Announcing the Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

9th October 2008 by Lisa

It’s all go in the MOO cowshed this week. Yesterday we announced the launch of our brand new product, the Mosaic Frame for MiniCards, and today we announce the start of our 12 day Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

Now, without wanting to make you all big headed, we know you’re a creative and witty bunch. (The Egg Hunt showed us you were also rather clever too). So this season we thought we’d hold a caption competition, rather than a photography one, to get your creative juices flowing in a different way.

The idea is as follows:

Comments (236)

  1. Liv:

    The next time you leave your dog for Christmas, he’d very much appreciate a holiday ham with your return.

  2. Theazy:

    The family dog got the short straw after Dad refused to play Santa that year

  3. puiiuq:

    i told you before
    there’s no santa claus

  4. Theazy:

    “Just wait until all the cool dogs hear about this next year, oh the shame!”

  5. Theazy:

    “I’m not at all happy about this, but I’ve been told to say, have a Merry Merry Christmas”

  6. Steve:

    Next time I’ll just wish for three more wishes…

  7. Steve:

    You think this is weird? My other job is an airline pilot…

  8. Gareth Davies:

    No shot of brandy and a mince pie is worth this!

  9. gemma baynes:

    As a punishment for not delivering presents on time the witch turned santa into a Yorkshire Terrier

  10. elly:

    You’ve heard about the whole ‘A dog’s for life, not just for Christmas’ thing, right?

  11. Alan:

    Why do I have to do this every year!

  12. Jon:

    Santa Claus was busy, so you’ve ended up with me….

  13. ann parkinson:

    Merry Xmas ooppsss I’m sorry..I no Santa doesn’t pee on the tree but I’m not the real one.

  14. ann parkinson:

    Oh this is just great next they will want me dressed as the Easter Bunny!

  15. Katie:

    ..but I’m Jewish!

  16. Katie:

    She has to sleep sometime.

  17. Katie:

    With your help, the Humane Society can help save animals like Freddy here from the cruelty of their owners.

  18. Monica in Connecticut:

    Does my butt look big in this?

  19. Monica in Connecticut:

    This suit makes me look like a Porkshire Terrier

  20. Louis V.:

    I’m only doing this once a year,
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  21. nizzy:

    Every dog has his day…Christmas is mine!

  22. Fran:

    is it that time of the year again?

  23. Louis V.:

    If you think think I look funny,
    Wait till you see the cat.
    Merry Christmas Anyway!

  24. Fran:

    it’s the silly season… Merry Christmas!

  25. Sarah:

    This isn’t what I had in mind when they said a trip to LAPland!

  26. Jon:

    Right, they said if I dress up like this, I’d get a bone… Woof Woof!

  27. Michelle Parker:

    And you thought Santa was on his way….

  28. Ben:

    I can has Kristmas Presentz?

  29. Jon:

    Moo, Moo!
    Oh I’m confused!
    Merry Christmas!

  30. Katie:

    All I need is a lot of loof (love)for christmas and I send you a little lick and kiss.I pawse for the answer.

  31. Jon:

    I better get some Christmas Dinner for dressing up like this!

  32. Sarah Davies:

    Okay, now give me the camera and go get the dog suit.

  33. debbie grinstead:

    Arent I just the cutest Santa?

  34. Lisa Rowsell:

    “You want me to deliver how many presents”? You must be barking mad!!!

  35. Jennifer Chernoff:

    Oh… this is so inappropriate, but it’s my husband’s fault…

    “If you sniff my package, I’ll sniff yours”
    …sorry Grandma. lol

  36. Katie:

    Santas little helper, Santa Paws!

  37. Nicky Benton:

    Rudolph went AWOL

  38. Nicky Benton:

    Even Santa’s economising this year

  39. Bert:

    And YOU think you’ve lost the spirit of Christmas…

  40. Bert:

    I’ll take the Merry out of their Christmases.

  41. Alex Rea:

    No-one asked me if I was Claus-trophobic!

  42. Kea:

    Do you really think I look cute in this?

  43. Kathy:

    I’m in your Santa suit, stealing your cookies.

  44. sarah:

    Yappy Holidays!!!

  45. Stacy Wieringa:

    Sending love in this holiday season…even when times are “Ruff!”

  46. Rachel Keslensky:

    Here’s hoping you look better in your holiday pictures than this!

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