A calendar you might actually like…

12th January 2009 by Denise

It’s that time of year again – the time when lots of shops reduce the pricing on calendars left unsold after the Christmas rush. Not only that, but you didn’t get one for Christmas, and all that’s left are things like ‘Road signs of Europe’ or ‘Hard-hats we’ve loved and lost’, or something equally uninspiring.

The great people at PhotoJojo have just shared a much better idea, by one of their readers, Sandy Weisz. It’s a perpetual wall calendar, made with your own photos!

Nice, isn’t it? Also works as great motivation to get out there and start taking more photos – as you need at least one photo each, of the numbers 1 through 31, and a letter for each day of the week.

If you wanted square prints, like the ones above, you could print them with Notecards, but if you’ve got a smaller space available, then colourful photo Business Cards could be good. If you fancied mixing it up a bit through the year, you could go for MiniCards – as with 100 in a box, you’ll have some spare OR you could make a weeny one with Stickers!

Check out PhotoJoJo’s instructions on how to make your own.

Thanks to ex-MOO Iain for spotting this – he’s gone, but not forgotten!

Comments (10)

  1. Iain:

    You’re welcome! :) Thought it was right up your street guys!

  2. Rob & Carol:

    Just wanted to say a huuuuuuuuuge thank you for the fast delivery of my fiancee (soon to be wife) and mine’s postcards (Order 0333857287) . We did them as Save The Date reminders, ordered them Sunday afternoon, and they arrived today, Tuesday. Brilliant!! They are perfect for our Wedding – thanks all at Moo! (Especially Little Moo and Big Moo!)

  3. Denise:

    Rob & Carol – thank you so much – really glad they got there so quickly, and you’re pleased :) Good luck with the rest of the preparations!

  4. Michael:

    I’d love to have some minicards with these images, any chance of getting them made available ready made???

  5. Denise:

    Michael – sadly these aren’t our images, they’re Photojojo’s. You could take your own though? Just need to look for interesting signs as you walk round.

  6. Betty:

    Superb idea! Thanks for the link, good finds.

  7. Casey:

    This is fantastic! I look forward to walking around NYC and finding images!

  8. Priyanka:

    Loved the calender idea!!

  9. Joy:

    Thanks for the link! I made mine with pictures from Fenway Park and made them into magnets instead of using the fotoclips. =)


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