Announcing a NEW MOO Business Card

1st April 2009 by Denise

As you know, we like to listen to the things our customers are suggesting. On your suggestion we added the image upload to the front AND back of Business Cards. Next we upgraded the preview tool, and still your suggestions keep coming. You love our 100% recycled, eco-friendly Business Cards, but some of you want more. You want to be SUPER ECO FRIENDLY.

Well, we hear you.

We’re excited to announce the SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card!
Part of MOO’s New ‘Business Basics’ range, they’re as green as it gets.

How is it so green?
The answer is simple. We send you the the words and pictures, you re-use the business cards other people have given you.

In this business climate, words are vital. They’re what makes a business tick. Think about it, without words, What would your business be called? Nothing. You need words – words of the highest quality.

But sometimes, words aren’t enough. You also need pictures – they give you that competitive edge. Time and time again we see pictures on Business Cards and we know you’ve achieved networking nirvana with images of your artwork, your product range or your services.

Look: here’s an example of a card with neither words nor pictures. Will this sell your business?

You’ll be glad to know with MOO SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards, both words and pictures are supplied as standard.

But how do SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards work?

It’s so simple, even your well trained dog could make one.

Your SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards arrive in a recycled brown box. Here’s a shot of Steve, taking delivery of his order. Steve is going to a networking event this evening, he’s excited – and ready to get cracking.

Inside the box is a handy set of instructions. Everything is clearly explained – no need for a design degree here! In a rush? No problem! Make up some cards now and take this pocket guide with you. Why not make the rest of your cards while you travel?

Armed with all the knowledge he needs, Steve gets ready to make his Cards. He’s following these simple steps:

Step 1

Collect all the business cards you’ve ever received. Yes, those cards wasting space on your desk, at the bottom of your bag, or hidden in your drawer – collect them all. It’s time to apply some MOO Magic!

Using the brush and paint supplied, simply paint over the details on both sides of the cards you’ve been given by other people. The paint is water-based, quick to dry, and made of only natural ingredients. We don’t recommend it, but this paint is so environmentally friendly, you could even drink it!
(Note: in the event of paint in eyes, rinse eyes immediately with clean, fresh water. If any symptoms persist, seek the advice of your local pharmacist).

Step 2

Open your MOO Business Basics Words. All the words you need for your Business Cards are here. Your name, your business name, your phone numbers, your email address. Some of our user-testers have even added their twitter urls!

Step 3

Simply glue the words to your previously prepared SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Cards. This is quick and easy with tweezers – making a complete card takes only 15 minutes!

Step 4

Flip the card over, and get to work on your photograph. When you upload your images to MOO, our back-end software turns them into traceable outlines. Using these outlines and our custom made carbon pad, you can trace a different image on the front of every card!

Step 5

There is no step 5! Yes, it takes just 4 simple steps and only 25 minutes to create a SUPER ECO FRIENDLY Business Card.
That’s just 1250 minutes to make a complete pack of 50. (Or just over 20 hours for those who like their time the old fashioned way!)

Still in beta phase right now, we’re launching these in the next few months. Subscribe to our blog or sign up to the newsletter to be the first to hear the latest news.

Comments (54)

  1. MIke:

    I want some, can you deliver today? ;-)

  2. Denise:

    Not today, but hopefully soon – do you have any tweezers? We were wondering if we should include them in the pack ;o)

  3. A different Mike:

    Ooh – nice! It’s good to see you thinking of the environment in current times (and my pocket – why shell out for card when I have a drawer full?) It’s a bit of a chore working with tweezers though – do you think you could also offer hire of trained monkeys to help me assemble 1000 cards?

  4. Rachel:

    I think you should make these, as super special event prizes or something. You’ll have to include the tweezers though.

  5. Phil:

    i always like to see a company increase their eco product base. moo, how did we live without you before? @philcampbell


  6. Muhammad Seedat:

    April Fools Joke isn’t it?

  7. NickorNotsoMuch:

    This is interesting, but a little extensive don’t you think this sort of a waste of time? I might buy it just out of concept though..

  8. Graeme Benstead:

    I don’t know many creative people wouldn’t pay handsomely for this little beauty…

  9. donna:

    I just RT’d this to all my twitter followers. Hope you get some orders – will you give me a kickback? (twitter: maadonna just in case you need to trace it)

  10. Chris:

    Business Cards 2.0

  11. Scoot:

    It may be april fools, but this might catch on in the current climate :-)

  12. Mort:

    That is what I should be doing with all those business cards after the business changed hands!

