The secret’s out: MOO Business Cards are here!

1st July 2008 by Denise

The eagle-eyed among you might have spotted this already, but for those who had to blink at some point yesterday – MOO’s launched Business Cards! As so many of you have asked for the MOO MiniCard magic just that little bit bigger, we felt duty bound to indulge you.

MOO Business Cards are a similar size to standard business cards, but with some very cool differences:

Unlike lots of business cards, MOO gives you the option of a different image on every one.
Using magic technology we’ve decided to call ‘PrintFinity’, you can have a different photo, logo or design on every card. So, when people ask you what you do, you can show them – everything! It’s a little portfolio in your pocket, a product catalogue, a trading card, anything you like.

You can buy your Business Cards in super-short runs
We’re an experienced bunch at MOO HQ. We’ve all worked in different companies before, and we still have the business cards to prove it. The traditional way is to buy business cards in batches of 250, 500, even 1000 or more, and no matter how hard you network, its impossible to get through so many before something changes – your phone number, your job title or even the company you work for. We realised if we still have stacks of old cards sitting about, you probably have too.

So, we give you the option to buy in smaller batches of 50:
- it’s more economical (much less waste)
- it gives you the chance to update your cards as you update your products or your details
- it’s greener – even if you’re using virgin stock, at least you’re not throwing it away!

And talking of ‘green’ – there are now two paper stock options available
We’re slightly obsessed with paper at MOO, and take a great deal of care looking for the best paper, with the best feel, print quality and outstanding credentials. We’ve decided on two different stocks for our Business Cards:

MOO ‘Classic’ – which is sustainably sourced and elemental chlorine free. Matt-laminated, it has a smooth and sturdy feel. It’s the same stock you’ve seen and loved on MiniCards.

MOO ‘Green’ – which is 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and biodegradeable. It’s totally chlorine free, uncoated, crisp white, and prints nicer than any other recycled paper we’ve seen. (And we’ve seen a lot.)

The cards come beautifully packaged
Every pack of cards comes with a free Business Card holder. Designed by MOO, the box is made of recycled pulp board and fits in a briefcase or bag. We’ve even included two (recycled) dividers too, so as you empty the box of your own cards, you can fill it up with the ones you’re given, without mixing them up. (Another problem we’ve had ourselves, that we thought it would be good to fix).

So, there you have it. MOO Business Cards – as nice as MiniCards, but bigger, and a little bit different. We like them, and we hope you’ll like them too.

Oh! And if you want to see what other people have been doing, check out our ideas pages. See what other people have made, and how you could use the cards yourself.

Comments (46)

  1. Adejoke:

    Hi, I was wondering if we could have the readymade option for business cards as we have for minicards. I would really love to purhase the business cards but I do not have my own images. I’d be happy if Moo can help out prospective small business owners like me who’d prefer something fast and easy to use.

  2. Sam:

    hoorah! thanks for answering all our prayers with this great product that I’m sure will be great!

  3. Ron Leishman:

    Love the mini cards and I’ll be ordering your business cards right away. Love the look and they even feel diffrent than the other options out there. I just had 500 cards done earlier by another company but they’ll be going into a drawer.

  4. Alex Hughes:

    Nice – but annoyingly short of a full deck of 52 (54 including jokers)!

  5. Dan:

    I am curious if they can be ordered in batches larger than 50?

    I tend to burn through 50 cards in a week, so that wouldn’t be terribly economical for me. Maybe more like 150 or 200?

    Sweet stuff though. Been waiting for this ^_^. Now I want to see the text ones! I have a billion and one quotes I want to hand to people ^_^.


  6. Kate:

    Thank you moo! You’ve fulfilled my moo dreams :)

  7. Alicia:


    It’s on our to-do list of things to get out the door as soon as possible. We’ll make sure we keep everyone updated on new features that we add to Business Cards.

  8. Alicia:


    Our plan is to introduce a larger pack size over the next few weeks, so you can buy in bigger quantities and burn through cards to your heart’s content!

  9. Forbairt:

    Thats cool … up to now I’ve wanted to try ye out but just knew the mini cards weren’t really for my customers so the full size coupled with small quantities is perfect.

    The portfolio shots on the back of the card is a cool idea as well. You seem to have the good ideas so I don’t have to :P

  10. paul -

    Now this is what i’ve been waiting for, ever since I saw these, I thought cool, but they are a little too small. Now I can and will use them when I go to order my next set.

