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Top tips: creating referral cards for loyal customers

July 2009, by Denise | 18 Comments – latest by Corporate Photographer in Brisbane

As any freelancer or small business person knows, the best kind of advertising is often word of mouth. There’s nothing better than a satisfied client – excited about the completion of a job well done – sharing your contact details with a friend or colleague.

We’ve all done it – asked friends on and off line; ‘Does anyone know any good photographers?’ or ‘Can anyone recommend a web designer? I need new website and not sure who I can trust’.

As a business person, a personal endorsement means you can hit the ground running. There’s no need to do the hard sell (which is never much fun for either party) – you can talk through your best projects or portfolio, knowing the …Continue reading this article…

MOO gets agile…

July 2009, by Nicky | 17 Comments – latest by mary

Well, I suppose it makes us more agile – in that we move from our desks to the meeting rooms more often…

The dev team here at MOO started using the Agile Scrum methodology for managing our software development projects at the beginning of the year, and it’s been a very enjoyable experience so far. Imagine my glee when I found out we weren’t the only ones making Planning Poker cards from MOO Business Cards :-) And they’re not the only ones either, our friends at Made By Many said of their cards:

“We used MOO to make up printed agile estimation cards because we were fed up with scraps of badly-drawn paper. Each estimator has their own individual …Continue reading this article…

Colalife: MOO friends in high places

July 2009, by Lucie | Add a comment

If you happen to be in London this afternoon (Friday!), why not join some of the MOO crew down at Trafalgar Square? Not only will it be an opportunity to hang out with Nelson on his column, cool down with the pigeons in the fountain and perhaps have a wander around the National Gallery – but you’ll also be able to cheer on MOO customer and friend Simon Berry, of ingenious charity Colalife. For one hour he’ll have pride of place on the famously unadorned 4th plinth – as part of Anthony Gormley’s latest project, ‘One and Other’.

Colalife is a campaign to encourage Coca-Cola to share it’s distribution network in developing countries. With the …Continue reading this article…

Lights, webcams, action!

July 2009, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Pez

For anyone wanting to enter our MOOvie competition and bag themselves a bunch of prizes (including a nice Flip Mino HD, from Firebox), now’s the time to get out of that director’s chair and start shouting ‘ACTION!’

The competition is running until the end of the month (July 31) and we’ve already had some great entries. We know there are lots of you out there who’ve made MOO MOOvies before – feel free to enter them – old or new, we’d love to see what you’ve been making.

The rules are pretty easy to follow – make a little video that features MOO. There’s just two categories:

Story Time:
Any MOOvie that amuses, entertains, delights or even scares. The only rule …Continue reading this article…

You’re so vain, I bet you think this URL is about you…

July 2009, by Simon G | 3 Comments – latest by Will Baxter

Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Flickr all have something in common (and it isn’t their fancy Californian offices). No, it’s the vanity URL.

Earlier this year Google announced they’d allow Google profile users to specify the URL for their profile, just as Facebook released their vanity URLs around one month ago.

Facebook launched their vanity URLs at 00:01am on 13th June (that was 5:01am GMT), and yes, I was the lucky member of the UK MOO Crew awake at 5:01am GMT to register for MOO. But what is all the fuss about?

For big brands it may have been the fear that the URL could have been hijacked by a competitor, or by someone with an ‘interesting’ sense of …Continue reading this article…

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