Image 10 in our Competition (And we launch a new product too!)

22nd October 2008 by Alicia

BIG NEWS: We have just launched Brand New Christmas and Holiday Cards! We’ll be telling you lots more about this exciting new product in a couple of days, but wanted you guys to be the amongst the first to know.

And now back to the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition.

Whether you are gearing up to celebrate Christmas or Chanukah or any other upcoming festival, this next image will make a lovely wintery and seasonal Greeting Card.

Our tenth photo was taken by estoril.

How beautiful is that little fella?

Comments (32)

  1. Marian:

    From Winter’s Heart the robin sings,
    Waiting for the Beauty of Spring.

  2. Marian:

    Robin red-breast comes to cheer your day.
    He’s hoping all is bright and gay.

  3. Marian:

    Holidays are for the birds!

  4. Rachel:

    Didn’t you know blue and orange are the new red and green?

    Besides, if the ink bleeds, it still turns brown. Happy Holidays! :)

  5. Jim:

    Whaddya mean robin? I’m a punk sparrow!

  6. Jim:

    Sammy the sparrow didn’t realise he’d put his ‘Santa feathers’ on upside down.

  7. Theazy:

    Ruffle your feathers, you may just get lucky under the mistletoe!

  8. J daniel:

    On this beautiful Christmas day
    I send you a robin chirping all the way,
    Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! he’d say
    & fill your lives with joyful rays.

  9. Julian Wolf:

    A little bird told me…

    Not to forget to send you a card (again).

    Happy Holidays!

  10. Julian Wolf:

    *buy more presents*

    It was the little bird that told you that, not me!

    Happy Holidays

  11. Julian Wolf:

    Are you going to eat that?

    Happy Holidays from all of us a little bird too…

  12. ken wilkinson:

    “Who moved the wet paint sign of that fence.”?

  13. Becca:

    I offer you sweet tweetings this holiday season.

  14. Becca:

    May you have a birdy-licious holiday season.

  15. sharon:

    What?! YOU don’t get a little flushed in the cheeks after drinking whiskey?

  16. Theazy:

    I’m waiting for the mince pie crumbs!

  17. Dawne:

    who ya looking at eh!!!

  18. Dawne:

    i’m just too cute for words

  19. Jason Comely:

    Just got my postcards in (actually, they’re for my boss). Fantastic quality, just like your reputation promises.

    If you ever need a testimonial from a satisfied customer, I’ll be happy to oblige :)

  20. Rebecca:

    Wishing you a “tweet” Holiday and a Happy New Year!

  21. steph:

    Following his dreams, in the path of Pinocchio, this little one transformed from an ornament into a live chirping bird. Hope all you dreams come true this winter!

  22. Hazel:

    Robin (and Batman) wish you a very Happy Christmas.

  23. Hazel:

    Batman immediately recognized Robin at the Christmas Fancy Dress party.

  24. bonjovi6635:

    I want to be your blue brid, may I?

  25. Donna:

    Here’s Robin Red-breast. He ate all the mince pies. O_O

  26. Fiona:

    Hope this Christmas puts a twinkle in your eye!

  27. Peter:

    Even the birds know the joys of Christmas.

  28. Dylan Burnett:

    I’ve run out of fruitcakes, so I am sending you a festive Holiday robin.

    Just be careful of the little bones when you eat him, and have a wonderful holiday season!

  29. Kitschen Pink:

    Can’t post a comment – too busy laughing at comment no. 29!!! t.x

  30. Marian:

    Joy to the World
    May Heaven and Nature Sing

    Happy Holidays

  31. Casey Palmer:

    Don’t be a robin caught in the treelights!

    Make sure to enjoy your holidays!

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