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The final question, number 66!

September 2009, by Denise | 45 Comments – latest by Maria Soledad Giudice

So here we are – the final question of the 66 brain teasers that make up our cryptic quiz. We’ve seen many a twist on an old tale, The Three Blind Mice, The Three Bears… all in celebration of our third birthday. It’s been a busy month in the office, lots of discount planning (10 discounts overall!), a party to organise – not to mention a secret project we’ve been working on and hope to announce soon.

Thanks again to everyone who’s taken part – hope you’ve managed to take advantage of the discounts, even of the quiz has proved a little tricky! And congrats to all our winners, we hope you love your prizes when you get them.

For those …Continue reading this article…

The penultimate question of our birthday quiz!

September 2009, by Denise | 14 Comments – latest by an0305

The end is near – Twingor’s finally caught up with Sus – but what is this?! More tricks? Old friends? That Sus is one smart cookie.

The chosen winner for this question will win a $100 gift certificate for the cool photoprinting site Canvaspop! So, without further ado…

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Eight: Lightshow

I wasn’t even going to bother with the traditional warning. Nor was I going to try and actually blow the house down by breathing on it. I rushed the house, preparing to swing my massive furry paw and…

I was suddenly surrounded by three bright lights, one yellow, one magenta, and one cyan. The light was coming from crystals set in the ground that I’d overlooked in my haste. …Continue reading this article…

Question 64 – the final day of the Cryptic Quiz!

September 2009, by Denise | 25 Comments – latest by an0305

Here we are… The final day of our birthday quiz, on the final day of our birthday month. We’ve been consistently amazed by your powers of deduction these last few weeks. There were times when people in the MOO office couldn’t work out the answers even when the solutions were in front of them.

The three winners of today’s questions will receive a $100 gift certificate for Print your digital photographs on canvas, and create personal works of art for your home.

Ready? Lets get back to Twingor, in the first of today’s three questions…

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Seven: The Road Less Travelled

As I travelled towards the final house my wolfish senses became confused. The trail split, came back together, split again, …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is….. (Questions 61, 62 & 63)

September 2009, by Denise | Add a comment

Only three more questions to go! Today is the very last day or our birthday quiz. What will happen to Twingor? Will anyone make it to the end alive? Get your brains in gear for the final run – but first, yesterday’s winners!

Chosen at random again, via

Questions 61
When you rearranged the tangram into the shape of a house, what landscape was revealed? Who painted it?
‘Riders in the Landscape’ by Edgar Degas


Questions 62
What’s Guin’s password?
Charles Darwin. (chard – d) + Les (dart – t) + (window – DOW).

Questions 63
What did the note say?
Only one house to go, Twingor! We’ll see you at Sus’s. We trust you don’t need us to give you …Continue reading this article…

Question 63 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 8 Comments – latest by Anna0305

And so we come to the last quiz question on the penultimate day. The password found, what next for our would-be conqueror? We soldier on with his story as his frustrations continue…

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Six: Hey ho, Nobody Home

I shouldn’t have been surprised that when I gave them the password, I got no response. But I was. Just a little. But instead of waiting I went into action, furiously tearing my way into the house. Just like the house before, there was no one here. But a cryptic note awaited me…

K F W Z K F T Q K V L T U K N K , U C …Continue reading this article…

Question 62 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 18 Comments – latest by An Dreesen

The questions in our cryptic quiz continue for those of you bravely following Twingor’s Tale. A traditional story, untraditionally told – but how will it end?

Answer today’s question correctly to be in with a chance of winning a modern spin on an old favourite, a USB Mix Tape, from those clever fellows at Suck Uk

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Five: The Password

I finally found the house. Inside I could smell the hedgehog and bears, as well as a guinea pig and some mice. I roared the traditional greeting, “Let me in, let me in, or I’ll blow your house in!”

There really was no latitude on this point. The structure must be maintained exactly in these sorts of tales. Otherwise, …Continue reading this article…

Question 61 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 7 Comments – latest by Anna0305

It’s the penultimate day of our quiz! Just 6 more questions left to go, starting right now.

Today’s winners will each receive a super cool USB Mix Tape from our friends at Suck UK.

