Pretty in Pink, Back in Black, and… Orange!

2nd October 2008 by Denise

(I couldn’t think of anything for orange – can you? Answers in the comments please). Anyway- we’ve got COLOURED MINICARD HOLDERS! They’re in stock right now – and come in hot pink, bright orange, and a black so black it could crush a man’s soul.

The office opinion is split as to which colour is best. Notable comments were as follows:
Pete (Global Marketing Manager): I like the pink one best. I mean, well… Not for me! For my wife.
Richard (Founder & Chief Executive): White is still the best, I have no need of this coloured frivolity.
Jake (Lovely German intern, since gone to study): At last! They come in black! I know it’s only a test one but can I have it?
Alex (Web/Graphic Designer): Is that the orange one? Nice. I’ll have that.

Which all goes to show every colour is good! (So perhaps you should get them all?) They’re still the same bargain price of $4.99/

Comments (15)

  1. Ben:

    I’m with Richard on the opinion! Good work with the colours though.

  2. Denise:

    No way! Black. Black is totally the way to go :)

  3. Damian:

    How about Opulent in orange..?

  4. Denise:

    Actually, that’s not bad. So far I quite like Agent Orange, suggested by one of the nice people over on livejournal

  5. Tammy Marcelain:

    I am partial to the black, but how about Over the Top with Orange.

  6. Rhonda:

    Orange you sweet!

  7. Janet:

    I know this isn’t on topic at all, but I don’t know where else to put my praise!

    I just got my first moo package through the post. Hooray!! my first minicards!! I can’t tell how delighted I am! Really – it was so quick, easy and I totally love them. Really so happy, and just wanted to let you know.

    Thank you for restoring my faith in printers!

  8. Denise:

    Janet – thank you so much – I’ll pass your comments on :)

  9. chris:

    sooo…i JUST ordered a white one, because you had no other options!! i haven’t even recieved it yet!! thats frustrating!!

    i should definitely get a freebie!

  10. PLDM:

    “…Orange you glad it wasn’t magenta?”

  11. hugocf:

    Oh, no! You guys just pulled an “Apple” on me: I just ordered a white-and-only-choice on the 1st!!!

  12. Chassity:

    Outrageous in Orange

  13. Renee Bell:

    oohhh I love the orange one, my logo colour!!! I have heaps of white ones though :-(

  14. Emily:

    Awesome in orange (doesn’t it just have to sound good?)

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