Question three in our cryptic quiz: “Three Is The Magic Number”!

1st September 2009 by Denise

Here we are already, at the last of three questions for today! Join three graphic designers at the very start of their careers – one confident, one sad and one wet-behind the ears.

We found this question harder than the first two, but have full confidence in your puzzling skills! The first to answer this question will win a Flickr Pro account and a pack of MiniCards. Good luck!

The Third Zone: Painting the Town

This is the story of three carefree young graphic designers—Rod, Grant, and Blaise. Diplomas in hand, they have just tossed their caps in the air and are setting out into the Big City to look for work. They are full of hope and wonder, these three close friends, eager to see what is in store for them. But they will soon realize that the turn of the wheel will bring them only fear. You see, what they are about to endure will test them in ways they never could have imagined. For soon they will face terrors of the sort you can only find…in the Third Zone.

Rod, the eldest, is listening to the sixth Weezer album through his ear-buds and zips up his lucky hoodie (a gift from his cousin who’s on the most fun and friendly ruby team in Stockholm) and glares at the neon reflecting off the wet city streets before him. Nothing will crush his fiery spirit, or so he believes.

Grant, slightly younger than Rod, watches his confident friend a bit enviously. He feels completely unprepared for the real world. He believes himself to wet-behind-the-ears, untried, a real noob. He hums When I Come Around in an attempt to bolster his spirits and plans the fastest route to the nearest city park. He’s thinking that cool leafy spaces will calm his nerves and prepare him for what’s to come…

He’s completely wrong of course.

Blaise feels a momentary sadness at the passage of time. She’s been prone to melancholy after major events like birthdays all of her life. But she’s trained herself not to dwell on the pas and instead focus on the clear skies ahead of her. She twists her lucky lapis lazuli pinky ring around three times widdershins and whispers to herself, “The less I seek my source for some definitive the closer I am to fine.”

QUESTION: Upon what kind of wheel do Rod, Grant, and Blaise turn and what do each of them represent?

Answers in the comments please – and we’ll approve them all on Wednesday morning, when we put the next clues online and announce today’s winners!

The “Three Is The Magic Number” quiz is part of our third birthday celebrations!

Comments (80)

  1. Katie:

    the color wheel. Rod is red, blaise is blue and grant is green

  2. CarrieD:

    The colour wheel – reds, greens and indigos.

  3. Pauline Brunton:

    A colour wheel. Rod=red, Grant= green, Blaise = blue

  4. Dani K.:

    Ruby? You mean rugby?

  5. spyra:

    Color wheel: Red, Green & Blue

  6. Marian:

    A Tibetan Prayer Wheel-Rod is Fire, Grant is Water, and Blaise is Wind.

  7. Kimberly Beatty:

    stick, stone, and bone.

    It is an old drill.

  8. Rene:

    It’s the colour wheel, and it’s Red (Rod), Green (Grant) and Blue (Blaise), which make up all of the colours.

  9. spyra:

    Sorry, an addendum to clarify my previous post:

    Rod is Red
    Grant is Green
    and Blaise is Blue

  10. Dani:

    They are on a color wheel.

    Rod is red, Grant is green, and Blaise is blue.

  11. Joost van der Borg:

    A color wheel. They represent the colors red (album cover), green (day) and blue (indigo girls).

  12. Shava Nerad:

    Leo, Cancer, and Capricorn on the Zodiac wheel! :)

  13. Juanjo:

    It’s acolor wheel. They represent Red Green and Blue colors.

  14. Timothy Griffin:

    A colour wheel and they represent red, green and blue respectively.

  15. Ursula:

    The color wheel, and Rod = Red, Grant = Green and Blaise = Blue.

  16. ups:

    The RGB colour wheel: Rod representes Red, a strong colour. Grant represents Green, a colour which can be used to show jealousy and inexperience. Finally, Blaise is blue: feeling blue = feeling sad.

  17. Emily:

    Is the wheel a gear, and they’re all cogs in the gear? (That is my final answer, Alex.)

  18. Lauren:

    It’s a color wheel–Rod is Red, Blaise is Blue, Grant is Green.

