The MOOvie Mania Competition rules

29th May 2009 by Denise

Our goal is to make MOOvie Mania (which we’ll refer to as the ‘competition’) an opportunity to show off your creativity and share your MOO tips and tricks with others.

We wish we didn’t have to have all these rules (we know they’re a bit long winded) – but we find making things clear up front avoids complicated questions later on. (It also keeps our lawyer happy!)

We’ve outlined the important details here, but remember, this IS for fun (and prizes!) so let’s all play nice and enjoy ourselves.

The Official Rules

How do I enter?

1.1. Create an original video (now referred to as the ‘MOOvie’) lasting a minimum of :15 seconds and maximum of 15 minutes.
1.2. Ensure the MOOvie does not violate any community or copyrighting rules of the video sites mentioned in 1.3 (below). If it is removed by an external community manager, MOO will not be responsible – sorry about that.
1.3. Upload the MOOvie to one or all of the following 3 video sites, or
1.4. Include the following tags when you upload your video so we can find them and group them all together:
business cards
moovie mania
1.5. Submit your entry to MOO by commenting on the blog. You’ll need to include your name, email address (which will be hidden to the general public) and a link to your MOOvie, so our judges can see it.

Who can enter?

2.1. Anyone over the age of 16 who complies to the competition rules as set out here can enter – excluding the employees and families of MOO Print Ltd.
2.2. Entrants must take responsibility and abide by the local laws in the country in which they reside. (That means if it is illegal to enter a competition such as this one where you live, sadly you will not be able to participate for prizes.)

What exactly should the MOOvie contain to be eligible?

3.1. There are two categories in the competition and your original MOOvie should fall in to one of the two categories:

Story Time:
Any MOOvie that amuses, entertains, delights or even scares. The only rule is that there must be at least one reference to MOO.COM (e.g. an exchange of a card, a sticker on a laptop, a starring role, anything as long as MOO has at least a cameo role).

Helping Others: Tutorials & How To’s.
The MOOvie should help others to use MOO.COM or make something more with MOO’s products, create something using our API or just plain instruct.

3.2. It must be a creation by you and must not contain clips and/or music that you do not have the right to use.
3.3. You CAN enter a MOOvie you’ve created prior to this competition, if it fits the criteria set out in 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4. (That’s the bit just above and just below this bit)
3.4. The MOOvie should also be free from nastiness! How do we define nastiness? We hope you’d define it in the same way: no hate mongering, foul language, or offensive behaviour. We retain the right to have the final decision on this – but think ‘respect for others’ and you are probably on the right track. We have the right to reject an entry if we believe it is not in the spirit of MOO or doesn’t fit the rules laid out here.
3.5. The MOOvie should not be an overt advertisement for another company or product. The competition is a bit of MOO-based fun – if you want to launch your latest ad campaign or product, we reckon you’re probably grown-up enough to have your own competition!
3.6. You can enter multiple times (please do!), but will only be eligible to win one prize package – we want to give everyone a fair shot.

When is the cut off date for entry?

4.1. You can enter your MOOvie starting now and the last day of entries is July 31, 2009 at 11:59 GMT (that’s +5 hours EST) Do get a MOOve on, we will be featuring entries on the blog over the next two months and we hope to feature yours!
4.2. MOO is not responsible if a technical glitch prevents your video from being submitted on time. (Sadly we can’t do much from here, if the dog ate your homework.)

Who are the judges?

5.1. We have 5 esteemed independent judges who will make the final selection of winners. The judges are:
• Heather Champ,
• Joel Veitch,
• Jim Goertz,
• Christian Robinson,
• James Phillips, Corel

How do they choose a winner?

6.1. A shortlist of finalists will be selected by an independent agency.
6.2. The final shortlist of videos will be reviewed by the judging panel.
6.3. They will choose the winners based on the videos they enjoy the most based on creativity, usefulness, effort and appeal.
6.4. The 5 judges will select a winner, runner-up and third prize in each category.
6.5. The judges decision is final – we asked them to be judges because we value their opinions, and we hope you do too!
6.6. A MOOvie can win one prize only.
6.7. A contributor can win one prize only.

What are the prizes?

7.1. There are three (3) prizes for each category: 1 grand prize, 1 second prize and 1 third prize.
Grand Prize (1 per category) includes:
1 Flip Mino HD (retail value: £169.95/approximately $270)
1 Corel Video Studio Pro software (retail value: £67/approximately $106.34)
£450 in cash(approximately $630)
MOO Prize pack: 200 Business Cards, 1 Business Cards Holder in leather, 1 pack of MiniCards, 1 Cobu MiniCards holder, 1 pack of 20 Postcards, (retail value: £82.95.50/ $157.95)
1 Year – Flickr Pro (retail value: approximately £15.71/ $24.94)

2nd prize (1 per category) includes:
1 Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo Ultimate (retail value: £77/ approximately $122)
200 MOO Business Cards (retail value: £34.99/$69.99)
1 Year – Flickr Pro (retail value: approximately £15.71/ $24.94)

3rd prize (1 per category) includes:
200 MOO Business Cards (retail value: £34.99/$69.99)
1 Year – Flickr Pro (retail value: approximately £15.71/ $24.94)
50 Istockphoto Credits (retail value: approximately £54.50/$86.51)
(The cash value prizes will be in £GBP, or the equivalent value in $USD based on the current exchange rate.)

When is the winner announced?

8.1. MOO will contact the winner via email on August 23, 2009. It will be up to the entrant to provide a valid email address upon entry. (Don’t forget! Without it we can’t let you know you’ve won!)
8.2. MOO will announce the winners on the blog ( on August 28th, 2009.
8.3. We will do everything we can to reach the winners, but if they do not claim their prizes by September 30, 2009, we reserve the right to award a new winner.

What about the rights of my MOOvie after the competition is completed?

9.1. As creator, you retain the rights (including copyright) to your MOOvie, but you give MOO Print Ltd. the right to use it or a portion of it on our website, use in advertising, promotion for MOO.COM either via direct upload or via a 3rd party site such as Youtube or Dailymotion or for use in promotional materials.

Cancellation of the Competition

10.1. Say it isn’t so! MOO does retain the right to cancel the competition if circumstances arise beyond our control – including unforeseen technical complications, or legal requirements.

Are you still reading? Did you read the entire thing? Thank you – it took so long to write, we’re worn out. Time for tea.

Comments (2)

  1. Jon Dale:

    Because my daughter is 9 years old her entry is a co-entry with me (I’m 32). I will accept the grand prize on her behalf…

  2. Richard:

    Just done a search for moovie mania on youtube some great videos i like the competition winners video of the bandits stealing the paintings.

    I would put up a link but it gets flagged as spam, great idea for a competition!

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