Image 7 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

17th October 2008 by Alicia

To round off the first full week of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Cards Caption Competition we bring you a lovely, festive image that should warm the cockles of your heart.

Remember to scan through the other 6 images and get your caption in before it’s too late. It can be schmaltzy, sweet, silly or sarky – anything you think helps convey the Christmas and Seasonal spirit!

And do remember to come back on Monday for the final week of the Competition with some more lovely images to comment on.

Our seventh photo was taken by Lee Jordan.

Have a great weekend!

Comments (38)

  1. Theazy:

    Shake it up at Christmas!

  2. Theazy:

    I see in your future… that Santa does cometh!

  3. Jon:

    Help! Help! They’ve trapped me in here! How can I possibly deliver all the presents now!

  4. Marian:

    I foresee a Merry Christmas in my crystal ball!

  5. Casey Palmer:

    Santa was always magically able to fit through any hole to deliver Christmas gifts to kids all over the world!

    …however, he didn’t always have an exit strategy.

  6. Lisa:

    Santa was starting to wonder what kind of kid lived in a glass ball, anyhow…

  7. sharon:

    This year Santa and his helpers are going to ‘Zorb’ around the globe…

  8. Deb:

    Small Worlds. Great Joys.

  9. Rachel:

    Santa regrets making bets with Mrs. Claus.

  10. Dawne:

    oh goody corrie’s about to start!

  11. steph:

    The tree and the candy cane is not helping me break this glass. What else do I have in my bag?

  12. steph:

    Good thing I am not covered in icing like that poor Santa next to me.

  13. J Daniel:

    You never know where Santa is with the gifts….
    Keep alert!
    Merry Christmas

  14. Kitty:

    “He was well and truly trapped this time. Hopefully, Rudolph would be able to rescue him before it was too late…”

  15. Liv:

    This global warming is serious business!

  16. Fran:

    Christmas reaches every corner of the world…

  17. Rebecca:

    Let’s wish for world peace around the globe this Christmas.

  18. Tony:

    Santa’s looking wound up and snowed under this year

  19. Hazel:

    Santa vowed to check the Clauses in his contract more carefully – he had assumed that “You agree to appear in The Globe” was referring to the newspaper.

  20. bonjovi6635:

    See the crystall ball!
    Yes, here i am coming, babe….

    Your santa in every X’mas

  21. Table Top:

    Santa is even break the tree. Christmas sound!

  22. Caroline:

    Santa Claus is coming to town…

    … as soon as he figures out how to get out of this snow globe.

  23. Jim:

    Searching in vain for an entrance, Santa vowed he’d never again attempt delivery to a “Grand Designs” house.

  24. Jim:

    With pollution at an all time high, Santa decided drastic measures were needed to protect his health.

  25. Stacy Wieringa:

    It doesn’t matter if you have been naughty or nice because this year Santa won’t be coming, he’s frozen in ice.

  26. istoo:

    Santa brings out a new line of ho-ho-ho globes.

  27. Nina Kristine:


  28. Rob:

    There were one or two times in the 1970′s when Santa had felt like this, but he never thought it could persist long after the ‘blizzard’ had passed…

  29. Kitschen Pink:

    “Christmas, Balls” thought Santa

  30. Peter:

    Santas who live in glass domes shouldn’t throw gifts

  31. Becca:

    Think Global. Party Local.

    Happy Holidays!

  32. ken wilkinson:

    “The Goldfish cloning experiment had gone drastically wrong.”

  33. Fiona:

    JKR announces there will be an eighth book – Harry Potter and the Santa Prophecy!

  34. Lacy:

    If they don’t let me out of here by December 24th, it’s not my fault your Christmas is ruined. Happy Holidays anyway.

  35. Lacy:

    Hope you enjoy the soggy presents. Merry Christmas and best wishes for a dry New Year!

  36. Dylan Burnett:

    And to think we had wondered how Santa could circle the entire globe in one night!

  37. Marian:

    Enclosed in this small card find all the bright wishes and joy of the season.

    Happy Holidays

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