New Mosaic Frame, for MiniCards!

8th October 2008 by Paul T

UPDATE: That was quick! We’ve sold out of the first batch – but we have more on the way and are hoping they’ll be available to buy on Monday! Sorry for any disappointment. When we said we had a ‘limited number’ – this wasn’t quite the limited we meant – there are more to come, please bare with us.

Hi, my name is Paul Thorogood and I’m the Product Designer at MOO. I’m the person who designs everything you physically get to play with – from packaging to products, like the new Mosaic Frame.

As you can see in the video, the Mosaic Frame is a fun, easy way to display your MiniCards – and, just like the MiniCards, every frame can be different.

You might like to know that we got our inspiration for the Mosaic Frame from you – our customers, and all the amazing ways you’ve displayed your MiniCards. In the past, we’ve created acrylic frames to exhibit MiniCard designs at our parties. We liked them so much, and they got such a good reception from our guests, we decided to make them a permanent fixture in our office – and we’re always getting comments on how good they look.

Here’s a photo taken by Jeff Veen when he popped by the office:

With the Mosaic Frame, we wanted to create something unique, versatile and easy-to-do, because we found the acrylic frames were time consuming and a little complicated. We also wanted to let people display their MiniCards in landscape or portrait format, within the same frame – because not all your cards are the same way up, as we’d seen in the photos in the pool.

And so the new Mosaic Frame shouldn’t be thought of as one frame, but as 20 MiniFrames inside a larger one, which create a pattern. This pattern allows each individual MiniFrame to be shuffled around into different positions – landscape or portrait with no gaps. There’s a huge variety of ways to lay out your cards, and even the frame itself can be hung in a landscape or portrait position.

You can find out more about the frame or check out these top tips for assembly.

Top Tips when assembling Mosaic Frame

1. Assembly or handling
When assembling or handling, make sure your hands and the surrounding area are clean and free from dirt or dust! (Dirt can get trapped in between the two panels and can be hard to remove). And remember – to remove or handle the clear front panel and avoid getting unsightly finger prints, always lift the panel with both hands flat against the opposite thin edges.

2. Which way up?
Make sure you have your frame in the correct orientation (landscape or portrait) before removing screws – the ‘keyholes’ are located on the reverse of the white panel, and are used to hang the frame. For the correct orientation, make sure these are at the top.

3. Lay it down
Assemble and dismantle the Mosaic Frame on a flat surface, to prevent movement and loss of components. (The frame should come with the screw heads (male screws) located at the front of the frame). Always close frames on a flat surface, to stop the screws rolling away!

4. Avoid being charged
When removing the frame from the protective packaging it might become statically charged, making the MiniCards lift out of their frames when replacing the front acrylic panel. To prevent this, wipe with an anti-static cloth (if one is available) or clean with a normal household window cleaner. (Always make sure that both the front and back acrylic panels are dry after cleaning to prevent damaging the card sections of the frame – and try to use a lint free cloth to avoid unwanted fibres getting trapped in between the panels).

5. Laying out your cards
Once you’ve chosen which way you’d like to hang your Mosaic Frame (landscape or portrait) the next thing to do is work on your design. After practicing this many times, we’ve found the easiest way to do this is to lay down each MiniFrame in the orientation required specific to the MiniCard chosen, then place the MiniCard in the frame once it is in position. It sounds a bit complicated, but once you start you’ll see it’s not! The brilliant thing is, if you hang it and don

Comments (18)

  1. Christina:

    Hi Paul, I just wanted to tell you that you do some amazing things over there. I love Moo! You guys are leaps ahead of the crowd & I’m a huge fan. The frame is awesome! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next ;)

  2. Adrinna:

    Im so upset, the frame is already sold out!! :(

  3. Denise:

    @Adrianna – I’m so sorry! We just had a few in to start and have a bigger batch arriving on Monday. If you can bare with us and come back then, it should all work out fine. Sorry for the delay.

  4. Paola Kathuria:

    Genius! And wonderfully affordable.

    I look forward to a black version.

  5. Nigel:

    I got the email about the Mosaic frames, wanted to create a MOOd, so tried to order one, but you’d MOOved them all. Roll on MOOnday when I hope you’ll have MOOre stock! By the way, I won’t BARE with you till then – I don’t look too good naked – but I’m happy to bear with you!

  6. Ben Fornarino:

    Paul you and your merry team at Moo are geniuses. Congratulations on the launch of the Mosaic Frame – I can’t wait for the next batch so I can get my order in!

  7. Angie Paulson:

    Like Paola, I’d love to see a black Mosaic Frame. Is this an accessory we might see in the future?

  8. daynoir:

    :-( no more moo frames.. and only 18hrs after the email about them. *sigh* it took me that long to work out which photos i wanted as moo cards. bummer!

    i agree that a black mosaic frame would be fab!

  9. Denise:

    @daynoir – we’re so sorry! We’ll have more in on monday, hopefully, so your time isn’t wasted :)

  10. Carrie:

    ooh – think I’ll be back monday for one of those!
    mmm – black does sound good…

    any thoughts on a whole photo album of some sort for mini cards?

  11. Emily:

    Will you be extending the promotion with the mini-cards since you ran out so fast?

  12. Lisa:

    @Emily We should have more frames in on Monday (fingers crossed). The newsletter discount will still be valid until the following Sunday (October 19th). To be on the safe side I’d come back on Monday to be sure you get one.

  13. James:

    It’s Monday.
    I’m back.
    Where are those frames..?! I want to give you my money…

  14. Lisa:

    @James They are back up and selling. Be quick as we still have a limited supply.

  15. Sam:

    Are you selling the miniframes by themselves? I have a project I’d love to use them for, and I don’t really need the external frame. The mini cards are awesome! Lovin’ them for my business cards. :)

  16. Denise:

    Hi Sam,
    we don’t sell the miniframes individually at the moment, no – sorry about that. Glad you’re liking the MiniCards though :)

  17. Kevin-John:

    Is there an eta for the next batch? I see that they are sold out in the European store also. (hmm.. dates on the postings would be great)

    July 14th 2009

  18. Heber:

    Hello I just received my mini cards and mosaic frame! Everything looks better than I imagined, very happy with the mini cards and the frame.
    I only wish the frame was bigger It was hard to choose only 20 images.

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