    Now I just need to think about a few things to put on the back !


  11. Photography by Blair:

    So exciting! I ordered mine as soon as I got the e-mail and will be patiently waiting to get them and start handing them out to people! I originally wanted to pick like 5 of my favorite pictures, so I did not have to decide which ones to part with every time I hand one out

  12. rActive:

    Very very cool guys. I ordered a set on virgin stock. As soon as I have these I’ll order on recycled. I’ve got lot’s of clients that this solution would be good for and I love designing for this small format. It’s like patisserie for print. Anyone care for a petit fours?

    When can I design both sides?

  13. hanneke:

    You guys are killing me with every single new product! MOO is so addicting..

    I just ordered a bunch of new business cards :D

  14. Arty Allsorts:

    I love these – the mini’s were the wrong proportion for most of my work but these look really fabulous.

    Have you thought of perhaps making them a tiny bit bigger? The ATC/ACEO market has only one rule – the size at 2.5×3.5inches – I’d love to use moo cards instead of printing them myself. I’m sure the trading that is happening with the mini moos would expand if they were ATC/ACEO sized :)

  15. Glad:

    I made my order early this and they arrived this morning, wow, I thought the mini-cards were cool but these full size business cards are the business. I love the holder that they come in, I can’t wait to start giving them out, excellent product and speedy service.

  16. James Fleeting:

    Look forward to ordering these as my minicards are just about gone. Any chance of updating the format guide with a guide for the new business cards? The mini-card guide was perfect as my cards ended up exactly how I wanted them.

  17. Thomas Hawk:

    This is an interesting service but pretty worthless if your website can’t process an order. While I’d like to support moo and order some cards it’s clear that as your website can’t link to flickrstreams that this is not going to happen anytime soon. For the past 5 days the only thing I can get when I try to link my flickrstream to is this: Oops, sorry, something untoward has occurred!

    An email has been sent to our hardworking developer bees.
    It would be very helpful if you could tell us what you were doing when this error occurred?

  18. Denise:

    Hi, @Thomas Hawk thanks for your feedback, both here and to customer services. I know there’s been some discussion and the further feedback you’ve given has helped us identify a very odd bug we were simply unable to replicate here. We’re working on a fix right now.

    For anyone else if you’re interested, this bug has only affected an extreme few. The majority of Flickr users should have no problem accessing their images. (We know it’s working as we’ve already seen the evidence in the Flickr pool…)

    For those who have asked for a format guide – this too is coming, but in the meantime, your cards should be:
    88x59mm at 300dpi
    this includes room for the bleed, which will be trimmed as your cards are finished.

    Thanks again to everyone for the feedback – we do read it, and we do take note.

  19. Philip Harrison:


    Love your view on ease of purchase and all that. Great products too.

    But seriously, why no pdf support?? I would order a dozen business card packs to myself and clients right away!


  20. Denise:

    @Philip Harrison – me too, and i work for Moo :)
    It is coming. There’s a bit of a complicated issue with it, hence the delay, but yes, it is coming. It’s something we’ve wanted to build in from the start. Please- hold that thought!

  21. Ugo:

    I would really love to order a pack but as much as I try I cannot get my logo to display correctly. It always comes up too big and goes out of the card’s border no matter how much I try to size it down using the “minus”.

    Even if I upload a very small image, it comes up all pixellated but still too big.

  22. hanneke:

    My cards arrived today, and I’m very pleased with the results!

    Actually I’d rather not give them away, haha.

    Thanks MOO!

  23. Susan:

    Mine came and I’m now a huge fan! What other goodies can I dream up??? I’m going to go through my first order way fast and be back for more soon!

  24. Craig Mische:

    Just watched a live un-boxing of Moo b-cards at Qik. Here is the link:

  25. sam:

    Great product but can’t get the logo to upload proerly as Ugo describes. Uploading at 300dpi, 4.5cm wide for landscape logo – system says image is too small but displays it huge and wont then shrink…

  26. Denise:

    @sam – sorry you’re having problems. At the moment, a fix for this is adding extra bleed around your image. A better technical fix should be coming next week though – its been something we know is buggy, but the fix has taken a bit longer than we thought.

