Week 2 and Image 8 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

20th October 2008 by Alicia

Hello and welcome to week 2 (the final week) of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition.

We only have 5 festive images left for you to comment on, so do make sure you have your ‘creative cap’ on this week to be in with a chance of making it into our limited edition pack.

Remember, we will be choosing our top 2 captions for each image to turn into a special Ready Made pack of Christmas Cards for sale in the lead up to the Holidays.

Our eighth photo was taken by Waldo Jaquith.

How cute is doggy Ado Annie?!

Comments (41)

  1. Marti:

    Have a (snow) ball this Christmas!

  2. Marian:

    Whee! It’s Christmas!

  3. Marian:

    The Snowball Retriever wishes you a Merry Christmas.

  4. Marian:

    Doggone it! Just when you think you’ve caught Christmas, it melts!

  5. Marian:

    Christmas! Go, fetch Christmas! Get it!

  6. Marian:

    It’s Snow Fun without you. Wish you could be here for Christmas.

  7. ollka:

    I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly!

  8. ollka:

    Dancing in the snow, I’m dancing in the snow!

  9. ollka:

    Have a snowfall of joy this Christmas!

  10. ollka:

    You’re a Great Catch! Thanks for sharing this Christmas with me!

  11. ollka:

    Who needs doughnuts when there’s snowballs! Happy Hanukkah!

  12. Dawne:

    hope that isnt yellow snow!!!!!

  13. J daniel:

    Grab and reach for the joys of Christmas.
    Hope they all come your way!!

  14. Stacy Wieringa:

    Have a very fetching holiday season!

  15. Stacy Wieringa:

    Deck the halls with balls of snow, Fa la la la la, la la la la.

  16. J Daniel:

    Play, jump, fly in the air…
    Its Christmas time!

  17. steph:

    I admit defeat! No more snowballs, please!

  18. Rebecca:

    The holiday excitement is catching! Enjoy yours!

  19. Rebecca:

    The holidays are like a snowball to the face. Exciting, surprising, crazy, cold.

  20. Liv:

    The Catch Season of 2008 is ON!

  21. Fran:

    snow ball fights – every member of the family should join in! Merry Christmas!

  22. Jim:

    The crowd were none too appreciative of Fido’s Christmas dance routine.

  23. Jon:

    Over here son, on me head! No I meant the football not the snowball. Merry Christmas.

  24. Hazel:

    Fido began to feel that his owner was taking the piste.

  25. Sarah:

    It’s crunch time.
    I hope this card makes it to you in time.
    Happy Holidays!

  26. Waldo Jaquith:

    Catch the excitement.

    Happy holidays.

  27. Kitschen Pink:

    Fido didn’t remember the snowball fight in the scene from his favourite ballet….

  28. carina:

    See Timmy.
    See Timmy pelt poor doggy with snowball.
    Run, Timmy, Run

  29. carina:

    Snow: Great weapon for icy attacks. Bad terrain for running from an angry dog.

  30. Elaine:

    May you catch the holiday spirit!

  31. Table Top:

    Santa is even break the tree. Christmas sound!

  32. Peter:

    Can you toss over some mince pies as well?

  33. Becca:

    Frisbee dog gone wild.

    Happy Holidays!

  34. ken wilkinson:

    “It was the worst case of canine Dandruff the vet had ever seen.”

  35. istoo:

    Sandy, The White-nosed Retriever.

  36. Donna:

    Snowball Fight!!!

  37. MiamiShyner:

    Even WE don’t eat the yellow snow!

  38. Julian Wolf:

    May you have at least half as much fun as this dog is having this Holiday Season.

  39. Fiona:

    Annie was top contender for the lead in Swan Lake until rival Twinkle took her out with a well-aimed snowball.

  40. Marian:

    Christmas is Jumping with Joy!

  41. Casey Palmer:

    Be careful what you wish for this Christmas – you just might get it!!!

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