues online and announce today’s winners!

The “Three Is The Magic Number” quiz is part of our third birthday celebrations!

Comments (101)

  1. Christie:

    Is she Goldielocks?

  2. Lia:

    Goldilocks, of course. All of the letters are two away in the alphabet – and it rhymes!

  3. Melissa Osburn:


  4. Tamara Kwan:

    The young blond client was Goldilocks.

  5. mary dargis:

    Queen Fink

  6. Leanne Templeton:

    The client was Goldilocks, of ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

  7. suki:


  8. Ursula:


  9. frankie:


  10. Mark Ashbaugh:

    Goldilocks is the name of the client for question 2.

  11. Macarena:


  12. Victoria Nicholson:

    Goldilocks – second try, as I tried about half an hour ago and could not connect :(

  13. Isabelle:


  14. Brad Dressler:

    Goldilocks (and the one talking is the “baby bear” from “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”)

  15. Katie:

    Her name is Goldilocks :)

  16. Megs:

    It’s Goldilocks of the photography world

  17. Riesiel:

    Is it Goldilocks?

  18. Andrea:


  19. Mary Elizabeth:


  20. Caroline:


  21. Dianna:


  22. Cori K.:

    The client’s name is Goldilocks.

  23. Kitti:


  24. lidia facchinello:


  25. robin2go:


  26. Blake:

    Her name was Goldilocks!

  27. Kendra:

    Goldilocks (each letter in the code is 2 characters from the actual – clever, MOO!)

  28. Jane Fung:


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