Image 5 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

15th October 2008 by Alicia

Hello, and welcome to Wednesday’s installment of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition.

So, we know you love dogs and cats in cute, festive poses. And what’s not to like about a ball of fur wearing a hat?

So loosely in keeping with the ‘seasonal animal theme’ we bring you a rather unique, creative image for our next entry.

Our fifth photo was taken by Lili Vieira de Carvalho.

Stick around! This competition is hotting up!

Comments (54)

  1. Marian:

    I twigged that it’s Christmas!

  2. Marian:

    I pine fir yew and balsam too,
    Wish I could be with you at Christmas.

  3. Marian:

    Oh deer, is it Christmas time?

  4. Marian:

    Rudolph’s diet goes too far.

  5. Steve:

    Rudolf is not impressed by the food cut-backs inherited by the credit crunch.

  6. Jae Michels:

    Olive, the OTHER reindeer.

  7. ollka:

    I have an aversion to fireplaces!

  8. Dawne:

    i’ll ho ho ho him in a minute if he thinks hes sitting on me

  9. Marti:

    The Saw Horse from The Scarecrow of Oz gets dressed for the holidays.

  10. Neil MacLean:

    Rudolf the red wood reindeer…

  11. Kitschen Pink:

    The ‘Blue Nun’ cork was really getting up Rudolph’s nose.

  12. Julian Wolf:

    The mighty reindeer adapts to global warming…

    Hope your holiday season is happy and adaptable!

  13. Julian Wolf:

    The perfect pet:
    Regal, crafty, always at attention and so much more interesting than a rock.

    Happy Holidays!

  14. Julian Wolf:

    It was established that the cast of 90210 went to far when they introduced the newest character for the holidays. “Santa, give that deer your cookies!” local Moms were reported saying.

  15. Julian Wolf:

    My stick-deer misses you.

    (Come visit soon, the holidays aren’t the same without you.)

  16. sharon:

    even santa has felt the effects of the economic downturn…

  17. Stacy Wieringa:

    On Dasher, on Dancer, …on Twiggy!?!

  18. Marian:

    I could only afford this Yule Twig

    Hope your holidays are happy.

  19. carina:

    The other seven reindeer followed Santa down the chimney…

  20. ami:

    stick around for new years.

  21. ami:

    jiminy stickets, it’s already christmas!

    happy holidays.

  22. carina:

    Rudolph has always been a stickler for Christmas!

  23. carina:

    “I towed a sled full of toys around the world overnight, and all I got
    was this measly stick figure. Of myself.”

  24. Becca:

    Merry Stickmas!

  25. Rob:

    It wasn’t until Santa went to harness Rudolph on Christmas Eve that he twigged that he’d been tricked…

  26. Jim:

    Steve, Stanley and Stig had trained diligently for this year’s Xmas fancy dress contest for stick insects.

  27. Jim:

    Coming this Xmas – Blair Witch on Ice

  28. Liv:

    Anyone seen Santa? I hadn’t been fed since Christmas last year…

  29. Rebecca:

    Have a Merry Christmas…wood’n you?

  30. bonjovi6635:

    I’ve walked through the white snow from last Christmas, just for transfering my missing to your heart.

    Dear, this is my deer.

  31. Katie:

    I do, I do, I do believe in reindeer!

  32. Jon:

    I said ‘the stig’, not a twig!
    Oh well, Merry Christmas!

  33. Luke:

    I found this weird looking stick, so I recycled it into a card for you.
    Thinking of you this festive season!

  34. Luke:

    I couldn’t afford a real reindeer, but I thought this card made out of a wooden one would make less mess on the carpet.

  35. Luke:

    I’ll stick by you for life, not just for Christmas.

  36. Charis:

    Stick around! It’s Christmas!

  37. Peter:

    Due to rising costs and inflation, Santa has cut back on the number of reindeer.

  38. Vince:

    Ho ho ho, its a stick up.

  39. Lisa:

    The other reindeer laughed when they heard he was afraid of fireplaces.

  40. Lisa:

    Rudolf wasn’t the only one they made fun of.

  41. Tony:

    How much? It’s a little deer for a bunch of twigs!

  42. Kat:

    They never let Woody join in any reindeer games either.

  43. mnc:

    “Dashing through the snow” is a great way to keep off holiday weight.

  44. istoo:

    They thought the new reindeer was going to be a model, but it turned out just a clothes horse.

  45. steph:

    You may be a lonely reindeer this winter, but know that my heart is with you.

  46. Hazel:

    Rudolph had a large family tree – but none of them were quite like him.

  47. steph:

    Hope you can sense the that the peaceful winter is here.

  48. Nina Kristine:

    And you think Rudolph had it bad.

  49. Elaine:

    Simply put, Happy Holidays!

  50. ken wilkinson:

    “Rudolph finally discovers which Branch of the family tree he comes from.”

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