  27. sam:

    thanks Denise – will have a play – let us know when it’s fixed

  28. sam:

    btw will you also be adding full image upload for both sides? I’d like to use my own designs for both sides – is this possible? I’m trying out the free linkedin offer, but would happily pay to do full colour prints both sides… thanks

  29. Barbi:

    Hi There, I would love to buy the business cards; however, I keep getting the error on page icon. What is up with that!!! I really love your products and want to use your service again.

  30. Iain:

    Hi there Barbi

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems with this. We can’t seem to recreate your issue, and didn’t have any other reported problems with the site over the weekend – could you let me know what the issue is and what operating system and browser you’re using? We’ll see if we can work out what’s up.


  31. Aisha:

    I am frustrated that does not have a contact phone number! Sometimes it is hard trying to explain my problem via email and I don’t want to have to wait 24hrs for a response! Its absolutely ridiculous and poor customer service. The emailed question/problem was responded to with some generic automated answer (or so it seemed). My question was not even addressed! This site works well when everything runs smoothly, but when it doesn’t I can get a live person on the phone to help.
    Aisha France

  32. Denise:

    Hi Aisha, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had problems, and that your question was not addressed in the way you had expected. We take a lot of care with our email customer service, and are disappointed to hear about this.
    At the moment we’re not set up to take customer calls – so this isn’t something we can offer. Your feedback is useful to us though, as it helps us to develop and improve our service in the future. I hope your problem was resolved by customer service, and that it hasn’t put you off for the future.

  33. Srini Vasan:

    I completely agree with Aisha. I just received my cards today and they are printed badly (text truncated at the bottom) – but there is not way to call customer support. I need the cards by thursday but I have to wait 2 days to tell somebody what the problem is. And this is a re-order not a new one!

  34. Denise:

    @Srini, we’re so disappointed to hear your cards didn’t turn out as expected. We’ve already got in touch via email, but I just wanted to say whenever you have a problem, please email customer services and they’ll do everything they can to help.

  35. RJ:

    Hi, I emailed yesterday and still have gotten no response.

    • Rebeka:

      Hi RJ- Customer Service should respond within 24 hours. If it’s been a full 24 hours and your still haven’t received a response, try emailing them directly at I’d also suggest checking your spam folder (just in case!) and adding to your safe senders list.

  36. Jas:

    I just downloaded your PSD business card template. A standard USA business card size is 2″ x 3.5″. Why is this PSD file not those dimensions? I understand there is bleed but the horizontal length is not even 3.5″ with bleed.

  37. JC Tanquilut:

    I’m still actually awaiting the arrival of my stickers although the shipping status says shipped. Please help me, I needed them last week and do not want to reorder.

  38. Lauren:

    Hi. I contacted Moo once before about this, and got no response. My contact-info side on my mini cards looks fine in every stage right up until the last preview, where it is off-center. I have no idea how to fix this, as it seems to be correct right up until the end. I emailed customer service again 24 hours ago, and still have not received a response. This is incredibly frustrating, and I surely hope that if i do in fact get a response, it won’t be something automated. I’m really excited to get the finished product, as I think it will be exactly what I’m looking for; I’m just sad that getting help is proving to be so difficult.

    • Rebeka:

      @Lauren- I’m so sorry to hear that! That’s certainly not like our Customer Service department. I’ve passed along your information and you should be hearing from someone shortly.

  39. Lauren:

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to make sure to hop back on the board with an update. After posting here, Moo got me in touch with a customer service rep named David who was incredibly helpful and patient with me. He even gave me some tips on why he wouldn’t think my design would turn out the way I wanted it, postponed my order so that I could get my image redesigned, and then put it through a few days later after I gave him the new one. I just got my mini-cards in the mail and am in LOVE with them! So thank you David and Moo, and to everyone else, have faith in their customer service because I couldn’t have asked for better. There must have simply been some snafu in communication with my first email…so have faith and order some mini-cards, because they are pretty sweet. :)

  40. christopher zamora:

    Hello everyone. I am displeased with I ordered my cards about 2weeks ago and I received my order today the problem is that it isn’t what I paid for. I paid for 100 business cards and only received 50 as you can imagine it has caused me quite an inconvenience and I’m really upset. Most of the cards I did receive had scratches on the picture side too which takes professionalism out of the least I’d say. I hope they Email me back ASAP.

  41. Charlotte:

    Hi Christopher,

    Sorry to hear your order wasn’t quite what you expected, if you give Customer Service a shout they’ll be able to help you out:

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