Image 9 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

21st October 2008 by Alicia

Very much like Christmas itself, we are counting down the days until the end of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition, and the announcement, next week, of our winners!

Make sure you have had a go at coming up with a caption, on any of the photos we’ve included so far.

If none of the cutesy animals have got your creative juices flowing, perhaps this impressive Christmas Tree will…

Our ninth photo was taken by Iain Farrell.

Comments (32)

  1. Marian:

    May your Christmas be bigger and better than ever.

  2. Marian:

    Go green this Christmas!

  3. Marian:

    These lights don’t make my trunk look fat, do they?

  4. Marian:

    After a terrific battle, the hunters successfully net the wild Christmas tree.

  5. Dawne:

    mmm think its got too much red !!

  6. Becca:

    Unfortunately for Stan, he didn’t realise that the red bow was meant to go at the top of the tree.

  7. J Daniel:

    Let the spirit of Christmas glow in your life like the lights on a Christmas tree.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. ollka:

    Merry Christmas! Reach for the sky!

  9. sharon:

    every year christmas seems to get bigger and bigger…

  10. Kitschen Pink:

    The town’s dignatories are doing their bit to help improve global warming this Christmas

  11. Lucy:

    Lapland was sure to beat Blackpool this year

  12. Lucy:

    Even Father Christmas couldn’t afford the electricity bills this year

  13. Lucy:

    If only there were a simple way to find the dud bulb

  14. steph:

    Waiting for tonight, to see the beautiful lights.

  15. Liv:

    It’s a raise to the top to stick the star!

  16. Marian:

    Christmas Tree Envy led George to decorate a Sequoia.

    Here’s hoping your Christmas reaches new heights.

  17. Sherry M:

    9th photo caption submission

    Yes, Viginia,there is the Net. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now the net will continue to make glad the heart of childhood christmas!

  18. Jim:

    Examining their unexpected haul, the trawlermen realised they’d probably ruined Christmas in Atlantis.

  19. Table Top:

    Stop. Is the bow in tree? Wanting fire!

  20. Peter:

    When a 20 foot Christmas tree is not enough

  21. Hazel:

    Wishing you a tree-mendous Christmas Season.

  22. Becca:

    From the Giants house to yours, Merry Christmas.

  23. ken wilkinson:

    Councillors deny Blackpool tower is in need of a yule tide clean.”

  24. istoo:

    They misread the order as a partridge in a fir tree.

  25. bonjovi6635:

    It will be the most beautiful Christmas tree in my eyes, but without you….

  26. Fiona:

    The Smiths knew they’d outdone the whole street this year, and they didn’t care if they blew the National Grid doing it!

  27. Lacy:

    Do you think it’s too big for the living room?

    Wishing you a monumental Christmas!

  28. Dylan Burnett:

    Allow me a moment to be sappy,
    And wish you a Merry christmas!

  29. Marian:

    Aim high this Christmas!

    It’s the only way we’re going to get the star on top.

  30. Casey Palmer:

    Whatcha just standing there fir?!

    Go out and have a holly jolly Christmas!

  31. Lucy:

    Maureen wished she had checked that all the bulbs were working before she wound them around the tree

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