Day three of the caption competition (and more frames in stock!)

13th October 2008 by Alicia

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Great news! More MiniCard Frames are now in stock!

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Comments (46)

  1. steph:

    I am far away from home you see, down below is the super warm city.

  2. Christian:

    Mr.Snowman knew he would depart this world as soon as he saw the bright Christmas star shining at the heavens.

    His last wish is for you to enjoy the holidays for him as well.

  3. Dawne:

    if i don’t get fed in a minute, i’m going to eat my nose.

  4. Becca:

    Meli Kalikimaka!

    Hope you have a warm and wonderful holiday season!

  5. Becca:

    Snow people are just like regular people. They also like to go on vacation. May your holidays be cheery wherever you are.

  6. Irit:

    I guess it’s true what they say about cold weather.

  7. Irit:

    A ray of light has pierced the sky;
    Such rare a sight have not seen I!
    This winter sun brings joy to all,
    To every snowman – big and small.

  8. ollka:

    Felt, don’t melt!

  9. Anne:

    Rising morning sun
    Greeting the city and I
    Dawn embraces all

  10. CrystalK:

    For Christmas, I got a sundial for a nose.

  11. Liv:

    Even snowmen are excited for the first sunrise of Christmas Day…

  12. carina:

    The next morning, Jean-Pierre the glamorous snowball couldn’t remember why he had a traffic cone on his face.

  13. Casey Palmer:

    Frosty the snowman knew
    The sun was hot that day,
    So he said, “Have a Merry Christmastime
    Before I melt away.”

  14. bonjovi6635:

    after the sunshine,
    will this vaporized snowman be walking in the air till your heart?

    your snowman

  15. Yo:

    Frosty was so excited about the eclipse, he left his pinhole camera at home.

  16. Yo:

    Famous last words: “Snowmen get cold too!”

  17. Hazel:

    Can you smell carrots?

  18. Hazel:

    Yes I am looking sad – my snowgirl gave me the cold shoulder.

  19. garrettc:

    If I’ve told Rudolph once I’ve told him a thousand times, “wait until I’m in the sleigh before you take off”!

  20. Jim:

    “I really must try Immac,” thought Pinocchio.

  21. Kitschen Pink:

    Sunscreen! I need sunscreen!

  22. Rob Falconer:

    Why am I dressed up as Santa Claus? Well, the pay may be lousy, but who else gets 364 days holiday a year?

  23. Stuart Peck:

    See Icarus…you weren’t so smart…now get me down from here before I turn into a Slush Puppie!

  24. Table Top:

    You want me to Snowman? Take over Christmas!

  25. Marian:

    Frosty ponders Global Warming from the safety of his air-conditioned highrise.

  26. Marian:

    Keep your cool this Christmas.

  27. Stacy Wieringa:

    The Urban snowman goes synthetic because of Global Warming.

  28. Stacy Wieringa:

    The sun is setting on the era of the old school snowman. Here’s to a new day of the synthetic snowman.

  29. MJ:

    who ever heard of a snowman with seasonal depression?

  30. Christen Bordenkircher:

    Sunlight melting the carrot and coloring the heart a shade of orange.

  31. sharon:

    ‘Fleece’ Navidad…

  32. Rebecca:

    Hope your new year looks bright!

  33. Rebecca:

    Looking to a bright new year, as this one melts away.

  34. Peter:

    Is my nose organic?

  35. Lisa:

    Looking over the city, he knew he’d been where no snowman had gone before.

    This Christmas, live your dreams.

  36. Tony:

    As he basked in the sunshine, the penguin realised he would soon be found out…

  37. istoo:

    Frosty was enjoying his snowman’s holiday.

  38. Casey Palmer:

    Thumpety thump thump
    Thumpety thump thump
    Look at Frosty go!
    Thumpety thump thump
    Thumpety thump thump
    Over the city so!

  39. steph:

    I’ll be home for Christmas… I promise.

  40. Elaine:

    Frosty – Keeping it Merry and Bright!

  41. ken wilkinson:

    “I knew a snowball fight was a bad idea.”

  42. Julian Wolf:

    Snow-Buddy knows I love you.

  43. Fiona:

    I’m melting, I’m melting…..oh, right. I’m made of felt.

  44. Marian:

    Urban snowmen dream of a white Christmas

    Hope all your dreams come true this Holiday Season

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