New boxes – a MiniCard Box Competition!

13th March 2009 by Denise

Guess what? We’re doing lots of work behind the scenes at MOO, and changes are afoot. But don’t be scared, we’re starting off with little differences, to ease you in gently.

Earlier this week, the first shipment of new MiniCard boxes (seen above) went out to our customers around the world. They’re just a little different (for now, wink wink) but we’re still quite excited – they’ve got a little MOO ink drop on top!

To celebrate the loveliness of the little things in life, we’re having a mini-competition, just for fun.

Win a FREE Pack of Minicards (& shipping!)

• The first person to post a photo of the new MiniCard box in the Flickr pool will win a pack of MiniCards.
Congrats to no5 Robsta for posting the first photo of the new MiniCard box!

• The person that posts the funniest photo of the new MiniCard box in the Flickr pool will win a pack of MiniCards.

• The person that posts the most interesting re-use of the new MiniCard box in the Flickr pool will win a pack of MiniCards.

• The person that posts a photo of the new MiniCard box in the most unusual location to the Flickr pool will win a pack of MiniCards.

To give you all a fair chance, no matter where you live, the competition will close at Mindnight GMT, Sunday 12th April.

Please tag your images: ‘newminicardbox’ – and add a link in the comments on this post.
Good luck – and have fun!


Please note judging is by the MOO Crew, and our decisions will be final. (But not fatal.)


In a the mood for more competitions? We’re having a little scavenger hunt too!

Comments (22)

  1. Denise:

    We have our first winner!

    Its the first photo of the box to the Flickr pool. Congrats!

  2. Becki:

    Ooohhhh, I ordered my minicards last week and missed out on the new box :( How am I supposed to enter the competition?! The obvious answer being ‘order more minicards before 20th April’ I guess ;)

  3. Robsta:

    Thanks guys =] That was a pure luck win! Speedy turnaround this week helped too.

  4. Jennifer:

    The drop on the card looks like a drop of milk – perfect for MOO cows….

  5. Ezra Hilyer:

    Yay! I got my cards today, and yes I have the milky drop box. Cool little box, I dunno what I could use it for when the cards are gone….MMMMM….

    BTW, great product, and will be ordering again soon!

  6. Pearle:

    Thanks for a really brilliant service. I got an email yesterday informing me my mini-cards were in the mail and this morning they arrived in the new mini box! It’s brilliant. Will you be sending further orders in a cardboard box as I can use my Moo box again? Goog if you do.

    Very happy :)

  7. Denise:

    Ha – just spotted this great mini-theatre entry, on Flickr :)

  8. Tracy:

    Just posted pics of my moo card box next to the bacon in my freezer. The little drop looks like ice to me.

  9. maja:

    thanks for great cards and a great box! i will make the most of the early London spring and put some daffodil seeds in my moo box to have fresh flowers close to me and make my kitchen even more beautiful and flowery :)

  10. Eliza Leahy:

    I got my Moo Cards yesterday and I was very impressed with the box! I can’t put it down! It’s too much fun opening it and handing out the beautiful cards. I can’t wait to get to choir this morning, 45 people to hand out cards to! Oh, hold on, that’s almost half my stock! I’ll have to get more. :)

    Here is my entry…

  11. Kit Lane:

    I adore my mini cards. You can tell how much and how many by my entry photos. Here’s one :o )
    Thanks for a fantastic product! (and box)

  12. David Norfolk:

    Well, here’s my entry:

    Not sure if it is funny or an interesting reuse – I have to keep my inner demon somewhere :-)

  13. David Norfolk:

    Well, I guess tthe first one is “most interesting reuse” so my next entry must be funniest:

  14. JenniferLou:

    Wahooo! Huckleberry at bathtime with my mini Moo card box :) Love y’all!

  15. Christopher:

    Here’s my entry for the most unusual location…

    in the hands of The Incredible Hulk!!!

  16. Christopher:

    I managed to wrestle it away from the Incredible Hulk and found an earth friendly way to reuse it. It now holds some nice cacti on my desk.

  17. David Norfolk:

    AAMOI, who won this?

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