Question one in our cryptic quiz, “Three is The Magic Number”!

1st September 2009 by Denise

As you might know, MOO turns three this month. We’ve got a party planned in London, and special discounts at the ready, but we thought we’d also have a little fun online.

A Birthday Quiz

Throughout the month of September we’ll be sharing the stories of some new characters here, on the blog. Cryptic clues are hidden in every story, to help you answer the question written at the end of each tale. There’ll be three questions each working day – and a prize for the first person who answers a question correctly.

Today, our three winners will each receive a Flickr Pro account, and a free pack of MiniCards.

We start our quiz with three brothers, and a tale of a most interesting client…

Hardboiled, Part One

As Sam says, “It just takes a bit of fore… er, threesight.”

We may not look the type but we solve big problems, my brothers and I. Perhaps it’s because we’re small of stature that people underestimate us. Or perhaps it’s because they assume our mental acuity is affected by our visual acuity. Either way, it’s their loss when they pass us over for the competition.

You see, we’re experts in our field. You can search ten (to the hundredth power, even) times over and not find anyone that comes before Sam, Nick, & Ray. When small businesses owners find themselves in trouble during their first few years they come to us. And we sort things out for them. At least we do when they listen to our advice. When they underestimate us it’s a bloody mess, sometimes literally…

It was a cloudy cold day when she walked into the office. She was wearing a moth-eaten fur coat like some deposed queen. She said her name was Mary and that she needed our help. A corporate shark was looking to take a bite out of her business and she said that unless she could figure out how to get more customers, pronto, she might as well ride out of town on a bronco. She laughed nervously, “I’m a poet and I…”

“Please, sit down,” I interrupted. I didn’t have the heart to tell her pronto and bronco didn’t rhyme. Sam and Ray tapped on over and pulled out a chair for her. We didn’t know it then, and it pains me to admit it now, but this dame was going to be trouble. Big trouble for all three of us. But for now we offered her a cup of tea and asked what her story was.

She sighed heavily, dabbed at her eyes with a lace-edged hanky, and opened her mouth, lips trembling to hold back the tears, and told us the first of a great many lies…

QUESTION: By what collective name are the three brothers best known?

Remember, only the first correct answer posted in the comments will win!
We’ll approve all answers to this question when the next question goes online, to give everyone a fair crack at the whip!

(Time and date stamp on the blog comment to be held as proof of time of answer. Judges decision is final!)

Comments (200)

  1. Anastasia:


  2. jess:

    three blind mice?

  3. Derek:


  4. Kevin-John:

    A mischief of Mice?

  5. dave graham:

    three blind mice?

  6. Ruth Bourne:

    3 blind mice

  7. Joyce Yong:

    Three Blind Mice

  8. Molly:

    The Three Blind Mice!

  9. Allison:

    Billy Goats Gruff? I have no doubt that there is more to this one, but just in case you were making the first easy!

  10. lidia facchinello:

    three blind mice ?

  11. Katie:

    Three Blind Mice

  12. Dianna:

    Three Blind Mice (?)

  13. Dian:


  14. Calvin:

    The three blind mice.

  15. Melissa:

    The bats

  16. Melissa Fischer:

    A Bloody Mess?

    or October Road?

  17. Melissa Fischer:


  18. Melissa Fischer:

    Faith and Hope and Charity

  19. Kim S.:

    Three Blind Mice? I’m terrible at this…*laughs*

  20. Blake:

    Are they the Three Blind Mice?

  21. Greg:

    Three Blind Mice?

  22. debora:

    Happy Birthday to Ray, Nick and Sam!

  23. debora:

    Ray, Nick and Sam are the Three Brothers

  24. Emily:

    They are the three blind mice.

  25. Riesiel:

    It sounds like the Three Blind Mice.

  26. Tammy:

    Sam, Nick, & Ray

  27. Alicia:

    Three blind mice?

  28. Jonathan Abowd:

    The three brothers are collectively best known as “Ten Times Over.”

  29. Kayo:

    Three Blind Mice?

  30. Lisa:

    tom, dick and harry

  31. Alex Symonds:

    The three blind mice! (?)

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