Image 11 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

23rd October 2008 by Alicia

As we arrive at the penultimate day of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition, we are beginning to feel a chill in the London air. We are starting to wear jackets and coats to stay warm and the Americans amongst us are also choosing gloves, hats, scarves and ear muffs to keep out the cold (not that I’m calling them whimps or anything!)

So this next image is particularly appropriate as we, in the Northern Hemisphere, enter winter-time.

Our eleventh photo was taken by ff137.

Comments (50)

  1. Rebecca:

    Sending our love this holiday season.

  2. Marian:

    I love you snow much.

  3. Donna:

    I ♥ snow

  4. Marian:

    Cold heart, warm hands
    Wear your mittens!

  5. Marian:

    It’s cool to show you care.

  6. Marian:

    Snow heart feelings,

    but warm wishes for Happy Holidays.

  7. Donna:

    I’d love to keep you warm this christmas…

  8. MiamiShyner:

    As we sweep away another year
    The warmth of love remains clear.

    All the best in 2009.

  9. Becca:

    May love keep you warm this holiday season.

  10. Marian:

    Merry Christmas!

    You warm my cold heart.

  11. Becca:

    Holiday Tip #5

    Don’t eat yellow snow even if its in the shape of a heart.

  12. Neil MacLean:

    Scientists were baffled by the appearance of yet another crap circle

  13. Becca:

    Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Rebecca:

    Have a lovely New Year!

  15. Becca:

    in barren white snow
    lies a beautiful heart
    Happy Holidays

  16. J Daniel:

    I have a heart that’s carved in the snow,
    but to give it life I need someone like you….
    Merry Christmas

  17. Dianna:

    I love you “snow” much!

  18. Jon:

    Love is as pure as fresh snow!
    Merry Christmas

  19. Jon:

    Love Christmas, Love the snow!

  20. Julian Wolf:

    Sometimes the simplest gesture can express the most emotion.

    All my best this Holiday Season.

  21. Julian Wolf:

    Of course I thought of you.

    Happy Holidays.

  22. Julian Wolf:

    May your new year be filled with much love.

  23. Irit:

    My heart is full of warmth (but my finger is numb).

  24. Irit:

    Even the coldest of hearts can sometimes melt a little.

  25. Irit:

    I made a heart shape in the snow,
    My love for you, dear one, to show.
    May this season bring along
    Joy and happiness, bliss and song.

  26. Irit:

    “When you said you had to go to the toilet, you really meant it!”

  27. ollka:

    You are forever carved in my heart.

  28. ollka:

    Just be glad it’s not yellow.

  29. ollka:

    There’s a heart-shaped hole in the snow and a you-shaped hole in my heart.

  30. Fiona:

    Wishing you a truly dazzling Christmas!

  31. Dawne:

    how deep is my love?

  32. steph:

    Because where you live have no snow, I made this heart in my backyard for you.

  33. Liv:

    I love you in Christmas Day.

  34. Liv:

    This Christmas, I’ll give you my heart!

  35. Liv:

    Don’t give my heart away for Christmas.

  36. Aprotim:

    You make my heart melt.

  37. Lacy:

    My heart of yellow snow didn’t go over so well last year, so I’ve gone a more simple route this year.

    All my love this holiday season!

  38. bonjovi6635:

    crossed the road, then i find you.
    crossed the road, then i could give my heart completely for you.
    i ain’t feel cold, because of you….

    ~Merry Christmas~

  39. bonjovi6635:

    the road i crossed is jsut to make my heart completely for you

  40. Peter:

    The ice may melt and the snow may drift away, but my heart will be with you forever.

    Merry Christmas!

  41. Dylan Burnett:

    There’s no business like snow business.
    So stow business and lo!
    You will witness
    A fine Christmas,
    With divine hours in the snow!

  42. ken wilkinson:

    “Police helicopter finds missing Valentine card salesman.”

  43. Hazel:

    Snow will melt, but love will last -
    Hope your Christmas is a blast!

  44. Kitschen Pink:

    My heart’s cold without you! t.x

  45. Theazy:

    Snow angels are so last year

  46. Jim:

    Dave hadn’t foreseen that his “romantic Valentine’s Day gesture” would be remembered mostly for causing a record number of injuries on the piste

  47. Marian:

    I’d be blue this Christmas without you.

  48. Casey Palmer:

    This little piggy went to market.
    This little piggy stayed home.
    This little piggy risked frostbite to wish you a Merry Christmas.

    I hope you appreciate it.

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