  19. Marissa:

    Hmm… They turn the wheel of fortune and they represent the Three Little Pigs, who built homes of straw, sticks and brick.

  20. Janet:

    They turn the colour wheel. Rod is red, Grant is green, and Blaise is blue.

  21. Marina:

    Wheel of life and fire, earth and water?

  22. Dani K.:

    Wheel of Fortune? The three Moirae: Clothos, Lachesis, Atropos?

  23. Philip:

    Colour wheel. Red, Green and Blue.

  24. Macarena:

    Color Wheel, Rod -> Red, Grant -> Green and Blaise -> Blue

  25. Brad Dressler:

    They turn the color wheel! And they represent Red Green and Blue (RBG) – Rod, Grant and Blaise. :)

  26. Brad Dressler:

    Oops… Typos. Red Green Blue = RGB LOL

  27. Philip:

    They are on a colour wheel.

    Rod = Red

    Grant = Green

    Blaise = Blue

  28. mackenzie:

    Color wheel?
    Rod, Grant, and Blaise = RGB = Red, Green, and Blue. Rod/Red represents anger, Grant/Green represents envy and inexperience, Blaise/Blue represents sadness and calm…

  29. Aaron McFann:

    They turn on the wheel of life (fate). I think that they represent the fates:
    Rod: Chaos
    Grant: Conflict
    Blaise: Darkness

  30. Rachel:

    Colour Wheel and Red, Green and Blue

  31. Dani K.:

    Color wheel? Red, green, blue?

  32. Dani K.:

    RGB, indeed. I was going for too obscure and missed it. Sigh.

  33. Jennifer Brindley:

    The color wheel – Blue, Green and Red. :)

  34. Nancy:

    color wheel: Rod (red), Grant (green), Blaise (blue)?

  35. Megan:

    They’re all spinning on the color wheel, and represent the three primary colors (red, green, and blue) that make up the spectrum of light visible to humans, and knowledge of which is extremely helpful in photography!

  36. Caroline Wallis:

    They turn upon an RGB colour wheel. Rod represents the colour red, Grant represents Green and Blaise represents Blue.

  37. frankie:

    This is a toughie… but here are my guesses. Rod is riding a ferris wheel, representative of the past. Grant is riding an inner tube, representing the present, and Blaise is riding the wheel of fortune, the future.

  38. Kirsty:

    A colour wheel! Rod – Red, Grant – Green, Blaise – Blue.
    Enjoying these!

  39. Cori K.:

    The wheel is the Rota Fortunae, The Wheel of Fortune, and I think the three represent the Fates (Roman: Parcae, Greek: Moirae), in whichever incarnation you want to use– the strictly Greco-Roman (Rod-Clothos, Grant-Lachesis, and Blaise-Atropos), or the forms that have sorta-parallels like the Trimurti (Creator/Preserver/Destroyer).

    …I probably WAY over-thought this answer. But hey, why not make a wild stab at it?

  40. Hazel:

    An additive colour wheel – they represent the colours red, green and blue. They combine to make white in projected light.

  41. Alice:

    On a colour wheel, red, green and blue.

  42. elle:

    they are all turning an ipod scroll wheel- and each of them represent different songs—

    rod is listening to “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations on a Shaker Hymn)” by Weezer
    grant is listening t “When I come around” by Green day

    and Blaise is listening to the Indigo Girls “Closer to Fine”

  43. Dian:

    color wheel: red, green & blue

  44. Michelle:

    They turn on a color wheel. They represent red, green and blue

  45. elle:

    or the wheel relates to the passage of time or planetary rotations…luck, fortune, etc.

    each of the three represent different planets-
    grant= pluto
    blaise= saturn

  46. macpug:

    Could it be a color wheel? And they represent Red, Green, and Blue color names

  47. Christiana:

    The subtractive color wheel – Rod is red, Blaise is blue and Grant is green.

  48. Kristina:

    Colour wheel. Red, green and blue.

  49. Lillian Edwards:

    A color wheel. Rod is red, Grant is green, Blaise is blue.

  50. Tamara Kwan:

    They are turning the wheel of time and represent Past, present and future. Rod=Future; Grant=present; Blaise=past.

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