Announcing the Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

9th October 2008 by Lisa

It’s all go in the MOO cowshed this week. Yesterday we announced the launch of our brand new product, the Mosaic Frame for MiniCards, and today we announce the start of our 12 day Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

Now, without wanting to make you all big headed, we know you’re a creative and witty bunch. (The Egg Hunt showed us you were also rather clever too). So this season we thought we’d hold a caption competition, rather than a photography one, to get your creative juices flowing in a different way.

The idea is as follows:

Comments (236)

  1. Angela Williams:

    “Is that you Chewbacca?” (The fame got you nowhere!)

  2. Casey Palmer:

    Every year, Mum likes to try something new for Christmas.

    This year, however, Buster was that something new….

  3. Monica in Connecticut:

    Some days you’re the dog, some days you’re the hydrant

  4. Monica in Connecticut:

    They call it “Holiday Cheer” because “Mad Cow Disease” was already taken

  5. A. Savateuse:

    According to my list you were naughty so
    I deposited your Christmas present in your shoe! Merry Christmas!

  6. Michael:

    The prizes in this year’s Christmas crackers really were better than last year’s ones.

  7. Heather:

    Dear Santa…Please don’t make me wear this.

  8. Heather:

    Really? I’ve been this bad?

  9. Laura:

    Happy Holidays! I’ve left a “present” in your stocking!

  10. Mandy:

    The position for Santa Claus has been taken already?

  11. Mandy:

    Am I to understand there are no chocolate-free cookies?

  12. Mandy:

    Rudolph at least got a song!

  13. Mandy:

    So does this get me onto the good list?

  14. Mandy:

    Got any jingle bones?

  15. Mandy:

    Deck the halls with lots of kibble. Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff, bark bark, ruff ruff…

  16. Andi:

    I may be small, but I’m totally rockin’ the beard!

  17. Juliana:

    OK, I guess it’s better than the antler Grinch used to make me wear, but not much!

  18. Audra Levin:

    I know…Santa doesn’t even look THIS good.

  19. Marian:

    ‘I’m sorry about the Christmas tree.’

  20. steph:

    I am in the wrong costume. I am trying out for Rudolph the reindeer!

  21. steph:

    I wanted to be Rudolph, not Santa. Do I really look that old?

  22. Marian:

    Have a dog-gone great Christmas.

  23. Marian:

    Bark, the herald angels sing

  24. Jackie V.:

    Little did his owners know that Fluffy was already plotting a deep, dark revenge…

  25. Marian:

    Happy Howlidays!

  26. Rob:

    Unless Timmy gets trapped down a well again this Christmas, Lassie’s days in the limelight are over!

  27. Rebecca:

    Have a Doggone Merry Christmas!

  28. Rob:

    You ever seen Santa Claus and The Littlest Hobo in the same room at the same time? Then stop looking so surprised!

  29. puiiuq:

    i definitely need haircut after Christmas!

  30. Michelle:

    All I want for Christmas is my two ears back!

  31. puiiuq:

    “woof woof woof woof”
    that’s how dog say “merry christmas!”

  32. puiiuq:

    dont send me as a christmas present…
    send moo cards!

  33. puiiuq:

    i wont sing you a chirstmas song!
    i wont!

  34. Rebecca:

    Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

  35. Dianna:

    Santa’s little helper has something to say to you…

  36. Tzaddi Gordon:

    I could see where I’m driving the sleigh if only you’d trim my hair.

  37. Anne:

    Caught Kissing Mommy Under the Mistletoe

  38. Rachel:

    I saw mommy kissing Santa “Paws”.

  39. damschrs:

    When I get out of this suit I’m peeing on your tree.

  40. Yo:

    “Oh, Santa, what big teeth you have!”

  41. Jackie:

    Christmas can be a little “ruff” on Santa…

  42. Nina Kristine:

    “Dude…Santa’s a lot shorter in person…”

  43. Nina Kristine:

    “Milkbone and cookies?? Psh, this Santa gig’s not so ruff.”

  44. Jennifer:

    Dear Owner,

    I’ve been kidnapped by elves. Please send help.

    The Dog

  45. Jennifer:

    Let us be thankful for our many blessings this holiday season and let us also pray that I get out of this outfit alive.

  46. Christian:

    What did you expect?
    A red nose?

  47. Alex Rea:

    In his rush to get out on time, Santa forgot his annual shave.

  48. Chance:

    The question is not what am I going to bring you for Christmas, but what you are going to bring ME for Christmas.

  49. Rob:

    I has Sandy Paws

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