  13. Aprilla De-Fiool:

    Yes I can see the applications but I don’t have any spare business cards could you send me over some moo cards to apply them too ;)

  14. Poisson D'Avril:

    Seriously. Everyone should be doing this.

    We’ve all got hundreds of business cards we don’t need any more.

    If you’re not doing this, you should be ashamed of yourself. End of.

    Good work, Moo, well done. It’s been a long time coming.

  15. Lena:

    Will it take me longer than 15 mins per card if my biz name is longer than “moo”?

    Just curious ;)

  16. kirsty:

    Bloody Brilliant!

  17. Kim:

    My favourite prank so far :D

  18. David:

    I am not good at drawing… can I send you my collected business cards and somebody @Moo will do it for me?

  19. Betony May:

    I would love to say I love this, but I think it’s just barmy! Wouldn’t it get a bit confusing what with someone elses details etc on there, would they still show after one coat of paint? wouldn’t it be easyer if it came with a nice rubber stamp of the text? Less fiddly! : )

  20. Equigirl:

    Geeks rule!

  21. ciukes:

    Great Joke – however you should seriously consider this as a product. I’m sure a lot of people would like to have these unique, hand crafted, exclusive moo cards.

  22. Eric Verlaak:

    Any day but today…
    Nice one!

  23. Rhetorikolas:

    oops, bracket erased rest of post. Anyhow.. *hearts*

    Seriously though… I was wondering what to do with all my saved business cards.

    Many elements of this spoof are quite brilliant and could launch a wave of creative reusable business cards.

    You could very well create the sharemoo card. Handing out from person to person. A true wasteless product.

    Keep up the great work fellas!

  24. Anna:

    Tee hee–I think some people actually think this is for real! HAppy April Fool’s!

  25. Julia:

    I’d like to order some straight away.

  26. Daryl:

    Nice one Denise – the best I’ve seen so far today!

  27. Kathy Carson:

    I think you have something here! I do have lots of other cards – ship me a box!!! April Foooooools!!!

  28. AS:

    I have a bunch of highly qualified, intelligent idiots working for me at the moment (you might have seen them failing miserable washing cars on television last week) who when I ran it by them think it’s fantastic idea. They anticipate they can sell 200,000 units as a starter order with a view to ordering a further 200,000 if all goes well. Can we have the first batch by this evening?

  29. Denise:

    @AS – we’ll action that.

  30. Jenn:

    hahahahah. awesome.

  31. DavidP:

    I think you may need to include a dictionary in the box… my speling isn’t too gud


  32. Cindy Shepard:

    Genius….love the fact you can drink the paint used to cover the card but not get it in your eyes!!!…too funny.

  33. Danny s:

    Omg that is relly funny i discowered moo through skype and i would go crazy of that was real prouduct still i had a great aprilfools prank i did on my frinda 2 day

  34. Adrienne:

    simply brilliant. enjoying your blog too. kudos to making the NYT!

  35. flo:

    it is brilliant…. very enjoyable =p

  36. Henriette Weber:

    nice April fools joke. I wish you guys would go ahead with something like this though =)

  37. tensoeedphotography:

    Wow – I am loving this idea. I’l keep my Mini cards for the standard tom, but these would be great for people that you want to impress (or are just nice :)

    Rock on!F12

  38. Allan:

    I love you guys.

  39. Marian:

    Pity I didn’t read your post yesterday. :^)

    I intend to make a montage of all the business cards I’ve acquired fixing up my old house, and when I move, I shall burn it with great glee. Otherwise, I’d be right on this. :^)

  40. Danny S:

    i am relly green so i like it bu still i woulsd still go crazy i that was real

  41. kathysask:

    How well do the letters peel off after gluing? I’m concerned because
    what happens when this fab product takes over the world? Whose business card are you going to paint over? The only possibility is if you can remove their letters and replace with your own…

  42. Katie:

    Cute, but absurd. Reusable business cards don’t have to be a joke though. Check out the reusable business cards I made for myself.

  43. Sonic Mirror:

    OK, first I was like “WTF”, who has time for this madness? Then I got angry for a second, thinking granola-head tie-dying hippies were making bad press for environmental progress again. But I will tell you, I stuck with it. There is a nadir of a fabulous idea here, but not on Gesso-ed old business cards using edible whiteout. Digital paper! Almost anyone that is “with it” in the 21st century already owns some, if they think about. BRAVO, if I make a badjillion dolleros with this I’ll send a check. Seriously.

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