We continue on with Twingor’s Tale…

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Four: Guin’s House

They could run, but they could not hide. My wolfish snout pointed out their trail better than any signpost, so following them was simple. And because the journey between houses isn’t covered directly by the story of the three little pigs, making it to the island didn’t even prove to be a problem, despite having been unable to swim across the hedgehog’s moat just moments before.

My first impression of the island wasn’t favorable. The landscape …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is….. (Questions 58, 59 & 60)

September 2009, by Denise | Add a comment

Here we go with the solutions and winners of yesterday challenges! Today’s winners have been picked at random using the technical skills of

Question 58
How did Twingor use the two ladders to reach the the center of the moat?



Question 59

What did the three pictures depict? Who painted the final image?

1. (Black) Truffle
2. Maitake, Hen of the Woods, Ram’s Head, or Sheep’s Head.
3. Mushroom Picking by (Franciszek Kostrzewski)

The mushroom proved to be a tricky find on this one, with just two people identifying all three answers correctly. The winner is:

Question 60

Twingor could smell several changes in the cottage. Could you spot them all?



Congratulations to all our winners – we hope you …Continue reading this article…

Question 60 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 9 Comments – latest by Katherine

Yes – we’ve made it to 60! That’s a lot of questions. I think we’ve almost broken our ace clue-writer, Corvus, but he’s hanging on in there for these last few days, so keep up! On with the show, and Twingor’s Tale…

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Three: The Winds of Change

The pause went on much longer than I expected. Not knowing what else to do, I went back to the script, “Let me in, let me in, or I’ll blow your house in!”

Still nothing. In fact, there was no noise at all. No trembling, no breathing, no nothing. Even the smell of fear was beginning to dissipate. I kicked down the door and stormed inside. The house showed signs of a hasty …Continue reading this article…

Question 59 in our Cryptic Quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

September 2009, by Denise | 12 Comments – latest by Nina

We continue on with Twingor’s rather scary story. Answer this correctly, and you could win one of these new photography books, Collins Complete Photography Manual. Beautifully designed hardback books, they contain a mix of photographic tips and tricks.

Good luck!

Twingor’s Tale
Chapter Two: Or I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff

Once at the house, I knew I could break it to pieces easily. Inside I could smell the fear. The trembling of the bears practically shook the house off its foundation. I may have only been a wolf at the moment, but if I could drag them back to the Third Zone, I’d make sure they had plenty to be frightened of.

But first things first–there were rules after all. “Let …Continue reading this article…

Question 58 in our Cryptic Quiz

September 2009, by Denise | 22 Comments – latest by Nina

This week brings the last three days of questions as MOO’s birthday month draws to a close. Nine more chances to win a prize, nine more things to think about when really you should be writing that proposal for the meeting tomorrow, or at least planning what you’re going to have for dinner. It’s been a very busy month for us at MOO Towers, but we’ve had a lot of fun aswell – we hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

BUT, it’s not over yet – on with today’s questions! Answer this correctly and you could win smart new photography book, Collins Complete Photography Manual. A beautifully designed hardback book, with a myriad of photographic tips and tricks (not to mention …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is….. (Questions 55, 56 & 57)

September 2009, by Pete | Add a comment

Here are the three winners from Friday. Congratulations, each of you will be getting an amazing prize from Moonfruit worth £390!

Question 55:
Answer:Throw it straight up into the air.
Winner: istoo

Question 56:
Answer: He turned the first switch on for a while, then turned it off. Then he turned on the second switch on and went upstairs. He checked for the lit bulb so he knew which switch it belonged to and then felt the unlit bulbs to see which one was warm and knew that it belonged to the first switch.
Winner: Jessica

Question 57:
Answer: Van Gogh’s Starry Night.
Winner: Calvin

For those of you that weren’t winners, Moonfruit have kindly provided ALL of you a 20% discount on any of …Continue reading this article…

Question 57 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 20 Comments – latest by Corvus

