Announcing the Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

9th October 2008 by Lisa

It’s all go in the MOO cowshed this week. Yesterday we announced the launch of our brand new product, the Mosaic Frame for MiniCards, and today we announce the start of our 12 day Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

Now, without wanting to make you all big headed, we know you’re a creative and witty bunch. (The Egg Hunt showed us you were also rather clever too). So this season we thought we’d hold a caption competition, rather than a photography one, to get your creative juices flowing in a different way.

The idea is as follows:

Comments (236)

  1. Marti:

    And they call him Sandy Paws…

  2. sharon:

    who let the costume wielding humans out??

  3. Bazza:

    I may look daft, but, at least i still have my elf

  4. Allison:

    I’m the elf of Christmas cheer

  5. Kirsty:

    You won’t think I’m so cute when you find what I left in your stocking.

  6. Tim Ellis:

    Not just for Christmas…

  7. Nina Kristine:

    “That’s not coal…”

  8. Kat:

    Wishing you a Furry Christmas!

  9. lttlelola:

    Outside reads– Santa’s taken a vacation and left his Yorkie in charge…

    Inside reads– wait Santa has a Yorkie? I guess even Santa needs a little yelp to get him through the holidays.
    Merry Christmas to you and your furry friend!

  10. Bryan Smith:

    “Tis the season to be jolly”… I know. Promise to do better next year!

  11. Stephie:

    “Within every Santa-suited Yorkie lives a wolf…

    and I know where you sleep

  12. Irit:

    Move along – nothing to see here.

  13. Irit:

    Whatcha looking at?

  14. Irit:

    At least I didn’t have to slide down the chimney.

  15. Rose:

    ‘Tis the Season to be jolly!! Really? Take another look

  16. Rose:

    Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas. All except the nut job who thought this was a good idea.

  17. Rose:

    Probably should have thought it through before I decided to chew up that pair of Minolos. Payback Man!

  18. Rose:

    Whats a dog gotta do to get some respect around here. Ok!

  19. Melanie Clarke:

    At least I don’t have to sit on top of the tree!

  20. dooby:

    A Christmas tip for all you party goers

    Always drink upstream from the pack.

  21. Yvonne:


  22. Rose:

    Happy Doggone Christmas

  23. bonjovi6635:

    It’s my part time job, due to my master dismissed from Wall St.~

  24. cathy clarke:

    I really wanted to be Rudolph instead this year!

  25. Irit:

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, yada yada yada.

  26. Irit:

    I guess they forgot I’m half Jewish.

  27. Irit:

    If this goes public, I could never show my face at the dog park again.

  28. Irit:

    Merry Christmas to you – one and all;
    I might as well just curl into a ball.

  29. Denise Dutson:

    Ho, Ho, flipping Ho!

  30. istoo:

    This dog is ‘for’ Christmas, but against wearing silly costumes.

  31. Kitschen Pink:

    There will always someone, somewhere, who hates Christmas more than you.

  32. Jim:

    Cute? Whaddya mean CUTE? I’ll have you know I’m a trained Ninja!

  33. Jon:

    Looks can be deceiving! You think I

  34. Marian:

    Cheer up! It’s a dog-gone shame to be sad at Christmastime.

  35. Marian:

    Cheer up! It’s Christmas, doggoneit!

  36. Azurite:

    “The best presents come in small packages.”

  37. Charis:

    Have you been a good boy this year?

  38. ami:

    sit. stay. speak.

    merry christmas.

  39. Lisa:

    I think you’ve got your Tim Allen movies mixed up.

  40. Tony:

    There’s nowt like a traditional Yorkshire Christmas…
    and that’s nowt like a traditional Yorkshire Christmas!

  41. ken wilkinson:

    “After one to many the night before,Santa over indulges in the hair of the dog.”

  42. ken wilkinson:

    “Ok,who added the Santa `Clause` to my contract.”?

  43. Lacy:

    Ho, Ho, Woof!

  44. Andy:

    Thank goodness this only comes around every seven years.

  45. Nick Aris:

    Santa’s stunt double was ready for the job.

  46. Gill A:

    They told me it was for ‘Elf & Safety!

  47. Yolanda:

    Thanks, how am I gonna pull in this outfit

  48. veronica still:

    jingle woof jingle woof
    jingle all the way
    hoooo what fun
    it to dress up at christmas time

    or are you just saveing on the heating bills

  49. Elaine:

    Merry friggin’ Christmas!

  50. clive matthews:


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