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The Secret’s Out. MOO’s coming to America!

February 2009, by Lisa | 37 Comments – latest by Natasha J Gordon

As usual we always find it difficult to keep a secret. So you may already have heard that MOO is going to open an office in the US later this year.

“Why?” you ask. Well, ever since MOO launched in September 2006, we’ve had orders from customers around the world. After a little investigation, we’ve found that over 50% of you are in the USA. By opening an office there too, we’ll be able to ship your orders so much faster! (We think that deserves a *Yay!*, even if we do say so ourselves.)

“When?” you want to know. Well, we haven’t opened our doors just yet as we still looking for some great people to join the MOO Crew …Continue reading this article…

Make beautiful Business Cards (without using images)

February 2009, by Denise | 21 Comments – latest by valuable equipment

As we’re always showing you beautiful packs of Business Cards made with artwork or photography, we thought for once we’d show you something different. It’s not always appropriate or possible to use images on your cards; maybe you’re a writer, marketer or software developer, or perhaps you’re promoting an application – so what do you do then?

To start, we’ve seen some really nice designs made with Text-o-matic MiniCards, like these for example, by Kiwi Pinch Designs:

And if it’s words you’re after, we’ve spotted some lovely Wordle cards out there – used for everything from Weddings, to Business cards. Wordle makes beautiful tag clouds from your own text, and allows you …Continue reading this article…

MOO pick-up-points at Events!

February 2009, by Alicia | 11 Comments – latest by Erin

From time to time, we at MOO like to down tools, tear ourselves away from our laptops and get out into the big wide world to meet you all in person.

We find the best way to do this is by going to the events you are are interested in, and we wanted to tell you about the next few events coming up, that we’ll be at.

We’d love you to come by, say hi, show us your MOO products and charm us to get discounts and insider gossip!

As a special treat, we also offer free shipping (and sometimes other product discounts) on any orders you place, to pick-up from us at the event. Consider this an extra-special hand delivery …Continue reading this article…

Things to do, while working from home

February 2009, by Denise | 6 Comments – latest by Jennifer

Depending on where you are the world, you may or may not know that London, home of both MOO and most of it’s employees, has been overcome by snow. We don’t do ‘weather’ well in this country, really – whatever weather we get, it always comes as a bit of a shock, and so buses, trains, tubes etc are still working out if they can run or not. At time of writing, most are favouring ‘not’.

Consequently, many of the MOO Crew are working from home – and judging from the Twitters we’ve seen, many of you are too. Once you’ve come in from playing in the snow – sorry, working in the snow – you’ll be needing …Continue reading this article…

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