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23rd November 2008 by Denise

We often talk about ‘Printfinity’ at MOO – which means a different photo or design on every Card or Sticker you make. It’s ideal for ‘pocket portfolios’: all of your images on hand when you need them, to show potential clients exactly what you can do.

Below is a list of details you might need for making your own pocket portfolio, along with a few other great ideas we’ve spotted along the way.

Business Cards

Price per pack:
Starter pack (50 Cards): $21.99/€15.09/£10.99
Networker pack (200 Cards): $69.99/€48.05/£34.99 (20% saving)

Paper stock:
MOO Classic: Matte laminated, sustainably sourced, 350gsm
MOO Green: Unlaminated, 100% recycled & recyclable, 300gsm

84mm x 55mm
3.3″ x 2.16″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
1039 x 697 pixels (300dpi)
88mm x 59mm (300dpi)
3.46″ x 2.32″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Your portfolio in your pocket – a selection of your favourite images to carry around with you
• Business Cards to hand out at events, in your studio
• Mini fliers or leaflets for clients/buyers to pick up at exhibitions or events

Great ‘real life’ examples:
• A chance meeting gave photographer David Moore occasion to put his pocket portfolio to the test when he successfully secured himself a one man photography show. Read his account of the show set up, and the additional materials he used to make it work.

• Wedding photographer Tom Leuntjens uses MOO Business Cards as a very successful marketing idea, in conjunction with the weddings he shoots. When he makes a wedding album for a client he always includes a couple of their photos printed on his Business Cards. He knows the couple will pass them on, which advertises his services at the same time. Find out more, and see if this could work for you.

Make Business Cards


Price per pack:
Standard pack, 100 cards: $19.99/€13.79/£9.99

Paper stock: Matte laminated, sustainably sourced, 350gsm

28mm x 70mm
2.75″ x 1.1″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
74mm x 32mm (300dpi)
2.91″ x 1.25″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Save the date cards with engagement photos
• ‘Confetti’ for wedding tables with photos of the couple and your details
• Wedding photo url cards for couple of hand out to friends and family
• Family portrait cards for parents to carry around in their wallets

Great ‘real life’ examples:
• We see so many different uses for MiniCards! This is a shot of wedding photos in a Mosaic Frame. The frame is designed to fit MiniCards perfectly, and is a great way to show off some favourite photos of the day.

• Robyn, a photographer specialising in beautiful shots of children, makes extra promotional material for her clients in the form of play date cards. Using ‘Printfinity’ to the full, she can make cards for different clients at the same time, and use the same back for each. Again, it’s another great way to get your name out to the people who are most likely to use you.

Make MiniCards


Price per pack:
Standard pack, 20 cards: $19.99/€13.79/£9.99
Networker pack, 60 cards, $49.99/€34.24/£24.99 (15% saving)

Paper stock: Gloss laminated, sustainably sourced, 350gsm

105mm x 148mm
5.82″ x 4.13″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
1287 x 1795 pixels (300dpi)
109mm x 152mm (300dpi)
4.29″ x 5.98″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Portfolio cards to hand out at exhibitions
• Alternative compliment slips
• Mail-out cards to stay in touch with clients old and new
• RSVP cards for social events with rsvp address pre-printed

Great ‘real life’ examples:
• Freelancer Peter Guthrie uses MOO Postcards to market his services to new clients. Using the back option of printing a thumbnail of each image in the pack, means he can send out a range of his work on every card.

• Illustrator Katja, uses Postcards as a format for selling her artwork. With her illustrations on the front and a simple template on the back, MOO’s unbranded Postcards are perfect to sell in your online store.

Make Postcards


Price per pack:
StickerBook, 90 Stickers: $9.99/€6.89/£4.99

Stock: Thick, scratchproof, gloss coated vinyl.

22mm x 22mm
0.86″ x 0.86″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
283 x 283 pixels (300dpi)
24mm x 24mm (300dpi)
0.94″ x 0.94″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Mementos/gifts after studio shoots
• Bride/bridesmaid gifts after wedding
• Envelope seals with your images or logo

Great ‘real life’ examples:
• Stickers are another product we see used for many different things. Children’s photographer, Robyn uses them to brand packaging and make it her own, when sending out work to clients.

• We also see lots of people making Stickers to commemorate an event, like a christening, birthday or wedding. You can see other ideas along these line here

Make Stickers

Greeting Cards (& Envelopes)

Price per pack:
Standard Pack, 10 cards: $24.99/€17.49/£12.99

Paper stock: Matte paper, uncoated, 350gsm

105mm x 148mm
5.82″ x 4.13″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
1287 x 1795 pixels (300ppi)
109mm x 152mm (300ppi)
4.29″ x 5.98″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Thank you cards to produce for clients after social events
• Thank you cards for you to use after a studio shoot/event
• Portrait cards/school photography cards

Great ‘real life’ examples:
• Photographer Claire Phipps uses MOO to print her Christmas Cards. With the option of adding her own details and logo to the back of her cards, they’re a great seasonal marketing tool.

These cute thank you cards, by Ghene Snowdon are great for sending out to the family. MOO Greeting Cards are also perfect for Wedding thank you notes, as a memento of the day.

Make Greeting Cards

NoteCards (& Envelopes)

Price per pack:
Standard Pack, 16 cards: $21.99/€15.09£10.99

Paper stock: Matte laminated (on image side), sustainably sourced, 350gsm

100mm x 100mm
5.59″ x 3.93″

Full bleed size – recommended for creating finished artwork:
1228 x 1228 pixels (300dpi)
104mm x 104mm (300dpi)
4.09″ x 4.09″ (300dpi)

Ideas for using this product:
• Alternative greeting cards – invitations/thank you cards
• Alternative compliment slips
• Clients gifts

Great ‘real life’ examples:
These wonderful NoteCards were created to announce the birth of Oscar. As little cards which stand up when folded, they’re perfect for displaying on a shelf, or flat on a fridge or pinboard.

• Photographer and artist, Katie Malone, made these NoteCards from her own work, to give as Christmas gifts. Creative and unique, they make a great, personal gift and help to get your art off the screen and into people’s hands.

Make NoteCards

We hope this has given you a few ideas. If you’re looking for more inspiration, the ideas section could help.

Comments (3)

  1. Louis Roeder:

    Is anyone thinking of introducing bespoke, uploaded calenders?

  2. Louis Roeder:

    Being new to Moo, it would have been useful if the dpi of 300 could be stated on the homepage. Not knowing this most of the scans I uploaded were only 200. Hopefully the images are OK!

  3. Naamah:

    This information needs to be immediately accessible from the front page of Moo, and it needs to be listed on the individual product pages, which it isn’t. I should not have to go offsite and do a search to find your prices. That is not cool.

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