One more for those of you with a quizzical disposition. After this you have all earned a rest for a few days. Enjoy!
Domicile03, Sus
We should take a moment, before we rush into the conclusion of our story, to talk a bit about Sus. She is truly a remarkable pig. Not only is she an astronomer, but she’s an astronomer with an artistic vision of the universe. There is not a night that goes by that she does not imagine the galaxies she viewing as cosmic paint brushes, drawing a vision of eternal beauty across the skies. For example, here is what she saw last night.
Continue reading this article…

Question 56 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 35 Comments – latest by frankie

Half way there today – and the story is starting to come to an end. Keep focused though, as there are lots of great prizes up for grabs. Good luck…
Domicile03, Baby Bear’s Task
I like children, really I do. Even precocious children like Baby bear. But after the nth question of, “Whatchya doin’, Aunt Erin?” I’d had quite enough, thank you.

“Baby bear,” I said, “I need you to do me a favor. I’ve got three switches on the first floor of my house that turn on three light in three different rooms upstairs. I’ve never managed to figure out which switch turns on which bulb, so I need you to figure it out for me. …Continue reading this article…

Question 55 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 64 Comments – latest by Cindy Compton

Today’s prizes are huge. We have 3, 3 year ‘SiteMaker Max’ packages from Moonfruit – each one is worth £390! Moonfruit is an award winning drag and drop website builder. For more information please click here.

As always, there’s some thinking required before you get your hands on the prizes though…

Hardboiled, The End of the Journey

Ray’s Final Challenge

“Okay Sam,” I said as we hiked across the island to Guin’s house, “how can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you without bouncing off anything, attaching anything to it, or having someone catch it and throw it back?”

Sam pondered that for a while as we walked …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time! (Questions 52, 53 & 54)

September 2009, by Emilie | 1 Comment – latest by Midknyt

We’re glad you enjoyed yesterday’s first question! Today we have 4 winners – Yay! Are you one of them?

Question 52:
Answer: The child isn’t even a day old and will be born in 9 months. That will make it 5.4, or five years and three months old, in exactly 6 years (27 / 5 = 5.4).
Winner: Mike

Question 53:
Answer: A

Beams of Light solution

Winner: Gareth Whitehead

Question 54:
Answer: Ray: frigatebird, Sam: tortoise, Nick: seal, Guin: land iguana
Winner: Midknyt

Answer 2: Galapagos Islands
Winner: Sophia

Everyone can get 15% off MiniCards this weekend. It is the last weekend promo of our birthday month… Don’t forget to say it to your friends, they will love you even more! …Continue reading this article…

Question 54 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 39 Comments – latest by frankie

Our work is nearly done for the day. All that’s left is question 54, which also includes question 54.5. Read on, and all will make sense….

Domicile03, Guin’s Favorite
When the mice got here they were pretty excited by the variety of fauna on the islands, like so many people are. They were completely overlooking the beauty of the rocks themselves of course, but I can forgive that. To be honest, even I have my favorite animal here. And, as expected, Ray, Sam, and Nick each picked a favorite animal too.

The animals we picked, in order of increasing size, were: the frigatebird, the land iguana, the seal, and the tortoise.

Ray’s favorite animal is smaller than Nick’s. …Continue reading this article…

Question 53 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 56 Comments – latest by an0305

It’s question time again – we have another very cool Mix Tape USB up for grabs. So I’ll stop wasting your time and get on with it!…

Domicile03, Sus’s Observation
Sus, peering through her high-powered microscope, saw a beam of white light shooting straight at her from the heavens. It did not curve, it did not bend, but shot unerringly toward her the lens of her microscope. Hurriedly, she began assembling some items she might need when it arrived.
 Beam of Light

QUESTION: In which of the three images depicting Rod, Grant, and Blaise’s path are the horizontal lines actually parallel?

You know the drill! Answers …Continue reading this article…

Question 52 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

September 2009, by Pete | 40 Comments – latest by an0305

It’s time to get your brain in gear and answer today’s first question. What’s in it for me I hear you say?

Continue reading this article…

And the winner is….. (Questions 49, 50 & 51)

September 2009, by Pete | 2 Comments – latest by Clare Selley

So how did you do? Congratulations to those of you that got the right answers. We are still amazed at how many of you are getting involved – and there are lots more questions and prizes to come.…Continue reading this article…

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