Eco Friendly Business Cards (still super, but without the tweezers & paint)

2nd April 2009 by Denise

We have no idea how you figured it out, but yes, our ‘new product announcement’ yesterday was just for April Fool’s day. I must admit, we had far too much fun planning and making it – and that was doubled by reading all your comments.

Just incase you didn’t know, we do sell real Eco Friendly Business Cards, which we think are quite super. We just don’t WRITE THE NAME IN CAPITAL LETTERS and they actually do come ‘ready assembled’, with both the words and the pictures attached:

The stock is 100% recycled and 100% recyclable – and the free holder is 100% recycled pulp board and recyclable too. For anyone in the USA worried about the airmiles, you’ll be glad to know that soon we’ll be printing and shipping in the USA, and so not only will your cards arrive much quicker, but they’ll have less distance to travel too.

These are some customer shots of our Eco Friendly Business Cards:

Colourful photos, by Laura A

Antiqued images showing the beautiful jewellery of >kotomigd

And technobiosphere took a shot of the free holder – the wraps are recycled, and removeable, so you can use the subtly branded case to carry your cards safely in your bag.

We also know from experience, that you need somewhere to keep the cards people give you – so the holder comes with two little index cards, ready to help you store other people’s cards, without getting them mixed up with your own – you can see then here in another nice shot from technobiosphere. One says ‘mine’ – and the other, ‘theirs’.

As you can see, we like to have some fun (all be it practical fun) with our non-April-fool’s packaging too. Why not? Getting your own Business Cards should be exciting and special – and to be honest, the plastic boxes we received our business cards in before we started MOO were neither exciting, nor special. We hope this packaging might be something you want to keep, re-use and make the most of.


Time to get cracking on the USA launch now, thanks for dropping by and joining in yesterday’s fun!

Comments (9)

  1. Robert:

    I twittered a link to your April Fool’s joke yesterday, and had several people stop following me. Either they didn’t get the joke or they thought I was spamming them!

  2. masukomi:

    When you say “recycled” paper do you mean it in the traditional printing sense that they’ve been doing probably since the dawn of printing or do you mean post-consumer recycled paper? Because the latter is the only one that really has any impact.

  3. Denise:

    @masukomi, The paper for these cards are 100% recycled post consumer waste.

  4. Tim Linden:

    I have to say you guys put out some great products. I haven’t ordered any yet because I’ve got hundreds of business cards laying around, but every blog post has be ready to buy more.

  5. robert:

    My Moo cards constantly get comments – the fact that they’re on recycled stock is wonderful, and people love the quality of the paper and the quality of the printing. They’re astounded when I tell them how inexpensive they are (even with the sad Can. dollars against USD). As much as I’d like to support my local print shop, they can’t provide me with anything nearly as great – and I get to use my photos to boot.

    Thnks Moo!

  6. nicolasgut:

    I’m so proud that you used some of my pics (technobiosphere) to show the free holder. I think your doing a great job and it’s a pleasure to be in your blog.

  7. Jon:

    Have you considered stocking FSC paper and printing the FSC logo (with chain of custody number) on the cards? Some ethical / sustainable / green printers are doing this. It will be a great addition to the Moo portfolio!


    does moo do the type of print thermography? the raised printing??

  9. Denise:

    Hi Jack,
    no, thermo printing isn’t something MOO offers at the moment.

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